Rumour Mill: Trudeau To Appoint Muslim-Canadian MAYOR To His Cabinet?

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Incredible. If Canadians believed Justin Trudeau’s first term in office was a portrait of post-modern surrealism, we “ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Rumour has it the King of Canada is about to appoint a Muslim-Canadian mayor of Calgary to his Liberal Cabinet. Thus far– no surprise–establishment media are presenting this as if it is as typical as rain on a North Vancouver winter day.

For CAP, it sounds completely unprecedented, and entirely typical of Justin Trudeau. So what may trans-pire here, fellow patriots? As we know, Trudeau currently has a fundamentalist Muslim in his cabinet– Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen. This man does not work for Canada as a whole–he works specifically for his Third World “brethren”– Somalians, African refugees, Muslims–as well as Sikh Canada.

As for Anglophone Canada–forget about it. Now, Justin may double the cabinet quota from one to two–or who knows–perhaps Friday parliament sessions will be cancelled because it conflicts with prayer time in a make-shift mosque directly adjacent to the House of Commons.

Hypothetical end game: VictoryThird World Canada. Again. And over and over this rolls as King Trudeau fulfills the task given to him by his globalist string-pullers. The fact that media are positioning this thing as a benign development speaks to the obvious collusion between CBC, Globe & Mail, National Post, and the Trudeau government.

And here CAP thought–foolishly–that Trudeau might cool his heels on pushing the Nation of Islam upon Canadian society. Yet, as we have consistently stated, we also believe globalist leaders– Merkel, Macron, Trudeau-never change their ideological agendas no matter what.

Will this be the case regarding Trudeau’s empowerment and favouritism toward Islam? Certainly appears this way. CAP have posted Trudeau’s buddy-boy MP Omar Alghabra’s comment upon boss-man Justin’s victory in the 2015 election– “It’s a victory for Islam!”

What do you think fellow patriots– will this thought not run through this sketchy Saudi Arabian’s mind if and when King Justin blesses Mayor Nenshi with a cabinet seat?

Of course it will. Add to this the absolute glee National Council of Canadian Muslims experience as a result. Religious Supremacist Ahmed Hussen is thrilled, as are MP’s Maryam Monsef and Iqra Khalid.

These folks will all be walking on sunshine if Trudeau makes the appointment. Now, what good has it done for the 96% of Canadians who are non-Muslim?


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Yes, it may benefit Western Canada in some capacity, but speaking specifically regarding the social issues CAP focus upon– immigration, multiculturalism, refugees, die-versity–one can be sure this Nenshi fellow will share a similar attitude to butcher-boy Hussen– “open the door and let ’em in.”

Why does CAP state this with aplomb? Because for Muslims, they are judged based upon adherence to Islam. In other words, if a Muslim-Canadian defies the will of their religious ideology, other Muslims will judge them in a negative light.

Therefore, for Hussen and company–religion comes first--in all aspects of life. Add to this the fact that within Islam, religion and politics are indelibly connected. Not so with Christianity.

CAP Bottom Line: All votes and all decisions Nenshi would make as a Cabinet Minister would align with the best interests of his religion. At the very least, he would never defy Islamic principles in his political decision-making as cabinet minister.

“Comments made by Trudeau have some speculating he might turn to Mayor Naheed Nenshi to be the West’s voice in his cabinet. Speaking to reporters Wednesday at his first news conference since being re-elected, Trudeau mentioned the mayor by name.”

How typical of Canadian ene-media. They proclaim Nenshi will be the “West’s voice,” while neglecting to mention he will also be “Islam’s voice.” Damn, is the mainstream media in love with the Nation of Islam. Kind of odd, seeing as 98% of publishers, editors and journalists are non-Muslim.

“I spoke with both premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan (Tuesday), but I’m also speaking with people like Mayor Naheed Nenshi and others, to talk about how we can make sure the concerns — the very real concerns of Alberta — are being addressed by this government.”

He’s lying. What he is really doing is contemplating additional empowerment for his chosen people within Cabinet.  Consider that Mayor Nenshi has ZERO experience in federal politics. Are sensible Canadians to believe this guy to be the best choice in terms of the desires of Western Canada?

Winner: Third World Canada. Loser: Anglo-Christian Canada. Same game over and over and over--if Trudeau makes this move. Seems ol’ whitey just can’t get a break when a Trudeau is PM. Father Pierre began our cultural degeneration by forcing multiculturalism upon society with no choice for Canadians. Son Justin is presently running English Canada into the dirt.

Then, media report on school girl Greta Thunberg’s environmental escapades, and forget about the whole thing.




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  1. Nenshi is respected as the mayor of Calgary, but he shouldn’t be considered to be the voice of the West. There are people in Alberta and Saskatchewan with Federal experience who would be a much better choice.


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