“Royal Family” Margaret, Alex, Sophie Trudeau PROFITING From Charity Organizations In Canada

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“BREAKING: Members of the Trudeau family were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by @WEMovement for speeches and appearances, Canadaland has learned.”

“Story to come.”

Yes– story to come–but will it reveal the full truth, and nothing but the truth– regarding the legacy of the family Trudeau. What a tale of woe this truly is.

It is arguable that the most misunderstood element within the history of our nation is found in the political antics of this “chosen” family of Canadian society.

Why Pierre Trudeau’s family legacy– sons Justin, Alexandre, Michel(deceased, suspicious as heck), as well as mother Margaret have spent the last forty  years being venerated within society is–or should be– one GIANT mystery.

CAP has written up these odd-ball behaviours, absurdist actions and socialist leanings on myriad occasion:

PM Justin’s dedication to Islam, China and Sikhism. Brother Alexandre’s film-making for the government of Iran. Youngest brother Michel Trudeau’s bizarre “disappearance,” as well as mother Margaret’s incarceration in a mental hospital.

Degree to which establishment media in Canada has directed a critical eye toward the “Royal Family of Quebec?”  Next to nothing. Pourquoi?

If CAP were to wave a magic wand in a singular request within Canada, this would perhaps serve as our number one desire:

The family Trudeau are knocked off their “high horse” and branded Canada’s worst first family–a collection of communists, for one thing.

CBC protect them as communist media in China protect their “Supreme Leaders.”  In fact, if it were not for Trudeau’s socialist media slaves, 37.8 Million Canadians in 2020 might understand the “truth of the Trudeau’s.”

PM mother and brother have both been paid to appear at WE Charity events. Margaret Trudeau collected $250,000 in speaking fees at 28 events, while Alexandre Trudeau received about $32,000 for speaking at 8 events.”

The WE Charity also said in a statement that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire, has received $1400.00 for a WE Charity engagement.

BURIED BY MEDIA–  Is Justin Trudeau’s Brand Of Multiculturalism An Attack On Anglophone-Canadians?

Profiting from a Charity organization when you are a member of Canada’s premier Elitist-Globalist family of privilege–that’s the way the Trudeau’s roll.

The word CAP choose to elucidate this entire sordid multi-decade deception is the following: “Arrogance.”

CAP simply can not get over the extent of this. We are seriously unsure whether or not the Trudeau’s are living in the same world as some 25 Million “Old Stock” Canadians.

Trudeau’s seem to dwell in some form of Liberal-Globalist dream-state. PM Justin is a seriously hated individual. CAP has followed Canadian politics for decades, and draw this definitive conclusion:

Justin Trudeau is the most hated Canadian political figure who ever lived. Close behind him are his 3rd World GTA posse of MP power-players.

Somalian Citizen MP Ahmed Hussen makes the cut, as does Pakistani citizen GTA MP Iqra Khalid, and Saudi Arabian citizen GTA MP Omar Alghabra.

CBC hide all this away in order to fool the people of Canada into believing all is “fine and dandy” within the fading Great White North.

It isn’t–and for as long as the Trudeau family continue to prance around on their high perch, Canadians will be forced to put up with the most “anti-Canadian” family of pseudo-communists who ever reared their ugly heads within our society.


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