Canadian Media Silent As Right-Wing Populist Party SURGES In German Elections, Merkel May Fall

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“We are reclaiming our country,” Alice Weidel, the Alternate For Germany(AFD)  co-leader, roared at the enthusiastic crowd in Oranienburg, likening Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government to East Germany’s former authoritarian regime.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau doesn’t “reclaim” our country–he SELLS our country.

“They do everything they can to denounce us, but every blow makes us stronger,” she said to resounding applause from hundreds of supporters in the Brandenburg town about 30 kilometers from the centre of the nation’s capital.

Nearly 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, two state elections in Germany’s east have become the latest flashpoint of the right-wing populism that has swept across Europe. With Merkel’s government already wobbling, a poor showing by the ruling parties in Sunday’s vote could eventually strain the coalition beyond repair.

Try this little experiment. In your google browser, search on keywords “Merkel Election.” 

Now count up the number of articles on the German election found within Canadian media publications( as of 12:21, PST, Thurs August 30th, 2019). Why, even Jethro Bodine could handle this one–the total number being ZERO.

Why? Any informed, common-sense Canadian can tell you. It is because it would negatively impact Justin Trudeau’s bid for another four years as ersatz dictator of Canada–so they will not do it.

The party(Merkel’s) is already reeling from a dismal performance in this year’s European Parliament vote, which triggered the resignation of its chief. Most candidates seeking the job are already inclined to abandon the Merkel administration, and a poor showing on Sept. 1 could provide them with further arguments.

So says CBC--NOT!  Mainstream Canadian media have covered-up the true political situation in Germany for the benefit of globalists, and to the detriment of nationalists and patriots. After all, within Justin’s “New Canadian Order,” nothing must be done by media to seriously impede King Trudeau’s pseudo-dictatorship.

Consider current media presentation regarding the Ethics Committee finding that Trudeau breached the law. Yes, media originally delivered a measure of indignation. Yet, ultimately CBC, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail informed voters the SNC affair has had little to no impact upon federal voting polls.

Perhaps, and perhaps not. If media can omit critical information regarding populism in Germany, France, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Poland, what’s to say they cannot or will not fudge federal polling results

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“On the campaign trail in Brandenburg, the AfD is hard for rivals to compete with, connecting with voters in a way that mainstream parties haven’t been able to. In Oranienburg, a festival-like atmosphere complete with German rock classics, a bouncy castle for kids, and plenty of beer and bratwurst lured supporters to fill a broad city square.

In other words, a sign of revitalization of traditional German culture and identity–the very thing Angela Merkel worked to destroy by importing over one million Middle Eastern refugees to Canada. In many towns, residents woke in the morning to discover their town of 3000 people had overnight been trans-formed into Muslim-majority towns. How sweet it is.

CAP Salient Question Of The Moment: If it can happen in Germany, can it also occur in Canada? Can a revitalization of what Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, and commie-advisor Gerald Butts are determined to destroy?

Remember “the mounties always get their man?” Recall the Canadian flag, so much less exposed once Justin seized control. How about–dare we say– actual, authentic PRIDE in our collective heritage and values.

Justin Trudeau has worked diligently to kill all this. Apologies, branding us racist, accusing citizens of “Islamophobia,” labelling our nation “genocidal” regarding First Nations peoples. Also, we are Jew-haters for refusing the St. Louis.  Anti-Sikh per Komagata Maru. Japan-haters for internment during WW2. Sino-phobes( hating Chinese) as witness by the century-old Chinese Head Tax.

Holy CROW–are we ever awful and terrible according to the man Canadians voted to lead our nation. As for Islamic militancy, terrorism, IMAM’s preaching hate, Sharia Law, Female Genital Mutilation, Child Marriage, the Koran’s militancy and supremacy  historical and present-day misogyny, Trudeau and Co. have not a SINGLE word of condemnation.

Is this not glaring, and completely obvious? Of course it is–the exact reason why establishment media has BURIED the entire situation After all, if this was properly understood by general society, King Justin would lose the upcoming election by a landslide. Therefore, Canadian media keep their mouths shut.

What a scam. Canada–you have been hoodwinked–and if you foolishly buy media propaganda and vote for this Canada-hater, expect another four years of the exact same agenda, with no fundamental changes whatsoever.

Liberal-Globalism is written in stone. Strange–so is the Nation of Islam. Neither ever changes or adapts. Consider this before voting for a prime minister who hates the country he was elected to lead.







2 thoughts on “Canadian Media Silent As Right-Wing Populist Party SURGES In German Elections, Merkel May Fall”

  1. Brad, this sums it up better than I’ve been saying for the last 4 years. Trudeau is as incompetent as they come and useless at running a country so rich in resources like Canada. He’s single handidly reduced our GDP and put us on the world list of corrupt countries. He’s effectively bought the media to say nice much like Hitlers Minister of propaganda. If only Canadians awaken to this communist two faced dictator before they vote. May God help us. !

    • I’m with you, Martin. I’m really hoping along with millions of other Canadians that we oust this traitorous scumbag for good. Canada won’t survive another 4 years of Trudeau and his cronies. Not only is he a traitor….he has continually embarrassed most Canadians on the world stage. He has given away our hard earned tax dollars to other countries and he has welcomed ISIS and said “we could learn from them.” Who does that? A maniac does. Everyone should realize by now Trudeau is in bed with George Soros who said on a video I watched “the economy of a country must totally collapse before NWO can be brought in” – Trudeau is seeing to this. He is Soros’ puppet and because he is an idiot he is easy to manipulate and Soros is very good at manipulation. Heaven help all of us if he is re-elected.


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