Retro-Series: Brother Michel Trudeau’s Drug Charges, Death Under BIZARRE Circumstances

Six months previous to Michel Trudeau’s death in the year 1998, the third son of Pierre Trudeau was nearly killed in a “freak” mid-prairies driving accident.

5 thoughts on “Retro-Series: Brother Michel Trudeau’s Drug Charges, Death Under BIZARRE Circumstances”

  1. I read a good article by a researcher in Dialogue several months ago (an excellent Canadian magazine) that the day prior to PM Trudeau going on a hiking trip with friends, he went in to hospital for a normal check up. He was apparently in excellent health and still very physically active.

    The next day he was dead.

    I believe that the globalists, when they are done with one of their sycophants and have no more use for them, kill them off to ensure no whistleblowers are left to blackmail them.

    We should not be surprised that ‘something’ happens to Justin Trudeau, if it has not already happened and that’s a double we are seeing on TV with the beard and colored hair job.


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