“Resignation Of Trudeau” Poll Becomes Most Popular In Canadian History

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A recent political poll in Canada speaks to the issue of what constitutes pertinent news in our society. At this stage in the media game, what is omitted may be more relevant than what appears in print.

A quintessential example is found in an unprecedented rejection of prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

“The House of Commons petition, e-4701, was penned by Conservative MP Michelle Ferreri. It began on November 24th and closed on Christmas Eve of 2023.”

“We the citizens of Canada have lost confidence in Justin Trudeau and the Liberal/NDP coalition, and further demanded a vote of no confidence in the Trudeau minority government.”

According to independent Canadian media outlet Druthers, the “Fire Trudeau Petition” has become the most signed e-petition in Canadian history.

“An e-petition calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke all records on Christmas Eve when it closed with 386,698  signatures.”

As reported by CBC News. Not. Nor has any other mainstream media outlet reported on what constitutes a first in the history of Canadian politics.

Why the hold-back? It doesn’t take Professor Stephen Hawking to deduce reasons why. Legacy media don’t want to distribute the information because the Liberal government do not want the facts disseminated throughout society.

CBC and corporate media concur because, at this point in the media game, Trudeau and the Liberals are keeping media afloat through grants surpassing $1 billion dollars each year.

Here, we see how government benefit. We also see how media benefit. Add to this thousands of left-wing non-for-profit organizations, as well as universities and educational institutions granted substantial bursaries from the Liberals each year.

“The petition states that government policies fail to align with the crises Canada is facing, including housing costs, infringement of civil liberties, highest inflation in history, unbalanced immigration policies, taxation to the point of poverty.”

Who suffers? The same people who have always suffered under neo-authoritarian control of Trudeau’s Liberals: Canadian voters, who under the circumstances, are being systemically deceived by government and their media partners.

All of which bring forth a critical question: if this Trudeau character is so unpopular— which myriad polls validate— why does he remain in office?

Sadly, and ironically, the number one reason is found in his political competitor for the office of prime minister: New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

What’s up with this? Last time Cultural Action Party[est.2016] checked, competing parties were supposed to compete with each other. Not in post-modern Canada, it appears. The reason Trudeau remains is because Mr. Singh, whose party holds a mere 7% of seats in Parliament, is keeping the PM in power based on something these two political partners call a “supply and confidence” agreement.

The ostensible reasons for the partnership, as supported by establishment media, speak of dental plans and so forth. In truth, this is not the reason at all.

The true motivation is found in maintenance of what CAP refer to as Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.” The idea that our PM “manages” our nation in a traditional sense is just so “2014.”

Trudeau’s true vocation is to lead a socialist-inspired transformation of Canadian society from democracy to neo-dictatorship. To be followed by the “real thing” in due time.

Hidden by media is a salient fact in this regard: the tool to accomplish this goal is immigration policy. Pack enough 3rd World migrants into our country, and eventually, 90% of all federal ridings will transition to Liberal control. Aka, a one-party state.

Our press wouldn’t speak of this for all the white rice in China. We come to comprehend the “big picture” agenda being sublimated by media from coast-to-coast.

These are the real reasons why Jagmeet Singh has locked Trudeau into office until October, 2025. It provides ample time for the Liberals to attempt to twist society to their favour. Additionally, it provides two more years to work the woke agenda forced upon society from the moment Trudeau Jr. became national leader in 2015.

Media say nothing. Therefore, they reveal nothing about a poll which indicates that Canadian voters want Justin Trudeau and the Liberals gone.

If this is “post-modernism,” then common sense Canadians should choose “pre-modernism” every time.

With files from Druthers. Great job, folks.

9 thoughts on ““Resignation Of Trudeau” Poll Becomes Most Popular In Canadian History”

  1. Hello Brad, did you know those Canadians of traditional European origin are absolutely terrified to meet with one another and form groups to discuss strategy pertaining to correcting the recklessly off course ship called Canada?

    Without such meetings taking place, all the tweets and articles in the world will do absolutely zero to rectify the malaise.

    You’re part of a Political Party. Are there members located in other parts of Canada? If so, do they meet?

    • CAP was registered as a provincial party in Ontario and B.C., but no more. What we need is an Anglo-European right non-profit organization to be established, and fast.

  2. “Mr. Singh, whose party holds a mere 7% of seats in Parliament, is keeping the PM in power based on something these two political partners call a “Do what Singh says; he’ll keep you on the throne” agreement.”

  3. We live in a time where people are too weak in the mouth to say what needs to be heard. We don’t have representative governments. We have incorporated conglomerates. Why do you think every town and city are incorporated entities of a larger whole?! Corporations make products for us to consume. Incorporated Conglomerates (fake governments) make US to be the products to be consumed. Incorporated conglomerates aren’t run by laws. The are controlled by policies and procedures!! POLICE are POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS of the Incorporated Conglomerates. Incorporated Conglomerates Products don’t have a say in how they are consumed! PRODUCTS don’t get to choose who runs Incorporated Conglomerates. People need to call them what they are. Evil Bastards Incorporated!! There needs to be a Pirate flag painted on every government building in every city in the country to show people who they really are!!

  4. Legacy Media? We only have a Government media in Canada, totally controlled, manipulated and of course, well funded to the tune of over 2.4 billion taxpayers dollars!! No other media is allowed or tolerated, no other dissenting opinion or critical thought is published, ever! The North Koreans would be very proud to have this kind of support.


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