Repercussions For Liberals From Foreign Interference Inquiry? Try None At All

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As with a plethora of past indiscretions via Canada’s Liberal government, the outcome is bound to be deflating for millions of Canadians looking for justice in regards to foreign election interference.

“The Liberals are refusing to say which federal politicians “wittingly” cooperated with foreign interference schemes after an explosive new report.”

“When asked Tuesday whether Canadians have a right to know who these parliamentarians are, Freeland dodged the question.

In this regard, CAP has some advice for Canadian patriots: get used to it. Keep your blood pressure down, because Canada is not the country it used to be. It all came to an unfortunate end in October, 2015, the day that an under-qualified high school teacher became national leader.

The transitory nature of this event has never been widely understood, for good reason. Placing media in the pocket of government, a systemic agenda of political obfuscation was thrust upon society.

Today, nine years later, citizens are experiencing the outcome. Speaking of this time-period elicits myriad examples of scandals escaped by the Liberals. SNC Lavalin, Jody Wilson-Raybould, WE Charity, His “Royal Highness” the Aga Khan, and others.

In each case, Trudeau and his people-kind political vehicle survived the onslaught. Though the current scandal stinks more than all of them, this pattern is likely to be repeated.

Even more hypocritical than PM Justin Trudeau in this regard is political “partner-in-crime,” New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

With a wave of a “woke wand,” the kingmaker of Canadian neo-communism could plant the seed for the Feds to be removed from office through cancellation of the Liberal-NDP “supply and confidence” agreement.

Accounting for a mere 7% of seats in the House, a deserved piece of democracy is being held back by a politician whose concerns for Sikh-Khalistan nationalism outweigh his dedication to Canada.

“Canada’s New Democratic Party Seeks Official Recognition Of ‘1984 Sikh Genocide’ In Parliament”

While our nation descends into political chaos, Jagmeet Singh places his precious religion at top priority. The offence is blatant– this is politicking has nothing to do with Canada. There’s no benefit for general society. It’s nothing more than myopic ethno-centricism, and all Canadians should know it. Due to media, they don’t.

“Let me just say this, we take foreign interference really, really seriously. It needs to be law enforcement that takes the steps and takes the action.”

In this statement from Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, we a gain a glimpse into how the Liberals will deal with a scandal bordering on treasonous. What’s the difference between “really seriously” and “really, really seriously?” Nothing at all, and that’s what Canadians are going to get out of the inquiry.

With the statement, Freeland is off-loading responsibility to the RCMP. How many times has this occurred in which the result lacks punitive measures toward the Liberals? As in previous scandals, the investigation will be drawn out to the max, the energy drained from its dynamic, while media collude with government to help stifle political punishment.

“Other ministers were also pressed on their way into cabinet Tuesday morning about why the federal government is not ‘naming names.’”

“Usually, these things would play out in a different forum, that is protected by the processes, that affords an opportunity for a person to make a defence,” stated Housing Minister Sean Fraser.

You see the way they roll? “Usually these things” says the Liberal Cabinet member. Only thing is, “these things” have never occurred before in Canadian history. Lord have mercy– Fraser is as awful as boss-man Justin.

Turning to legal kingpin, Attorney General Arif Virani, immigrant from Uganda, delivers an additional dose of obfuscation:

“Justice Minister Arif Virani was asked whether he would like to know the identity of parliamentarians facing allegations of colluding with hostile states.”

“Virani did not answer, saying in French, that for him the larger issue is tackling foreign interference as a whole.”

A cowardly act it is. The statement says nothing as Virani chooses to answer in a language that at least 10 million Canadians do not speak.

“Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc refused to provide details when pressed multiple times on who these politicians are and whether they are currently sitting in the House or Senate.”

“I want to be careful not to comment on specific matters,” said LeBlanc after the release of the NSICOP report.

Yes, Mr. “Public Safety”– you want to be very careful— because if not, your government would likely fall. It’s sadly pathetic, but what can powerless Canadian citizens do about it?

What will the entire debacle portend? Sadly, the outcome will be less-than-spectacular, and here’s why:

Socialist seductions of history contain an effective commonality. The assault is  comprehensive in nature. Control of the press, control of educational institutions, control of law-enforcement, and so on and so forth.

Insidiously injected into a society, political improprieties are par-for-the-course, and are thereby circumvented. This is the history of Canada since 2015.

Propped up by World Economic Forum affiliate Jagmeet Singh, driven forward by World Economic Board member Chrystia Freeland, Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution” continues to roll down the highway of democratic eradication.

3 thoughts on “Repercussions For Liberals From Foreign Interference Inquiry? Try None At All”

  1. (1) “The Liberals are refusing to say which federal politicians “wittingly” cooperated with foreign interference schemes after an explosive new report.” Inference: They don’t even bother to lie, and feign ignorance. They knew. They know. They benefit. They approve. (This doesn’t absolve previous governments; although Trudeau appears to have advanced the throttles to takeoff power. Maybe he’s forgotten to extend the flaps, and the Air Chinada flight will crash.)

    (2) “Twitchy” Freeloader: “Let me just say this, we [don’t] take foreign interference…seriously. It needs to be [local Chinese] law enforcement that takes the steps and takes the action.”

    (3) “Virani chooses to answer in [Quebecois;] a language that at least 10 million Canadians do not speak.” Actually; The number is closer to eighty percent; or thirty-two million people. Given government control of (manipulated) “Statistics Canada”; it’s hard to peg down the actual number of Canadians who are fluent in French, and would understand what these arrogant politicians are belching. The best guesstimate is twenty percent.

  2. I think many Canadians are now assuming that either Jagmeet Singh or one of his other MPs has been named in this “confidential” report as part of the Group of current MPs that have treasonously compromised their credibility and loyalty to the general population of Canada …….. otherwise why would he be So Willing to maintain his blind support for trudo and his corrupt government????


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