“Repeal The Multicultural Act Of Canada” Says Federal Party Leader– And Canadians AGREE

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“The Canadian Multiculturalism Act is in many senses an ill-considered document, focused so squarely on today that it ignores tomorrow.” So said Trinidad-born Neil Bissoondath 25 years ago in his bestselling book Selling Illusions; a stinging critique of Canada’s misguided experiment with official multiculturalism. The statement’s even more relevant today.

MP Maxime Bernier, leader of the Peoples Party Of Canada(PPC), this past week called for the Act’s repeal during a rally in Mississauga where he introduced the People’s Party of Canada’s platform on immigration and integration. Although the other parties won’t admit it, Canada’s becoming an increasingly difficult place for newcomers to integrate and assimilate. For the sake of keeping Canada a viable, cohesive nation, this has to change.

The Canadian people agree. A 2016 CBC-Angus Reid poll found almost 70% of Canadians want minorities to “fit in” and assimilate more. A Forum Research poll from that same year showed two-thirds of Canadians saying immigrants should be screened for anti-Canadian values.

Trudeau government response? Increase immigration and refugee quotas to their highest levels in history. Surely this situation will spell the end of Justin Trudeau as prime minister. Or will it?

One thing CAP will state unequivocally is that this Trudeau fellow never listens to a word Canadians say. That is, unless they fall into a category of his chosen communities: Sikhs, Muslims, Homosexuals and the Transgendered. What a motley mix of chosen ones!

From the source article: “When the Multiculturalism Act was enshrined in law in 1988 (building on Pierre Trudeau’s earlier policies), Canada became the first nation in the world committed to “enhance multiculturalism”, and to ensure that immigrants could “keep their identities.” Even though immigrants by their very coming here show at least some willingness to integrate into a new society, by adopting the Act, Ottawa chose to elevate ethnic divisions above national unity.”

Simply put, this is the Trudeau family ethos–and it has served the purpose of national disunity very well. Canadians never had a choice about multiculturalism. It is a Trudeau family-endorsed ideology which usurped the democratic principle of the will of the people.  In its stead– the globalist arrogance of Pierre & Justin Trudeau.

“By pursuing multicultural globalism (instead of bicultural nationalism) along with mass immigration (which by 1988 had tripled compared to just five years earlier), Ottawa embarked on remaking Canada into a ‘nation of nations’; relegating its national identity to nothing more than ‘diversity tolerance’ and ‘pluralistic values.’ 

What percentage of Canadian citizens approved the establishment of multiculturalism in Canada? CAP  guess one percent.  All organizations and non-profits included in the “studies” were left-wing groups such as LEAF, a left wing feminist non-profit organization. 

This is Pierre & Justin Trudeau. For them, it was always the fringe which mattered, and never the majority. Yet, as it happens, historical liberal democratic theory informs us that public opinion and the will of the majority are integral to a successful democracy.

It may be true, but neither of the Trudeau’s follow this political theory in any capacity. Consequently, these men shaped Canada into something no one asked for.

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“Poll results show that the Canadian public understand that  “nations within nations” never work out so well, especially when cultural distances are vast and ethnocentrism is aggressively encouraged.”

Now please– name a Canadian who has done more to advance ethnocentrism than Justin Trudeau. It is King Justin who has cultivated Canada’s most virulent form of myopic ethnocentrism– that of the Nation of Islam. Next to this, the LGBT lobby, as well as a Canadian brand of Sikh nationalism.

Then, Justin informs us that “diversity is our strength.” As a high school student living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I can still recall the moment I first heard about multiculturalism. I couldn’t have been more than 15 years-of-age at the time. I knew nothing and cared nothing about politics. Yet, the immediate reaction was that one day this phenomenon will damage our nation.

In fact, the damage began in 1968, with the election of Pierre Trudeau. This was a watershed moment in Canadian history. Due to a point system being introduced for immigration to Canada in 1967, the mix of migrants eventually trans-formed from 90% European to 90% Third World.

Fast forward to 2019, and son Justin is working hard to drive a final nail into our collective coffin– the deathbed father Pierre established some forty-odd years ago. During this entire time period, how many articles have readers seen which analyzed, questioned or critiqued multicultural policy in Canada. I have followed this issue for forty years myself, and apart from the source article here, I can think of perhaps FIVE articles in the past four decades.

Yet, as it happens, multiculturalism has remained sacrosanct throughout the entire time period. For example, what percentage of Canadians understand that multicultural POLICY–as in legislated multiculturalism– exists within a whopping total of two nations on earth–Canada and Australia. The United States does not have legislated multiculturalism. Nor does France, Britain or Germany.

In other words, how many Canadians are aware that multiculturalism is NOT some kind of official standard on a world-wide basis. Rather, it is the exception. CAP will take a guess that maybe 5% of Canadians know this. Why not? Because government and media refuse to inform Canadians of these facts? How come? Because based on this information it is muxh easier to REJECT the policy. Hence, a coordinated government/media  shut-down of the truth.

Why don’t elected leaders ever directly consult Canadians on such questions? After all, everything has limits, and Canadians have a right to national self-determination and a right to say who and how many may join the nation. Diversity without dialogue would seem to nullify those rights.

NEVER. Justin Trudeau will never directly consult Canadians on anything. This is not how Trudeau politicians behave. Rather, their style is to sneer at patriots, nationalists and other sensible Canadians, condescend toward them, attempt to muzzle them, and if all fails, brand us racist and bigoted xenophobes.

Welcome to the Trudeau-brand of political philosophy. Nothing to do with classical liberal political theory, democratic principles or freedom of thought and expression. For King Justin, this is all so “2014.”







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  1. I had extended conversations with one of the architects of multiculturalism and discussed in great lengths the pro’s and cons.Eventually he conceded that multiculturalism was failing the original intent.

    • Even Pierre Trudeau stated that “multiculturalism has not worked out the way I wanted it to.” This was in 1993–imagine what he would think now. In CAP’s opinion, this was the greatest DIS-service to Anglophones in Canadian history.

  2. There is no mention of Trudeau’s anti christ views. He is tearing Canada apart from its traditional values of society. He’s Canada’s version of Barrack Obama and only evil will come of it.


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