Repeal The Multicultural Act Of Canada Says Federal Party Leader

Absolutely. If CAP were prime minister, our first move would be to repeal the Multicultural Act of 1988.

This ideal is unlikely to occur. But what has occurred is that Maxime Bernier, leader of the Peoples Party of Canada, is calling to end the grip on society the diversity devils have been privileged to maintain for decades.

A People’s Party government will:

  • Repeal the Multiculturalism Act and ELIMINATE ALL FUNDING to promote multiculturalism. Emphasize instead the integration of immigrants into Canadian society.
  • Substantially lower the total number of immigrants and refugees Canada accept every year, from 350,000 to between 100,000 and 150,000 (see Immigration policy).
  • Ensure that every candidate for immigration undergoes a face-to-face interview and answers a series of specific questions to assess the extent to which they align with Canadian values and societal norms (see Immigration policy).

The horror. Imagine the look on the faces of sanctimonious social justice warriors upon reading this tid-bit. Senator Ratna Omidvar— what say you? National Council of Canadian Muslims--you are good with this, right?

Now, let’s get real. With no public debate, approval or mandate, multicultural policy was forced upon our society by Pierre Trudeau. No referendum existed. This, regarding the most socially trans-formative policy in Canadian history

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Notice how in the decades since Multiculturalism came to Canada, government and media speak of the impact of immigration upon our nation, yet NEVER speak of the impact these policies have upon our original communities–Anglophone, Francophone, Christian and First Nations Canadians.

Why not? After all, the impact on our generation is massive. Those born in Canada from the 1940’s– 1970’s remember a Canada before the Trudeau family transitioned Canada away from its bi-cultural English and French-Canadian identity. We have witnessed our communities slowly becoming the nemesis community for the Trudeau family, Liberals, Globalists, religious zealots and transgender-fanatics.

Yet, not a single mainstream article has addressed this reality. What does Old Stock Canada think about being railroaded into a minority community? This is what Statistics Canada says is coming our way. Why hasn’t a journalist such as John Ibbitson written about topic? After all, he is an Old Stock Canadian himself.

So CBC, Globe & Mail and Torstar publications will not enlighten us on these issues. Therefore, CAP will:

Multiculturalism is the biggest disservice to English Canada, its peoples, and the general European-Canadian community in the history of our nation. Combined with mass immigration policy, here are the results of the Act for Anglophones and Euro-Canadians

— Billions taken from our wallets and handed to Third World, Multicultural and Immigration not-for-profit organizations.

— White Canadians headed for minority status within a generation.

— Islam supersedes Christianity as most powerful religious group in Canada.

–Third World members of parliament over-represented in government.

— Branding of Anglophones as racists, bigots, xenophobes

— Socialist, Anti-White Public Education System.

— Communist-style media control

— Lack of affordability  for home ownership

Of course, there is more–much more. But based upon these bullet points alone, it is obvious multiculturalism has NOT resulted in its original intention. How do we deduce this? Because the policy was intended by Pierre Trudeau to provide an “equal playing field” for all identifiable communities.

The result has been no such thing. Truth is, diversity policy is exclusionary–it is DEVOID of Anglophone, British and European inclusion. How then can this policy be truly egalitarian?

Impossible. On this basis, some communities are exalted, and others demonized. It is  obvious the disadvantaged are those accused of being the PRIVILEGED ones. This is the way the Liberal-Globalists roll, perpetually inverting the oppressed and the privileged.

CAP theory states there is only one way for multiculturalism to work– for the ideology to become inclusive of European-Canadians. Justin Trudeau will never do this, nor in CAP’s opinion, will the CPC, NDP or Green Party.

Only one federal party has the guts to challenge the sacrosanct world of multiculturalism in Canada. Let’s be very clear here– government will not do it, media will not promote it, and academia will NEVER teach it. Multicult organizations certainly will not be on board. Why would they stab themselves in the foot by agreeing with the cancellation of hundreds of millions of dollars each year?

See how the Multicult has got its hooks into our society? The founder of our demise is Pierre Trudeau. In the spirit of the political despots PET so admired, son Justin has applied a communist-infused iron grip upon society.

CAP Moment Of Clarity For Old Stock Canada: Unless our society changes its fundamental structure, Anglophone Canada is headed for its eventual demise. In tandem with immigration and refugee policy, this triple-play of cultural decimation will in time over-ride our traditional population, and a new social order will be forced upon society.

What will this look like? Very few white Canadians. Islam as the dominant religion, Third World governments controlling our country, international banks OWNING our country.

Yes, Pierre Trudeau certainly was innovative–enough so to place European-Canada on a road toward its marginalization within society. One generation later, son Justin picked up the ball, and is presently rushing the goal-line in an attempt to set up English Canada for its ultimate demise.







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