Repeal Multiculturalism Act, END The Funding, Says Upstart Populist Canadian Party

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Despite media presentation, Canadians are living in perhaps the most pivotal point in Canadian history. No surprise–CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest have taken a most banal approach to present-day society.

No big deal if Justin Trudeau becomes locked-in as an ersatz dictator due to massive migration intake. Islam as Canada’s dominant religion, usurping Christianity in the process. Not a problem according to CBC journalist, Andrew Coyne.

What else has media refrained from reporting on? Try Multiculturalism a nation-transforming policy of cultural re-alignment. Truly, diversity ideology has been sacrosanct ever since Pierre Trudeau forced it upon our society.

This was forty-odd years ago. Yet, a patriot could count on one hand the number of analytical articles written on the “holy grail” of Liberal-Globalist ideology.

How strange. There is good news, however. One federal political party, the People’s Party of Canada, has single-handedly brought multiculturalism out of its protective shell, and are presently shining a light on this social phenomenon.

In simple terms, Anglophone, Francophone, Christian and First Nations Canada have been hood-winked. Multiculturalism has done these communities no good, and in fact, for these folks the impact institutionalized multiculturalism has been decidedly negative.

So says John Ivison, Irish-Canadian journalist for the Globe, National Post and others. Insert CAP sarcasm here– Mr. Ivison, nor John Ibbison or Christine Blatchford, have breathed a single word on the detrimental impact of Multiculturalism upon our traditional communities.

PPC Party Leader, Maxime Bernier, understand the reality of the situation. Unlike CBC media hacks, he knows that when a social policy favours some, it damages others. This component– the detrimental impact of diversity upon our communities, is the piece government, media and academia never speak of.

Multicultural policy in Canada mandates that funds–giant funds–are transferred from Canadian tax-payers to thousands of not-for-profit immigration and multicultural organizations. This hidden element has escaped Canadians for four decades. Why? Because media never write about it.

Therefore, CAP will. This funding has amounted to billions over the decades since Pierre Trudeau forced the policy upon society. No referendum, no public approval – no democracy— just as the Trudeau Dynasty prefer.

It is the funding which Mr. Bernier and the PPC wish to cancel. Now this is smart thinking. Let’s not only repeal the policy–we must CUT OFF the funding. Why? Because if the current situation continues for another forty years, there will be little remaining of English Canada, and its peoples

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Our birth-rates are far below Sikh, Chinese and Muslim Canada. Somalian half citizen, Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen,  is importing approximately 1.5 Million Third World Liberal voters every four years. Add to this the less-obvious migration streams by way of foreign students and temporary foreign workers, and we have a set-up for the marginalization of Anglos and Christians in Canada.

In tandem with mass Third World immigration and refugee status, multiculturalism is the silver bullet in the Liberal-Globalist plan of national trans-formation. Cancel the policy, repeal the funding. Reduce unjustified migration intake–family reunification and other non-economic based migration programs, and the fate of Old Stock Canada as a dinosaur community may be averted.

Vote for Justin Trudeau, and the gig is up. Expect another four years of leadership inversion–refugees are everything, while white Canada can go jump in Lake Ontario.

Another piece of the puzzle obscured by media– an entire “multicult” infrastructure was set up in Canada post-Pierre Trudeau. While positioned as human-rights oriented community support to cultivate victim status, in truth this is a full-blown industry.

Thousands of jobs rely on the maintenance of the diversity status quo. Truth is, an anti-Anglophone Senator like Trudeau-appointed Ratna Omidvar may have never reached this status if it were not for multicultural policy. Thousands of power players and politicians gained their high-level positions by way of the multicult route.

CAP opinion–and one you will never hear from establishment media– multiculturalism has resulted in a two-tiered social dynamic in Canada. In the top strata, Sikh, Muslim and LGBT Canada. Bottom tier- Anglophone and Christian Canada.

But wait! Wasn’t Pierre Trudeau’s vision for multiculturalism equality for all identifiable communities? Perhaps. But one thing CAP will maintain till the cows come home– Justin Trudeau has no interest is this form of equality.

Rather, the diversity agenda is being utilized to push our communities to the periphery of society, to be usurped in time by Justin’s chosen Third World Canada. Multiculturalism is integral to the success of the agenda.

Uber- migration pusher, NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan, says the PPC platform is “absolutely shocking.” How out of touch this lady is. At this point in time, no informed politician should be shocked by Bernier’s proposal.

Ever heard of the term “populism,” Ms. Kwan? Marine Le Pen, Austria, Hungary or Poland? None of these nations have adopted the cultural eradication program Kwan tells us is fundamental to society.

Guess what, folks? Kwan is wrong. Dig into multicultural policy in foreign nations, and you will find a whopping 1% of nations on earth have “official” multiculturalism entrenched by way of government legislation. In other words, in this regard, multiculturalism is a societal aberration. USA doesn’t have it, nor does Britain, France or even Merkel’s disaster of a modern-day Germany.

Why are Canadians unaware of the facts? Simple–Government instructed media never to expose this. Why? Because this way the people of Canada would naturally assume multicult is the NORM. It isn’t– therefore Canadians are victims of a grand deception.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said the PPC’s latest policy announcement was “appalling” and would be resoundingly rejected by Canadians.

Sorry Lizzie, CAP reject what you have to say. Please do tell– how can a policy maintained by two or three nations out of nearly 200 countries on earth be appalling? See how the globalists roll?

CAP will tell you what appalling is, Ms. May: Justin Trudeau’s treatment of Anglophone-Canadians. His branding of our people as racist, bigoted, xenophobic and genocidal. Now this is appalling. His ignorance regarding British and European influence upon society, and contrasting full-on support and dedication to the Nation of Islam. Add his specious, foolish support of transgenderism–including sex change for children.

Here are our choice: Retain the Liberal-Multicultural-Third World-Refugee status quo, and witness as English Canada meets it ultimate demise. Do as Mr. Bernier proposes, and retain Anglophone, Francophone identity, preserving it in a similar manner to the methods used by our so-called “minority” communities.

Justin is gunning like mad for option #1. So are MP’s Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid, and Omar Alghabra. They want it so bad they can taste it. NDP’s Jenny Kwan is with them. Incredibly, so are many Anglo-Canadians.

Our problems are decidedly existential. Not tomorrow, but right now. Trudeau, Morneau and media are covering-up this reality. The more these forces successfully bury social reality in Canada, the more success they have in trans-forming our nation into something not a single Canadian asked or voted for.



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  1. Multiculturalism came long before Justin Trudeau I think he’s just made it more of a thing. If memory serves it was Pierre who actually coined the phrase multicultural but a liberal by any other name. I have no issue with other countries being allowed in Canada as long as they are willing to accept once they get here they are Canadian first.


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