Religion In Canada: The Pandemic’s Exclusive Attack On The Canadian Church

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Within pandemic-saturated Canada, it seems not a day passes by without a combined government and media peculiarity bubbling to the surface of society.

Here’s one that is nagging at Cultural Action Party today– and has been for months:

We speak of the Covid pandemic, and its relationship to religious worship in Canada. Those who follow this issue may recognize a blatant pattern: every bit of consternation in terms of religious gatherings related to Covid are exclusively focused on the Christian faith.

Countless cases of fines for church gatherings. A covid-related Christian pastor jailed in Edmonton.   

A B.C. judge dismisses a legal case to permit Christians to gather at a church outside of Vancouver. Dozens of cases of this nature have been exposed by Canadian media within the past several months.

What establishment media have not exposed:

Virtually zero consternation of this variety exists regarding non-Christian religious institutions in Canada. Not a newsworthy situation?

According to Wikipedia, Islam is the fastest growing religion in Canada. There are at least 50 mosques in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) alone. And yet not one of them has had a problem with the law in terms of in-person religious gatherings?

Speaking of the GTA, the most recent census shows that 21% of the population of  Brampton, Ontario are Sikh-Canadians. The last census comes from the year 2011. The census reports that as of 2011, 39% of Brampton was Sikh, Hindu and Muslim. One can only guess what the numbers are in 2021.

And yet not a single case of a Covid-related incident at a Mosque or Temple in Brampton?

How can this be? Distilling this information down to what mainstream media refuse to expose, we discover the following:

Punitive measures for pandemic-related religious gathering incidents are exclusive to the Christian faith. What message does this deliver to 38 million Canadian citizens?

Easy as pie–no message at all— because CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and National Post have never reported on this development. For those who dwell outside the parameters of establishment media, a very different message is apparent.

Can one conclude that the government of Canada, as well as our media, do not like the Christian faith? CAP go all-in on this one. Why is this?

Let us take a wild guess: Nearly all Canadian Christians are “Old Stock” citizens. By nature, these Canadians are the community who most vehemently oppose the Liberal government’s “Great Reset” agenda.

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While media has successfully converted millions of Anglophones into Liberal “snowflakes”– defined by CAP as brain-washed self-haters who revile their own country-a huge portion continue to resist Trudeau’s globalist agenda.

The nature of this seduction is a transformation of society from democracy to pseudo-communism. Fact is, communist societies such as China do not like Christianity.

For CAP, this is the essence of an assault upon the Christian communities of Canada. In 2021, an exclusive attack upon the Christian faith based upon the pandemic serves as an excellent microcosm.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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