Refusal To Sing Canadian National Anthem In Islamic Schools “Well Meaning”

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The purpose of Islamic schools is to educate students about Islamic teachings and to provide an environment that models and nurtures Islamic values within the wider context of Canadian society. Some think that playing the anthem in Islamic schools conflicts with Islamic teachings and practices.

Sources clearly state that singing the national anthem is permitted and even encouraged, as long as there are no words or statements that oppose the fundamental teachings of Islam.

Therefore, presumably, the Canadian national anthem has gained a “halal” stamp from Islamic non-profit organizations funded by Canadian tax-payers. Man, are we thrilled. Here we see an example of how the thinking works. If Canadian institutions, laws and legislation fit the Sharia-complaint criterea, then they receive a seal of approval from IMAM’s and community leaders. This suggests that for some religious fundamentalists, religion always comes first–therefore all other social concerns remain secondary.

In reality, this should surprise no one.  The approach has been exemplified by a number of Third World MP’s since the day Justin Trudeau gained office. Despite female genital mutilation(illegal in Canada) being confirmed to have taken place upon Canadian soil,  Minister of Status of Women, Afghani-import Maryam Monsef has said not a word against the practice.

MP Iqra Khalid, a half-Canadian from Pakistan, has consistently trashed whitey with accusations of racism. Yet, never once has she spoken out against child marriage or polygamy in Canada. Both are an element of centuries-old, archaic Sharia Law

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Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, another partial Canadian(dual Somali-Canadian), has never issued a word of criticism related to ANY aspect of Islamic ideology or practices. But he sure is quick on the draw to label white Canadians bigots and xenophobes. In the meantime, his precious Somalia has the highest rate of FGM cases of any nation on the planet. Somalia has also earned the distinction of being the 13th most dangerous country on earth.

Here we witness the mindset: religion comes first, country comes second–if at all. These are politicians Justin Trudeau chose to empower within his Cabinet. Is this an example of placing unbiased thinkers who share equal concern for ALL CANADIANS into strategic government positions? Not at all.

As it happens, the fundamental reason why myopic Third World ethno-centricism has been forced upon Canadian society is found in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982). The brain-child of Pierre Trudeau, the Charter has for the past thirty-five years been used to elevate  fringe elements of society to positions of power which OUTWEIGH that of the majority.

The Charter is the main reason the LGBT crowd can round around Canada branding anyone who dislikes Pride Parades as red-neck homophobes. The Charter is the reason Sikh nationalism is labelled “kosher” while Anglophone pride is branded “racism.”

Such blatant hypocrisy. This is Multicult Canada. This is globalism. It is Pierre and Justin Trudeau. It is a bastardized form of pseudo-liberalism that is PUNITIVE IN NATURE. Elevate Third World Canada to the top of the social food chain while marginalizing the original founding peoples communities.

This social trans-formation has been exemplified by Justin Trudeau EVERY DAY since he was elected prime minister. The reason most do not comprehend the trans-formation is found in the relationship between media and government. Pity, eh?




5 thoughts on “Refusal To Sing Canadian National Anthem In Islamic Schools “Well Meaning””

  1. What is this country called Canada and its youthful 150 plus years since Confederation. This country was settled by every image able nationality from countries all over the world. Younf men went to war to keep our freedoms, and now recently we have the Muslim religion that doesn’t want to merge into our society and follow our laws. I get upset when the national anthem is played and this ethnic group stays seated, that is so Wrong.If you have problems with your religion and our laws and customs then I strongly suggest that there is 57 other Muslim Countries that would gladly accept you.Why in Canada we art bending over backwards to accommodate the Muslim Religion is beyond me Either conform to our laws, and you can keep your customs in your mosques, but don’t push your religion on the balance of Canadians. There is no hate in my comments, it is just a reality of how our country was built and how we want to keep it that way. Your religion doesn’t have any pride to the home countries and the soldiers that died for it. If you can’t sing a song because it is a Christian God at least have the courteous to stand during the anthem. In closing in Western Civilization we separate Government and Religion and it is going to stay that way. So hide in your Mosques and don’t sing our countries anthem, I won’t see what you do behind closed doors.But in public do not push your way of life and your wanting Sharia Law that is also not going to happen

    • They won’t leave because their countries don’t have welfare. They come here and it’s essentially early retirement courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer. They’ve never paid a dime in taxes yet they get to retire early and make more money than they would working because they have so many children. Another crazy part to this story is that a man comes here from the middle east then applies to bring his wife and children, then they bring their parents, then their parents bring their brothers and sisters, then the brothers and sisters bring all of their children. It’s an endless cycle of bringing in elderly and welfare recipients that tax an already overwhelmed subsidized housing and health care system that us taxpayers pay for and now have to wait to use. This system is badly broken and needs to be fixed.

    • Bob: This country was founded/settled/built–literally; from the ground up–By people from European continent. Not from countries “all over the world.” That’s Liberal propaganda/falsification of our history. Don’t fall for it.

  2. I will never condone this ideology in Canada. It is all consuming and dangerous. One fact I wish you would correct is that Monsef was born in IRAN not Afghanistan. She and the Trudeau government want you to think this. She, her mother and two sisters were all born there. They lived along the border and went back and forth. They all LIED on their refugee papers at a time when IRAN was worse than even now. Please correct this.


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