Refusal To End Covid Restrictions Sign Of Coming Neo-Communist Society

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Although media refuse to spell it out, Canada presently exists as an outlier in the world of Covid regulations. As of April 18th, 2022, the Biden administration will no longer enforce a public transportation mask mandate in the United States.

In addition to the U.K., EU countries that have dropped measures include Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Poland and Romania. In Canada, a spokesperson for the federal government recently stated that all travellers entering our country must follow the emergency orders to “limit the spread of COVID-19 and variants in Canada.”

The Trudeau government representative made reference to punitive damages for non-compliance under the Quarantine Act, which can include imprisonment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Federal Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra issued a statement yesterday informing Canadians that “mask regulation is in place and it’s based on the advice that we received from our experts and doctors and based on data. It is proven that masks prevent or reduce the transmission of COVID.”

“There is no change in our regulation…it is what it is,” said half-Canadian Liberal Cabinet Member Omar Alghabra. End of statement. Neither Liberal MP Alghabra, nor any other Liberal government representative, has offered a clue as when the Covid mandates might end. Or indeed, if they will end.

Is there more to the story than meets the eye? When it comes to the Trudeau government, there always is. Has Justin Trudeau taken hold of Covid and “weaponized” it” in the name of an agenda government do not want Canadians to understand?

CAP suspected as much from day one. Can Covid be part and parcel to step-by-step conditioning of society toward a social condition we would otherwise reject?

For example, let’s say that the goal of government is not the management of our nation, but rather its political transformation. Suddenly, the absurdity of federal government decision-making makes sense. We speak of the greatest fiscal deficits in history. The highest level of personal debt ever. As we speak, media has announced that inflation in Canada just jumped to 6.7%, its highest level in over 30 years. Home affordability for middle income Canadians is close to an impossibility.

Is government purposefully bleeding the Canadian middle class dry? It very well could be. In fact, if one didn’t know better, one might believe Canada is being set up for what might be called a post-modern revolution.

Other signs appear along the path. As advanced by government, our country is about to find itself burdened with the most stringent internet censorship in the free world. Could it be that Justin Trudeau’s Covid regulation hold-out fits snugly into an overall scheme?

Yet, despite all tangible signs of deterioration in personal freedoms, many– likely a majority– are not comprehending the “big picture.” Many who do are replicating public reaction to similar political transitions in history.

“It will never happen here,” they muse. “Canada an authoritarian nation? No way that’s gonna happen.” Which is, of course, exactly what Trudeau and his globalist contingent want Canadians to believe. To maintain the thought process, mainstream media are employed to obfuscate the agenda.

CAP has a different attitude on these social progressions. Authoritarian governance– or what can be termed “neo-communism”— can come to Canada. Some would argue we are being set up for this experience with each passing day. Steady as she goes, personal liberties are stripped away. Freedom of expression, freedom of the press, restrictions on mobility rights.

Such circumstances are a dead-ringer for life within communist nations. The great pandemic restriction hold-out is symptomatic of such a national destiny. No one knows when– or if-– mask and vaccine mandates will come to end.

The public remain in the dark. We hereby transition to a social imperative found in China, Russia, and other communist nations. Government maintain full control of society. Citizens are fully subject to their will. Cross the line into non-compliance, and punitive damages await the fools who did so.

But not to worry. CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail say we live in a free and democratic society. Despite all evidence of degeneration, most Canadians are buying the illusion government and media are selling to the people of Canada.

13 thoughts on “Refusal To End Covid Restrictions Sign Of Coming Neo-Communist Society”

  1. “Mask regulation is in place [because it has been] [dis] proven that masks prevent or reduce the transmission of COVID….There is no change in our regulation…it is what [I say] it is,” said half-[wit] Canadian Liberal Cabinet Member Omar Abracadabra. (sic.) Excuse me? “Proven” that masks “prevent or reduce the transmission of COVID.” LIAR!!!! Damn bloody liar. That is a bald faced lie. Why do we have to endure these raging; grossly unqualified fools??? Do Canadians have “control me” written on their foreheads?

    • Boris, I agree!!!!

      Full of hate for tyranny and dictatorship which Justine the petulant delivers.
      Full of criticism of the bullsh*t shoveled upon us by wokesters deliberately attempting, and so far succeeding, in destroying all that was good about Canada.

    • 😂😂😂 Oh my you are so right. I thought it was just me, but most posts are so obviously biased, and some are aggressively insulting to people who may want to present an alternative point of view. 🙄😉

  2. We the people must shout these facts at every meeting possible to engage the sleeping oblivious as bloodshed is the only way out of tyranny , this has been demonstrated far far too many times in history .

  3. Go to thepowershift and sign the petition and listen to Nicole’s videos. This is the way out of this bull shit. It will see all these corrupt assholes in jail. Just sign it

  4. Masks are as effective at stopping a virus from spreading as a screen is at stopping a fart from spreading. Total utter nonsense started by some well meaning but clearly delusionary individual in the mask producing industry nodoubt.

  5. And when asked for the evidence that they are following the science they produced none. Clearly this is in place for other reasons.


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