8 thoughts on “You Tube: ”Refugees” in Europe act like Disappointed Tourists”

  1. You can not blame both the refugees nor the government of Germany, refugees want 5 Star accommodation and good food, but they should not forget that they left their countries to find refuge in Europe not right away to have a better lifestyle. Now the question is how Germany can provide reasonable housing for one million people who have all of a sudden invaded their country, no country in the world can handle one million refugees it will take a time to settle them, Germany had never planned to receive a legioned from the Middle East and from other countries. Those refugees now criticize the government, but the reality is it is impossible for Germany to provide food and lodging for that much number of people.
    I hope our newly elected prime minister will learn a lesson and not bring 25000 refugees at one time in December, he will face the same problems what Germany is going through, how he is going to provide them food and lodging. Everyone condemned prime minister Stephen Harper for only bringing 10,000, he has a brain, he is a leader he thinks realistically the problems ahead for the country to accommodate legion Again, it is my opinion for Justin Trudeau not to bring that many refugees for which the whole country will turn against him.

    • Zareena you raise an important point. Canada has always been one of many countries who help other countries in time of need and 25,000 may not seem like many but one should be asking themselves this. There are still over 13 million refugees in Syria and the wave of refugees in the last few months is nothing compared to what will continue. So where will all these people go? Who will take them in? What effect will this mass exodus of Muslims have on Europe’s democracy? Cultural identity? Welfare system? Economy? Wages? Schools? Housing? Peace? The governments who support this is to blame and should be held accountable for this nation suicide.

  2. they won’t be happy unless they get to live in palaces for free !
    people from Ghana complaining of no air conditioning ???
    look at a map of Africa and see how close Ghana is to the equator !!! one of the hottest places on earth !

  3. Rumor has been spreading around North African and the middle east that Germany and Sweden accept all refugees, pay them social security and set them up with apartments. So when they go to Germany, they are shocked that the apartments are not provided right away and that they are not showered with cash. There was a number of Syrian families who ended up in Poland. Accommodation provided by local governments etc. All of them left after a few days and headed for Germany. Angela Merkel asked Poland to forcibly keep them and return them to Poland if captured. These people are just entitled not destitute.

    • Krystian you are right there. These people are not refugees they are economic migrants who have been invited by Merkel to suck benefits from the mother’s (Germany) bosom. The numbers of people will not subside if they know they will receive everything for free.

  4. If these wandering migrants seeking better living conditions and opportunities for a European style future had been truly forced to go to Europe, and particularly to Germany and Sweden, then the criticisms they express might have some legitimacy. They took to the roads, pushing across borders illegally, crossing waterways in hazardous conditions of their own volition. And once on the road most of them were encouraged to continue their haphazard quest by fellow travelers and by the encouragement coming from misguided government leaders in Germany and Sweden particularly who offered the carrot of accommodation and sustenance. However, the words were not followed by any realistic actions to justify those tomes of “all is well, come to Germany, come to Sweden and get your housing and your welfare etc. Truly chasing a mythical rainbow and at the same time creating gridlock and absolute social chaos for the countries now saddled with these fleeing millions. Winter is upon Europe and now the populations of European countries will suffer through the plight of these people who should not have been there in the first place. A lack of resolve, total lack of guts to say no and close and enforce borders no matter how much BS was coming out of the humanitarians- at- your- expense crowd at the U.N. and other advocacy agencies around this planet. The video helps those who do not realize that most of these fleeing masses are migrants seeking a better financial future and not fleeing refugees running for their lives. Joining a mass surging mob requiring no vetting to determine eligibility to enter Europe and no delay over paperwork seemed an ideal fast track into a better future. But the entire exercise is a European disaster in the making and will only get worse as winter comes upon them and likely surge again in better weather next year.


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