Record-Setting Gold Prices Pending After Trudeau SELLS OFF ALL Canadian Gold Holdings

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CAP has written previously on the sketchy, under-recognized topic of the Trudeau government and Canada’s gold industry. In truth, the affair is shot-through with curiousity.

Why upon seizing the “crown” of Canada did our prime minister immediately dump all Canadian gold holdings? Mr. Trudeau has barely been PM for more than twenty minutes before all Canadian gold repositories were cleared of their contents.

The head of CSIS from 2009 to 2013, Richard Fadden, told the Globe and Mail that the federal government should keep Canada’s national security interests in mind” when examining the purchase.

“I think gold is pretty important for the world economy. China has enough of a grip on the world economy as it is, given its capital assets, so I would include gold.”

Too bad PM Trudeau does not see the value in gold. Rather, our PM sees the value in selling Canadian gold resources to China– as well as financing gold-backed currencies based in Libya.

In 2019, CAP uncovered a most curious situation involving the Liberal government of Canada’s sell-off of our gold reserves. The unpublished information spoke of the funding of  a launch of a  “pan-African” currency headed up by the government of Libya.

As economic insiders understand, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have  maintained a “close-bond” with the Libyan government, facilitated mainly by way of troubled SNC-Lavalin contracts with Libyan “authorities.”

Pierre Gratton, president of the Mining Association of Canada, said the TMAC takeover has “raised eyebrows” within the industry because Shandong Gold Group is a Chinese state-owned enterprise.

What this media piece omits is that in reality,  all of China’s major corporations qualify as state-owned enterprises.

“China as a very large powerful authoritarian state acquiring assets in the Canadian Arctic, that concern is legitimate,” said Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics at the University of British Columbia.”

“The [Trudeau] government of Canada has wound down its gold reserves to basically nothing after a multi-year strategy of selling them off in favour of hoarding other countries’ currencies instead.”

According to the Department of Finance’s official international reserves data released Thursday(March 19th, 2016),Canada’s gold reserves were down effectively to $0.”

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 CBC and establishment media in Canada have buried the entire story. Meanwhile, gold has been “kicking butt” since the time Trudeau began selling major and junior mining companies to his “home-boy” nation of China.

“Initially the majors were making a lot of money at those prices and then some of the intermediate gold miners have done well and I think, finally, the interest is trickling down to the smaller cap junior companies like ours.”

In other words, the entire gold mining industry in Canada is currently surging–during the time period when our Liberal approved did this:

“Zijin Mining Group Co Ltd , one of China’s biggest gold miners, has agreed to buy Canadian miner Continental Gold Inc for $1.33 billion, saying the purchase would increase its gold reserves and boost cash flow as well as profit.”

“We look forward to completion of the transaction and the opportunity to invest in the project for years to come as the generational potential of the camp is unlocked,” said Yumin Chen, chair of SD Gold.

CAP Conclusion: The government of Canada has trans-itioned ownership of the Canadian Gold Industry to the communist government of China.

Two years after a series of sell-offs occurred, gold may well reach an all-time high price. Know what CAP call this in terms of Trudeau’s national “leadership” skills?

Easy as Nova Scotia apple-pie: it is “business-as-usual.” Hasn’t CAP stated for several years that King Justin of Canada is a leader like none who came before him? Witness as our PM works on behalf of China rather than Canada.

Within our country’s absurdist inversion of the western democracy, this behaviour is perfectly acceptable. Not a word of analysis from CBC. Not a speck of criticism from CTV.

Can you “feel the vibe” fellow Canadian patriots? Justin Trudeau can behave however he likes, and he gets away with it every time. Additionally his Liberal government are free to ignore public will-which they do endlessly and ubiquitously.

Media SAY NOTHING. Guess what? According to our socialist-style media, Mr. Trudeau is 11 points up in the polls due to how he handled the Covid-19 pandemic.

CBC just forgot one tiny issue– more than anyone else in Canada, PM Justin is most responsible for BRINGING Covid to Canada. The man is a major leader of the globalist “Open Border” movement. It was this person who on his own invited tens of thousands of illegal so-called refigees to pour into Canada.

Is this initiative “Covid-19 friendly? Of course it is– and still National Post and Toronto Star say nothing in the realm of negativity regarding “boss-man” Justin.

“In the past year, gold prices have surged 35 per cent from US$1,250 to US$1,696, which means gold miners’ margins are “set to explode.”

Set to explode? Not in Canada– our national leader took care of this by:

A) Dumping all government gold repositories.

B) Selling our industry to China so they can benefit the most.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP.







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