Record-Breaking Year For Express Entry Migration in 2020 DESPITE Pandemic Virus

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“It was the biggest year in the Express Entry system’s history despite the hits Canada took to immigration levels in 2020.”

Thus proclaim the “Voice of Canadian Immigration,” Canadian Immigration Coalition, founded by uber-migrant pusher David Cohen in 1996.

Each week, Cohen’s partner Kareem El-Assal gushes over Canada’s world-leading immigration intake. Immigration lawyers love it. What’s not to love–  they make big money from it.

Never do these people point out one salient fact: within 2020 Canada, government demand Canadian citizens isolate themselves due to Covid. Draconian measures rule the day as non-elected health queen Teresa Tam attempts to control the lifestyle of Canadians.

Meanwhile, Cohen and El-Assal are overjoyed to announce 2020 migration intake programs that have set an historical record.

One has to wonder how these people justify a record intake of migrants in the midst of the worst health conditions in a century.

The message seems clear– government, media and immigration lawyers in Canada are free to behave as complete hypocrites. Meanwhile, the Canadian public are informed they must “follow all orders” within government’s “Great Reset” society.

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For Cultural Action Party, this is one step beyond pathetic. Witness as our immigration industry boast, brag and celebrate during the dark days of the pandemic virus.

The hypocrisy clearly lends credence to the idea that Canada in the year 2020 is a post-democratic society. No say for the public. No public voice within society. Nothing but being forced to endure the hypocrisy and arrogance of government, media and migration-pushers.

CAP knew previously of Mr. David Cohen and his firm’s hyper-vigilance to pack Canada with as many migrants as possible. They have been doing so since 1996. Despite obvious health risks in 2020, the immigration industry remains cast-in-stone.

Seems everyone is called on to adapt and sacrifice except for those those who rule the roost. Indeed  George Orwell spoke of this when he coined a phrase to describe the advent of totalitarianism:

“All are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

To compliment the desires of immigration advocates, Justin Trudeau has established the highest immigration policy intake since Canada’s founding in 1867.

Obviously, it’s all roses and sunshine for Trudeau, Cohen and El-Assal as some 25 Million Canadian tax-payers cover off the financial bill for these precious non-Canadian clients.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)







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