Ready For Trudeau’s Legacy To Be Twisted By Mainstream Media?

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November 3rd, 2023:

“The choice now before the prime minister isn’t win or lose. It’s lose with dignity, or lose with desperation.”

So writes Andrew MacDougall this week in the Ottawa Citizen. Here’s a news outlet who will be compelled to attempt a media twist on what they refer to as Justin Trudeau’s “legacy.”

Of course, we’ve seen it before. Pierre Trudeau bowed out as Liberal prime minister in 1984, immortalized by his semi-famous “walk in the snow.”

CAP will advise Justin Trudeau regarding his move out of office, something which– barring some kind of globalist manipulation miracle– could occur in the short-term.

An appropriate exit would include sticking his “head in the sand,” preferably in one of the overseas  nations his Liberals ship billions to each year.

Dignity? Justin Trudeau? You have got to be kidding. he has none, as evinced by dressing up like traditional Sikhs and Muslim religious leaders. Donning Islamic garb down at a local Ottawa mosque, we witness his “dignity” while sitting on the floor and reciting the “Shahada” prayer for conversion to the Islamic faith.

SNC Lavalin? WE Charity? Chinese Election Interference? Truckers Convoy? Sikh-Khalistani Nationalism? A litany of disgrace it is.

“Given that Mark Carney is once again swimming off the coast of Canada, it’s a good time to talk about Justin Trudeau’s future as leader of the Liberal Party. As in, it’s time to talk about how to exit the stage with a modicum of decency.”

First of all, the idea that Mr. Carney– globalist banker, ex-Goldman Sachs executive and United Nations climate change fellow– is going to deviate from Trudeau’s eco-warrior woke stance stands at zero.

Of course CBC will throw curve balls at such a transition. Pierre Poilievre from the Conservative Party says he will scale back federal media funding. On this basis, it’s obvious which candidate media executives will choose to back in an upcoming election.

As for Trudeau exiting Canada’s political stage with a “modicum of decency,” Cultural Action Party [est.2016] respond in kind:

The man led our nation devoid of a modicum of decency, so why should 40 million Canadians draw the above conclusion? No question about– Mr. Trudeau is the most disliked politician in Canadian history.

Not that it is going to translate to an honest depiction from legacy media. One reason why pertains to what some call “the long game.”

To understand this dynamic, Canadians should consider the cyclical nature of federal politics in our country. From Liberals, to Conservatives, and back to Liberals.

It’s the only form of “progression” that has ever existed in Canada. It doesn’t take Prof. Stephen Hawking to conclude that when something goes round and round in circles, it doesn’t get anywhere at all.

Consider the frequency at which mainstream media has made reference to this circular nature. The answer is never, at least not that CAP has seen in our 35 years of following politics in our media.

Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely want Justin Trudeau gone, preferably out of Canada forever. Still, the idea that the Liberals and their globalist ideological foundation will never return is likely a misnomer.

We all know how these things roll. Stephen Harper is a bore, let’s pitch pretty-boy Floyd for PM. Enter woke political zombie, Justin Trudeau. Time for “sunny ways,” folks. Not. It never happened, and was never intended to happen.

Rather than manage Canada from a social and economic viewpoint, Trudeau’s goal has been, and still is, social, cultural and ideological transformation.

Media say nothing. Countless elements of neo-communism, socialism and downright totalitarian methodologies have flavoured the Liberal’s mixing bowl for the past eight years.

Refusing to recognize moves to minimize individual freedoms, including democratic fundamental freedom of speech, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail and the rest play the obfuscation game on behalf of their main financial source, the Liberal government of Canada.

“Once his mind is firmly in the retirement place, Trudeau needs to look at his time in office and think about what he’s proudest of.”

Please provide, Mr. Ottawa Citizen, examples in which Trudeau should “take pride.”

Flooding Canada with 3rd World immigrant voters that has resulted in home unaffordability for middle-income Canadians? Approving an immigration policy which results in daily fear for Muslims and Jews?

Vehemently supporting the Muslim voting community while stabbing the Christian faith in the back? Jumping about waving LGBT flags in public while families fall apart due to gender conflict?

Signing on the dotted line to increase foreign aid to theocratic governments of the Middle East. Holy Crow, an article informs us that the King of Jordan invested $800 million of these dollars in luxury international real estate

What a disgrace. Within every element of inter-community friction, Canada’s 23rd prime minister has made all of them worse. Heteros, Gays, Christians, Jews, Blacks, Muslims, Sikhs— the entire polyglot structure which falls under so-called “Multicultural” ideology has been strained to the limit.

“Yes, Poilievre and his band of vandals might very well dismantle his signature accomplishments when they take office, but that’s beyond Trudeau’s control.”

There it is. It’s what the Feds Liberals  pay media to accomplish– the trashing of the opposition– the only opposition in a two-ring circus of political trans-formation.

The man has no singular accomplishments. Deficit reduction? Don’t make Canadian patriots laugh into their Tim Horton’s coffee cups.

Trudeau Jr. has put together the largest fiscal debt to international bankers of any prime minister, or as some reports say, more than all of them put together. The only other PM to come close is– you guessed it– Pierre Trudeau.

“His father had the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Brian Mulroney had free trade, Jean Chrétien had getting Canada’s fiscal house in order, Paul Martin had, uh, stuff, and Harper saw Canada through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Trudeau has the carbon tax (maybe).”

Justin Trudeau has nothing. But let us not think for a minute that media will not compile a false list of accomplishments, spinning his legacy into a positive vibe.

They will, because they know one thing which all Canadians should recognize. After 8-10 years of the Conservatives, the Liberals will be back to continue with their agenda of woke globalist destruction.

5 thoughts on “Ready For Trudeau’s Legacy To Be Twisted By Mainstream Media?”

  1. Trudeau has spun enough word salad to feed the entire world. Spread enough manure to fertilize all the farms around the globe. Spewed enough hot air to warm every household. Told enough wicked lies to embarrass Satan; the Father of Lies. Killed multiple tens of thousands; through his ever-expanding “euthanasia” program. We prostrate ourselves before this demi-god, and must daily recite all of his unparalleled “legacies.” Truly we have lived through a decade of plenty, and imbibed much honor, and accolade; upon the world-stage. Intoxicating times indeed. Unsurprisingly; Canada is now spelled “Freedom.” A giant statue of this–dare we even say mere man?–this god–Shall be placed upon the pinnacle of the Peace Tower; fully strobe lit at night. We have never been so united; so hopeful, and one foresees libraries filled with volumes….Rapturously expounding all of the (empty) virtues of this howling success of a “prime minister.” Pre “post-national” Canada is dead. Long live Canada; pre Trudeau(s). The “post national” dupe has put Canada to open shame. Some legacy.


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