RCMP, Media DENY Canadian Connection For Source Of Coronavirus

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Corona virus developed in Canada and stolen by China?” reads the headline of this article from January 22, 2020. It appears to be the first of a series of such claims about the novel coronavirus, which caused an outbreak in the central Chinese city of Wuhan before spreading elsewhere in the country and around the world.

“Websites and social media users claim that the new coronavirus discovered in the city of Wuhan may have been created in Canada and stolen by Chinese spies.”

“This is false; Canadian health and federal police officials say it has no factual basis.”

So says an organization called AFP Fact Check. As if they, or anyone else, has a definitive answer on the source of the deadly Coronavirus. While this may or may not be factual, here is an absolute truism:

Canadian government, health authorities, media and police forces have consistently taken the edge off the impact of the virus. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail all focus on how Canada is a step above the rest of the western world in terms of  minimizing the global impact of Coronavirus.

Among other things, this lends massive credence to the following CAP theory:

China controls Canada in a subtle and covert manner. Witness as all fundamental national institutions— our health care industry, medical associations and various other Liberal-Globalist pundits deliver the globalist goods:

From the National Post:

“Coronavirus risk to Canadians ‘REMAINS LOW’ despite World Health Organization declaring it a global emergency: top health official”

The claims appear to be based on a mischaracterization of August 2019 reports about a transfer of Ebola and Nipah viruses from a Canadian lab to Beijing, and an apparently separate issue involving two Chinese researchers at Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg, in the central province of Manitoba.

Claims that the novel coronavirus was created in Canada refer to a report involving the NML. One month after Qiu, Cheng and the students were escorted off premises, CBC reported that live Ebola and Nipah viruses had been shipped to Beijing in March 2019 for research.

PHAC officials told CBC that all procedures were followed for the shipment of those level-4 pathogens, the deadliest. But the short interval between the Air Canada flight they were transported on and Qiu and Cheng’s removal led to suspicion that the two events could be connected.

The RCMP declined to comment on any potential connection between the investigation and the virus shipment to Beijing. And yet APF Fact Checker appear to know 100% that there was no way in hell these events are connected to China’s latest lethal disease export.

In July 2019, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported that two researchers with ties to China were removed from the NML in Winnipeg by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for a possible “policy breach.” The article did not mention the coronavirus.

In other words, APF are stating flat-out that there is no “Canada-China” connection, while at the same time publishing serious evidence that a connection might well exist.

How Justin Trudeau is this? Quick Answer–very, very much so. For CAP, the situation actually reeks of Liberal-Globalist media propaganda. Within Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada, our nation bows to globalist powers such as China, United Nations and the Nation of Islam.

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Mr. Justin seized control of the former “Great White North,” our country has morphed into a surrogate nation for communist China, oil-rich Middle Eastern theocracies, and despotic African nations.

Pourquoi? Because these are the preferred nations of the family Trudeau. These are the power-players pulling the strings of the puppet-like Justin.  Within “post-modern” Canada, general society has no say, no input and no power--just as it is in the Trudeau Dynasty’s “home-boy” nations Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan and Iraq.

So the globalists deliver a fact check denying the “conspiracy theory” while laying out a plethora of facts suggesting a real, tangible connection between Canada and China regarding deadly viruses like Corona, SARS and Ebola.

A tad suspect, no? Naturally, Canadians are in a position where the truth will never be discovered. The issue will die a thousand deaths–just as it is regarding every anti- globalist, anti-China and anti-Islamic bit of news suppressed by CBC and the rest of the Liberal media puppet organizations.

Listen up, fellow patriots–you do not own the country of Canada. Nor do 20 million “Old Stock” Canadians, nor 37.7 million actual citizens of our nation.

No– under Justin Trudeau, Canada is controlled by way of the following:

The power of the United Nations. The will of the communist government of China. The geo-political agenda of the Nation of Islam. Sikh Nationalist power concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA).

And finally, the diaspora Third World communities Justin Trudeau is packing into Canada for the purpose of controlling all 338 seats in Parliament.

Result: Canada morphs into a One Party State, while media morph into a replica of information dissemination as it exists in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Cuba.

Founder, Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

Executor, Liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.




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