Ramadan Transitions To Religious Promotional Vehicle In Canada

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One might think it to be on the level of the Second Coming. Such is the rise of Ramadan celebrations in Canada. This year– as with every year that passes– mainstream media’s promotional vehicle is hitting new heights.

From coast-to-coast, Trudeau’s in-the-pocket media disseminators are hyping the heck out of the annual 30-day celebration of Islam’s holiest day.

“Muslims in the Maritimes prepare for a month of fasting between sunrise to sunset.

“Muslims in Ottawa and around the world began fasting this week, marking the holy month of Ramadan.”

“Winnipeg Islamic community shares dinner, Ramadan teachings with non-Muslims”

Thank God for that. Otherwise, Canadians might go about their business devoid of the knowledge that they must educate themselves in the ways of archaic 7th century religion.

We pick up on a consistency: according to Canadian media, it is always “uneducated” Canadian-born citizen who must learn the ways of our nation’s fastest-growing community, and never the other way around.

Interested parties should know that a tangible source exists for this social inversion. It’s called “Multiculturalism,” as originally forced on Canadian society by former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau.

Multicultural ideology– prototype of 21st century woke globalism– informs Canada’s racialized and religious communities to maintain, promote and advance pride in their heritage. As opposed to Trudeau-brand Liberalism, which denounces all elements of pride related to our nation’s Anglo-Christian heritage.

“A mosque in the Annapolis Valley is marking its first anniversary this month as Muslims gather there for Ramadan.”

“The Ummah Masjid and Community Centre opened in Wolfville, N.S., about a year ago, as a branch of the Halifax mosque of the same name.”

After which we juxtapose these developments with the fate of Christianity in Canada:

“A national charity that works to save old buildings estimates that 9,000 religious spaces in Canada will be lost in the next decade, roughly a third of all faith-owned buildings in the country.”

98% of which are Christian religious institutions. No wonder PM Justin Trudeau is all over Canada’s “ethnic” vote.

The Globe & Mail could easily assemble such data. They haven’t, and neither has any other establishment media outlet. Away from public knowledge, we come to understand the future of religiosity in Canada. It is holistically Third World in orientation.

“Muslims across British Columbia are getting ready to start their fasts to mark the beginning of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar.”

“While one in 20 Canadians are observing the month’s festivities. Mohamed Najaf says there’s still work to be done to educate the other 19 on how to support Muslim friends and colleagues.”

As reported by CBC News. The message remains consistent: uneducated Canadians must learn about the “educated” ways of antiquated holy books, including virulent misogyny contained within. A problem for the progressive “gender equity” set within the Liberal government? Not in the least. Why the hypocrisy? The answer is surprisingly simple: because they can get away with it.

Call Cultural Action Party paranoid, but doesn’t the entire dynamic not sound like a promotional vehicle– as opposed to an acknowledgement of the 30-day holiday?

After which we move to Canada’s woke globalist King of Kings:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wishes all Muslims in Canada and around the world a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.”

CAP progress to another salient observation. Beyond the “educating the unenlightened” rhetoric is to be found an “around the world” component. A glance at Ramadan tributes from Liberal Cabinet Members and MP’s consistently includes the globalist element.

Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen, Canadian Minister of Multiculturalism:

“Tonight, at sundown, Muslims across Canada and around the world mark the beginning of Ramadan.”

Why isn’t it good enough to focus specifically on Muslims within Canadian borders? Why must it always be expanded to the world-wide element? Because the positioning is an off-shoot of globalist politics?

Calgary Herald: “Muslims Around The World Come Together To Celebrate Ramadan.”

Could it be that media’s “Around the world in 80 days” rhetoric is serving as a tacit invitation for an international community to pick up the pieces and head for Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada?

‘Salam, Ramadan Mubarak!: Four Ways Schools Can Bring Ramadan Into The Classroom’

Holy Cow. First it was Drag Queen Story Hour, now it’s 7th century religious fundamentalism time. Acknowledgement, or promotion? Again, the education of the non-enlightened comes to the surface.

Naturally, the whole affair couldn’t go down without the playing of the mighty race-card:

“As Ramadan begins, Muslims around the world prepare to fast from dawn to dusk for the next month. But for many Muslims, this time of spiritual reflection is scarred by the rising tide of Islamophobia.”

Let CAP pose a question branded “verboten” within Canadian society. How can an identifiable community be on the receiving end of such virulent hatred, and yet at the same time grow and thrive within society?

Quick Answer: because it can. Don’t you know? It’s up to Canadians to remain flexible and adaptable to immutable religious dogma that has existed for centuries.

This, fellow patriots, is the essence of Trudeau-family “Multiculturalism.” Justin Trudeau, vote-prostitute of the millennium, wouldn’t have it any other way.

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