Ramadan In Canada: Yet Another 30-Day Promotion Of 3rd World Interests

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Canada has sure changed. In the days before political correctness and multiculturalism, the heritage of our nation was celebrated within our borders. For example, Expo 67 in Montreal. 1-2-3 Canadians we love thee!

Fifty year later, this is ancient history. Traditional Canadian identity has been ground into the mud via the globalist ethos forced upon our country by Pierre Trudeau in the early 1970’s. In 2019, it has reached a pinnacle under the socialist-infused prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Anyone else notice this interesting coincidence? Ramadan is a 30-day celebration. Sikh Heritage Month is 30 days. So is Black History Month. Asian History Month. LGBT month. And now, Ramadan is here for a further 30-day promotion of non-Canadian interests. At this rate, there will not be a SINGLE DAY of the year which is not a tribute to so-called “minorities” and special interest groups.

In contrast, how many days is Christmas? New Year’s? Easter, and the rest of our secular and religious holidays. Generally, one or two days. If this isn’t the perfect microcosm for contemporary Canadian society, what is?

Basically, the Canadian calendar is today DOMINATED with politically correct, pro-Third World celebrations. This phenomenon is the pride of the country, say sketchy mainstream media organizations. If a person disagrees, they are a racist. 

No Canadian advances this concept more than the prime minister of Canada. Second to this, myopic Somalian immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen. Obviously, these two want  Canada turned inside-out, and they are doing a hell of a job of it.

Branding Anglophones as racists is a favourite hobby. Advancing the Nation of Islam within Canada, a close second. Now Canadians are forced to sit in silence while government and media utilize the event to TRANS-form Canada away from its Christian heritage. For these two, and others in the Liberal government caucus, this element of society must go.

Please do tell–where is Polish-Canadian Heritage Month? Italian or Ukrainian? Or Lord FORBID, Christian Heritage Month. In the trash bin, basically. Justin Trudeau has no interest in these elements of society. They are just so “2015” in his mind. Rather, PM Trudeau chose to spend the best part of four years tacitly RUNNING DOWN Christian/Anglophone heritage by way of  incessant apologies to Third World Canada.

It all adds up to one thing– the very thing establishment media REFUSE to inform innocent Canadians about. The current government of Canada is working a decades-long, pre-meditated agenda to transform our founding nations communities into a powerless minority community.  But in no manner will Anglos become a minority in the “tradition” sense. Rather, they will be the one minority which is NOT DESIGNATED AS SUCH. Thus, we will remain unqualified for the minority rights Third World communities are privileged to. We will also continue to be blamed of the ills of our nation, while lacking legal and political leverage to fight back.

 With each passing day, every Omnibus Bill and piece of legislation relating to social conditions in Canada, our rights to freedom of speech are being chipped away. Recent changes to free speech policy on social media players such as Facebook exemplify the development. As may or may not be known to the public, the Trudeau government is pushing Facebook to crack down on dissenting opinion on government policy.

The big question is: where does it end? Is there a point in time whereby diversity-pushers will reach a point of satisfaction? The question is laughable at best. These forces will NEVER STOP.  When the Anglophone founding settler peoples of Canada find themselves a minority, not a damn thing will change in favour of this maligned  Canadian community. This is the true meaning of Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada proclamation.




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