Rainbow-Coloured Racism: Anti-Anglophone Politics In Trudeau’s Canada

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It’s all the rage. The post-modern politics of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have given birth to a fresh social phenomenon: prejudice against Anglophones and Christians in Canada.

It’s application is subtle. So much so that white Canadians are never mentioned by name. For CAP, it’s a cowardly act. If government, media and our educational system are going to call out Canada for racism against so-called “minorities,” at least they could have the gumption to actually name the perpetrators.

They never do. Indeed, it’s all about implications. Without explicitly referencing the accused, Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and the rest of the Anglo-bashers allude to the perpetrator without coming out of the closet to name those responsible.

The unnamed culprits are as obvious as snow in Nunavut. Government hold Canadians of European heritage responsible for all prejudice, oppression and racism within society.

That’s all of us– the living and breathing, as well as our historical predecessors. Astute observers witness an indisputable fact: Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh never differentiate between present-day Canadians, and those who fanned the racist flames in an historical context. Thus, the blame falls on the shoulders of Canada’s entire Anglo-European community– living and dead.

Interesting to juxtapose this with society’s attitude toward non-racialized peoples. To what extent do Canadian media hold present-day Chinese responsible for Mao Tse Tung’s murder of millions during the 1966 Communist Revolution? That would be nothing at all. How about the responsibility of contemporary Muslims for the 9/11 bombings? Current Sikh citizens for the Air India bombing of the 1980’s? Informed readers know the answer: “nothing from nothing leaves nothing.”

Why then the exclusive of Anglophone responsibility for racism, both current and historical? CAP will go first: because a pre-conceived agenda exists to vilify our communities. How the irony drips forth. Branding Canada “systemically racist” in 2017, systemic prejudice against white Canadians has for years maintained a covert position within society.

Media say nothing of the sort. Witness the erudition of Canada’s leading journalists. Despite academic credentials, it appears writers like John Ivison, Andrew Coyne, John Ibbitson– Old Stock Canadians themselves– are too dim to recognize the phenomenon. Not a chance in Hades exists that Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest will ever touch upon post-modern Canada’s greatest truism:

It is not Chinese, Sikh and Muslim Canadians who are under attack by government. Nor is any other “new arrival” community.

No– the singular community in Canada sanctioned by society to be on the receiving end of the sting of racist attacks are Anglophones and Christians. 

Why does such a standard exist? For good reason, say Cultural Action Party. We speak of the “progression” of society. Time was when a federal political party was elected to manage our country. Socially, economically– the goal inherent was a pursuit of upward mobility for Canadians.

To apply this to the current Trudeau government would be some kind of sick joke. The 3rd World, yes. Africa, Middle East— by all means. The citizens of Canada? Forget about it.

Unless you fall into the category of Trudeau’s chosen:  3rd World migrants, Muslims, Sikhs, Homosexuals, Transexuals. The Trudeau government are entirely selective about which identifiable communities are “in the house,” and which are spurned and neglected.

Leading the pack are Old Stock Canadians. Justin Trudeau has little use for us. Pourquoi? Because his goal is not management of a nation, but rather its transformation. It is the social weapon government and media are hiding from 38 million Canadians. Within this post-modern society, Anglo-European citizens have a singular function:

This is to pay the bills. As in, to finance through our tax dollars the woke revolution being perpetrated by Canada’s neo-communist dictator, Justin Trudeau.

Why is this man so down on our communities? CAP will have a go at it:

— We recognize the transition described within.

— We don’t want what government is delivering.

— We won’t accept the Trudeau transition to a pseudo-communist state.

The result is clear: our PM really doesn’t want us around. Lucky for him that Canadians of European origin are headed for minority status. The paranoid among us might  believe the PM has a hand in our numerical degeneration. Certainly the Liberal Party as a whole has contributed.

Why don’t Canadians recognize such obvious social developments? Let us ponder on this for a moment. In 2022, all identifiable communities qualify for inclusion inside the cult of Multiculturalism.

With the exception of one, that is. Whites do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. Ours is the singular community ostracized within a pluralist society. On this basis, how can true multiculturalism exist? If society was truly multicultural, European-Canadians would be as much a part of the holy mosaic as any other group.

As such, diversity becomes a lie. It is not inclusive. If it were, whitey would be feasting at the Multicult banquet smorgasbord. We aren’t. Justin Trudeau doesn’t want us there. Nor does NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

Thus, a prescient outcome. To say nothing of the area legacy media refuse to speculate upon– the future of our country. It shouldn’t take Stephen Hawking to realize where all this is leading.

Fair to say the Francophone Justin Trudeau wants Anglophone Canada to shuffle off to the periphery of society. Trudeau wants Canada to be re-born as a 3rd Worlddominant nation. The man wants his pound of flesh. More than anything, Trudeau hates Canada’s colonial foundation. Since becoming PM in 2015, he has worked tirelessly to denigrate those he claims to be responsible.

Naturally, it’s a one-sided affair:

France founded colonies in the Americas, as well as in a number of Caribbean islands and coastal parts of South America. French explorers included Jacques Cartier (1491–1557), Henry Hudson (1560s–1611), and Samuel de Champlain (1567–1635), who explored the region of Canada he re-established as New France.

New France was the area colonized by France in North America, beginning with the exploration of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence by Jacques Cartier in 1534 and ending with the cession of New France to Great Britain and Spain in 1763 under the Treaty of Paris.

Well, what do you know? Turns out that France is every bit as relevant to settler colonialism as the English. To what extent is this reflected by way of government, media and academia? Is the full focus not directed at the Anglophone communities of Canada?

Of course it is. Leading advocate, Justin Trudeau. In terms of colonization, not once in has our PM alluded to the French factor. We add a corollary– the same dynamic exists regarding Liberal Party responsibility for the oppression against Indigenous Canadians.

See Trudeau brand the Catholic Church evil and despicable for their role in the residential school system. Witness as the PM omits the fundamental role the Liberal government has had in their oppression.

Last CAP heard, the Church has never held jurisdiction over our federal government. Last we saw, mainstream media has never pointed out this basic truism.

We gain insight into the kind of person that Justin Trudeau really is. He is petty. He clings like crazy glue to ideological belief systems. He never deviates from the big-picture globalist goal. Trudeau loves to blame– while protecting his woke political bubble to the max.

It is he who decides who is guilty and who is innocent within Canadian society. These are not the actions of a proper prime minister, whose job it is to advance social unity while managing the nation’s economy.

Justin Trudeau is a maverick prime minister who is not to be trusted. His motives are rooted in vengeance toward Canadian society, and in particular, Anglophones who recognize his fraudulent political ways.

8 thoughts on “Rainbow-Coloured Racism: Anti-Anglophone Politics In Trudeau’s Canada”

  1. Filthy Liberals Filthy NDP. We have nobody on our side other than a couple of vocal Patriots in Government. CBC has to disappear. Cut Federal Government by 60%, introduce term limits and get rid of the corrupt Senators (ie-abolish the Senate old boys and girls club. Democracy is Slavery. We need a Republic. F*ck Trudeau

  2. I turned against Pierre Trudeau when he insulted the Queen as she signed the 1982 document Charter of Rights ,etc. He did a twirling dance behind her back with a laugh. He meant that laugh. He hated the Crown and all it stood for. He was French, after all. He taught his son well. Trudeau hates Anglophones. Since he has been in office we hear the word “colonialism” all the time, meant to be an insult to Gt. Britain. Being English, I notice. Actually, Gt. Britain didn’t do a bad job of creating Canada. There was and is nothing wrong with the Magna Carta.

  3. Someone quoted 1% of Canadians are taking precedence over the 99% – the ones who are straight! I haven’t bought it but many have. I’m so sick of having these queer folk shoved down my throat by Trudeau.

    They can be what they like, I don’t care, but don’t ask me to honour them like saints. All this will pass, eventually, and we’ll get back to common sense and decency.

    As far as I’m concerned, with the displays of sex in these “Parades”, we’ve descended into Sodom and Gomorrah. People go for the spectacle, not because they believe in it, but the message is subtle and the damage to youngsters is outrageous and we’re seeing it in the numbers that now declare that they are “queer”. It’s the “in” thing with the young teenagers.

    • “All this will pass, eventually, and we’ll get back to common sense and decency.”

      Not with a Liberal Party government in power. For the tyranny to pass, they must be removed from office.


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