“Racist” Singer Bryan Adams Reflects How MILLIONS of Canadians feel about China, Covid-19

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Bryan Adams has made an expletive-filled attack on Chinese people over coronavirus, in the week he was due to start a concert residency at the Royal Albert Hall, London, that was cancelled due to the outbreak.”

Canadian singer Bryan Adams has been accused of anti-Chinese racism after launching into a profanity-filled tirade on Instagram in which he blamed “bat-eating” and “virus-making” people for the coronavirus.

“Thanks to some f—ing bat-eating, wet market animal-selling, virus-making greedy bastards, the whole world is now on hold,” Adams wrote in his rant. “My message to them other than ‘thanks a f—ing lot’ is go vegan.”

“Bryan Adams’ racist xenophobic tirade has been up for 10 hours now,” Wing Kar Li tweeted on Monday night. “Damage has been done.”

Yes- damage has been done—to the Liberal Party of Canada’s hero-nation. 

“Come on, man,” wrote Canadian actor Simu Liu on Twitter. “What is this?”

CAP shall respond: everything that communist China, their government, as well as Canada’s Liberal government, do not want to hear.

Does Mr. Adams, uber-successful pop singer hate the behemoth nation and their Covid-19 virus dissemination around the planet? Good on him if he does.

Of course, his attitude is 100%  antithetical to the ideological belief system of Justin Trudeau, as well as  his Liberal Cabinet and caucus. 

The Covid-19 “War Of The Worlds” has not only been minimized by our ruling prime minister. Turns out his media pundits— no one more than CBC public broadcasting, have been “choosing” sides lately.

Interesting that both our Liberal government and their media puppets have been countering international blame toward the communists since day one of the pandemic.

What to conclude? Both government and media are on “China’s side”— how fascinating this is. From an historical perspective, Canada has been a liberal democracy since our founding in 1867.

A succession of governments maintained democratic governance throughout the continuum of our history. Then, they stopped doing this. How fascinating to know when this occurred:

The day ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau grabbed hold of the “consciousness” of Canadian society in the year 1968. Three years later, after meeting with Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Trudeau Sr. forced multiculturalism upon an unsuspecting nation.

Decades later, son Justin Trudeau has all but handed control of Canada to globalist forces—China being numero uno. 

Then came Bryan Adams. Naturally, these weak-willed, unpatriotic media outlets are slamming the man as a “racist.”

Bollocks to this. Mr. Adams has every right to speak his mind—as long as this does not contravene the Canadian Criminal Code, or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

BURIED BY MEDIA: The Mysterious Death Of Michel Trudeau, Brother of Canadian Prime Minister

CBC, CTV, Global News—they couldn’t give a fig about this element of the equation. Witness the racist accusations fly. Here’s something Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and sanctimonious anti-Anglophone journalist Shree Paradkar will never allude to:

Who does Bryan Adams “speak for?” Do the words of this Canadian songwriter reflect a particular element of society?

Yes, say CAP—emphatically. In our opinion, Mr. Adams sentiments reflect the feeling of MILLIONS of “Old Stock” Canadians. You recall these folks?

To trigger your thoughts, these are the millions upon millions of Canadians PM Justin Trudeau has “left behind.” These tax-payers have trans-itioned to the “invisible people” of Canada.

Within Trudeau’s 2020 post-modern Canada, the voices we do hear fall into the category of Islamic Ramadan prayers blasted from loudspeakers in our capital city of Ottawa.

Don’t like it? Then by way of media and government—you are a racist—just like Bryan Adams. You know what Cultural Action Party of Canada say about this?

Pure, unadulterated poppycock. Tired of accusations of racism being used to corral Canadians into a cattle call for the disparagement  of our people?

Throw off the chains that bind—just like Bryan Adams has done. Old Stock Canada is about to reawaken. Take your choice on the reason being:

A) Canadians are racist as hell.

B) Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have pushed multiculturalism so hard that millions of us are completely fed-up, and want all this to cease to exist.

From week one in office, CAP maintained that Justin Trudeau is pure trouble for Canada. Today, after reading the lyrics of Mr. Adams “shout-out” against the hero-nation of the Trudeau family, it appears our movement is gaining serious momentum.

Since when is  a western “liberal” democracy 100% aligned with a communist nation with the worst human rights record in modern history

Answer: When a Trudeau is the leader of our nation— or in this day-and-age— any Liberal prime minister period.


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  1. China is not a race, therefore Mr. Adams comments are not racist at all. Same as when someone speaks out against Islam and their radical beliefs, Islam is a religion not a race.


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