Racism On Steroids: Trudeau Ups “ANGLO-PHOBIA” Agenda In Canada With Systemic Racism Branding

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A Canadian walks into a bar. The man orders a single vodka and tonic. Not feeling the effect quite yet, he follows up with a double vodka.

Such is the standard of the 23rd prime minister of Canada. When Justin Trudeau began his agenda for the globalist transformation of our country, he made sure to brand Canadians of European heritage as racists, bigots and xenophobes.

To a large degree, it worked. Trudeau apologized to every ethnic and special interest group that would increase their collective support for uber-globalist Justin.  Jews, Sikhs, Muslims, Gays, Transexuals were all the “belle of the globalist ball” for our PM between 2015-2019.

Immigration-pushers cooed and multicultural supremacists swooned while Mr. Trudeau transferred Anglophone and general European-derived communities to what CAP has coined “Second Nations” Canada.

Within this post-modern society, our national leader has successfully led our people toward our communal destiny–as pending “second class” citizens of Canada.

Yet, a stronger “dose” has been required to complete the transformation of “Old Stock” Canada to Justin’s national doghouse. As t happens, Trudeau and his cabal of Liberal-Globalists believe they have now discovered a final solution of sorts:

This is what is today being driven home by all leading institutions in Canada: “Systemic Racism.” 

This is sure to get the job done, muses “Team Trudeau”— Liberal Cabinet Member/3rd World “Evangelist” MP Ahmed Hussen, Foreign Minister Francois Philippe Champagne, and Immigration Minister MP Marco Mendicino.

Together, these forces are carving out a Canada which will over time result in a society unrecognizable to present-day Canadians.

Here’s the thing: English Canada’s days are numbered. Citizens of Anglophone extraction are today being restricted from employment positions in government, corporations, journalism and media.

MEDIA COVER-UP: Anglophones UNDER ATTACK As Liberals, CBC, RCMP Enforce Systemic Racism Theory in Canada

How to justify?  Simple as heck– the key is found in the “systemic” racism accusation.

What No Government, Media Organization Will Tell You:

If racism is branded “systemic” within Canadian society, than those issuing the accusations are in reality justifying the “system” to be broken down, and re-structured.

What did CAP foretell about Trudeau from day one? Something in Canada is going to be destroyed. 

An element fundamental to our national structure is going to fall. Five years later, CAP believe we know what Trudeau really had planned all along:

A pre-meditated, United Nations-backed transformation of Canada into a 3rd World-dominated socialist “nation-state.” Do the Mounties always get their man? Not so much–when the mounties work for the government.

Blimey–that makes for two– media, as well as the RCMP and Police forces. How about our legal system? The Charter of Rights and Freedoms has functioned for decades as a weapon for our “multicultural” communities. Therefore, let’s add Canadian lawyers, judges and courts to those who follow orders from Trudeau & Co.

Canadian academia? Who buys into Anglo-bashing globalism more than a posse of 3rd World and snowflake professors at McGill, York, U of T, WLU and Ryerson? Did you know? Each of these universities is jam-packed with foreign professors rambling on about how awful and racist Canada is.

This they teach to Canadian children, who then up and begin to hate their own country–and therefore choose to indulge in what the “multicult-mongers” love to witness– self-hating white Canadians ready and willing to run-down the heritage and identity of their very own communities.

Seriously–how more obvious can this scheme of cultural inversion go on before our Anglo-European peoples can truly comprehend what is happening to them. Quite a while, actually, CAP shall predict.

Systemic Racism is nothing more than a tightening of the “racism noose” around the collective necks of one  specific identifiable community in society.

Second Nations Status awaits Anglo-European as Trudeau raps up the hateful rhetoric toward those he is too cowardly to actually mention by name– Canadians derived from Anglophone/European heritage.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP.








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  1. White hating is racism as well , so Trudeau is bi racist as he hates Anglo Canadian people and mocks black and brown skinned people.


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