Racism Against EUROPEAN CANADIANS Lawsuit Against CBC News Announced

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“I, John Doe,  have submitted a request to police to investigate statements published by the CBC. The statements, originally authored by Ms. Sandra Inutiq in her February 17, 2019 op-ed Dear Qallunaat (white people) (“the article”), I feel, have likely breached section 319(2) of the Criminal Code by amounting to a willful promotion of hatred against European Canadians.”

“The law states that, like all Canadians, European Canadians have the right to be free from public vilification and hateful and malicious expression aimed to injure their dignity, identity, and feeling of self-respect. The Supreme Court has acknowledged the importance of self- identity and group dignity, noting specifically “that one’s concept of self may in large part be a function of membership in a particular cultural group.” 

In what may be the first of its kind, a Canadian citizen is taking a major Canadian media organization to task for promotion prejudice against Canadians of European Heritage.

CAP congratulate the plaintiff on their bold and potentially ground-breaking initiative to expose the rampant “reverse racism” within the Liberal government, their media puppets, and their socialist academic supporters.

In truth, this action is “Pure CAP”— after decades of a multicultural assault upon Euro-Canadians, our people are finally beginning to take action. After all, Third World communities and LGBT Canada have been leveraging Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms since the day it was forced upon society in the year 1971.

Too bad to took forty years for our people to realize the following truisms:

1)Multiculturalism is institutionalized racism against white Canadians.

2) Said community have an ability to leverage the Charter in the same manner as the Nation of Islam, Canadian Sikhs, Chinese and the LGBT-pushers.

Just one issue here– European Canadians have never done so. Why? Because previous to the advent of PM Justin Trudeau, Anglophones had little reason to do so. Our communities were not being vilified by Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party, Third World Canada, “multicultural’ non-profit groups and immigration advocates.

The political career of Justin Trudeau changed all of this. In an instant, European-Canadians were crowned malevolent racist, bigots, xenophobes and homophobes. Under King Justin, suddenly the  dying Great White North transitioned to an intrinsically racist society.

According to the academic “geniuses” at U of T, McGill, York and Ryerson Universities, Anglophone- Canadians are a predatory people who deserve to have their nation taken away from them for the so-called inequities of our predecessors.

Hidden By Media: “Terrorist-Friendly” Visa Entry Program SPIKED After Justin Trudeau Became Prime Minister

Takeaways from the CBC propaganda piece according to the plaintiff:

“European Canadians must “[s]top talking over Inuit, cutting people off or finishing sentences for people…” and “fill every silent moment with incessant talk… [they must] [s]hut up and listen.” European Canadians are “arrogant” and mentally fragile (“natives do so much to protect white fragility”).

“[R]acism against white people does not exist.” European Canadiansshouldn’t be allowed to “be the one to judge whether an act is racist, culturally insensitive or appropriate.” But “[a]ll white people are racist.” Those who are sure that they are not racist are mistaken: “One is not exempt from racism because they are simply ‘a good person.’”

The article appears to willfully promote a conspiracy theory that there is, as it says, a “system” which European Canadians fully control and surreptitiously use to their own selfish political and financial ends. According to the article, this “system”, , is apparently guided by and based on “white supremacy”—that is, it’s a system where whites seek to reign supreme over non-whites.

As astute readers will recognize, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have on myriad occasion spoken with great passion against those who promote the idea that, for example, the Nation of Islam is seeking to dominate western societies such as Canada.

When this concept is made public, the Liberals and their media stooges go ballistic on the issue. “Islamophobia!” screams Liberal MP Omar Alghabra“Racist oppression!” bellow holier-than-thou National Council of Canadian Muslims.

But when the situation is reversed, and it is white Canada on the receiving end of the racist vitriol, these people are as “silent as the lambs.”

This, fellow Canadian patriots, is the true, authentic “post-modern” Canada of Justin Trudeau, MP Bill Morneau, Liberal-Globalist MP David Lametti,  Liberal Foreign Minister, MP Francois Phillipe-Champagne, and Minister of Third World Demographic Assault, MP Ahmed Hussen.

It is the Canada of CBC News, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and National Post. It is the “anti- Anglophone” propaganda of Canadian academia.

Hypocrisy, double-standards, reverse-racism, liberal snowflake self-loathing. Call it what you will, it all boils down in the end to one specific political outcome:

Justin Trudeau is in the process of trans-forming Canada into a pseudo-dictatorship.

CAP Question Time: When considering historical dictatorships of history, is it not true that one commonality throughout is that a “demonized” community serves as a political scapegoat to energize and accelerate the political transition?


Damn right it’s true–from Mussolini to Pol Pot, from Mao Tse Tung to Fidel Castro.

Yes what, fellow Euro-Canadians? Within post-democracy Canada– you are “it.”

It is your people who are the designated villain community for the Liberal-Globalist destroyers to utilize as Canada morphs its way toward the pseudo-totalitarian state Justin Trudeau has been tasked to instil within Canadian society.


15 thoughts on “Racism Against EUROPEAN CANADIANS Lawsuit Against CBC News Announced”

  1. Prevention is far better than a cure. Act now Tomorrow may be too Late. Treason , May still Qualify for the Noose Legally in Canada. WEXIT will ensure OUR portion of The Once Great Nation Of Canada Will Follow the Interests of The People and customs That Built it.

  2. I’ve spent time skimming through the Magna Carta (interesting) to see what we the citizens of Canada can do to fight this government. It makes sense that politicians can’t help the general public. Any sugested reading?

  3. Can l guess all this makes Justin the Groper and all of his supportive Franglo cronies (i.e. the ones that don’t have non-european names) a bunch of virtue-signalling cowards who are nevertheless simply white racists? After all, according to the article writer, there are no other kind of white people. So why isn’t she screeching at them to shut up??

  4. Now it is clear what, where, why, who is (they) perpetuating this undiscribed force that feels all encompassing (for white people in Canada) but before reading this was somewhat unclear as to the jungle of W’s aforementioned. Aware of the Trudeau double talk, university retoric I received in Waterloo (Laurier) while attending (& graduating) and the most recent unveiling of the Liberal sponsored media from ONE-POINT TWO BILLION DOLLAR funding CBC (obvious) to the recipients of the SIX HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR++ media bailout. Things have been pretty wonkee for a long time in this former democracy called Canada. This brings to light, puts a finger on highlighting a wake up call to action!!!!

  5. There must be a way to block these actions now and do it legally. I say, open the full parliament in a large enough place to do it safely and get up higher on his back. I’m watching for a realist to step out of the crowd and, I’m sorry but a PM that’s a little more of a nationalist as opposed to a new-aged Nero, playing the fiddle while Canada burns.

  6. A Realist stepping out the crowd is going to be near impossible given the attacking Mainstream Media and how they can portray anyone. Their ability to smear and forever tarnish a person’s reputation with false news articles plastered in the faces of every man, woman or child is virtually a guarantee to keep Trudeau at the controls. When the MSM acknowledges their intentional error, they merely say they were in error but at that point the damage is done. More and more, it is looking like Canadians are going to have to follow the example of the United States and rise up against this threat to Canada and oust this Traitor from our Country through the use of force. It is going to be essential that the Police Forces and members of the Canadian Armed Forces refuse orders from these so called “Canadian Leaders” and back the efforts to remove these people from office using whatever means necessary. Our Country’s birthday is less than a month from today, perhaps July 1st 2020 should mark the start of Canada’s/Canadians’ revolution to rid itself of these Globalist destructors and cast out these 3rd World attackers!!! My name is Jack!!! And I am a CANADIAN!!!

  7. Canadians have been silent too long. This is a world wide fight for citizens of countries to oust their politicians who are working on their own agenda. I send daily emails to trudeau and the leaders of all parties in parliament. I also listen to trudeaus daily briefings and parliament sessions waiting to hear him answer one question. Our media is bought and paid for by the liberals and needs to be defunded.
    One bright light at this time is Canada is a Federation and the provinces have a lot of power. Write your MLA, MPP and MP’s daily to address issues.

  8. Please where do I sign that one ? Count me in
    I have been a straight white persecuted British Christian Female since the beginning of school and all while growing up to adulthood but especially during the Trudeau regimes

    • Me too, but I’m an Ontarian who risks doing serious damage to my TV every time I see Trudeau’s idiotic dirty face!

  9. What if we stopped paying our taxes until they present their budget? After all we have a right to know where the heck our money’s going?
    I have been paying more attention to my Enbridge bills lately and for the past two months I have been paying over $45. Monthly Extra between the gas tax and HST. I guess after our dictator has cleaned us out completely, he will then hold us prisoners to government hand-outs…
    Is that not his re-set plan ?


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