Racism, Abortion, Gender: How Media Destroy Conservative Party Election Bids

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Political strategy in Canada isn’t what it used to be. Within government-enforced “post-modern” society, the role that mainstream media play in partisan politics is poorly understood.

It involves a transition which should be comprehended by Canadians of all backgrounds, but isn’t. We speak of media’s relationship with government, which over the past decade has undergone a profound transformation.

In basic terms, Canada’s federal government now “owns” our media institutions. Not in name; not on a technical basis, but rather in terms of funding. Time was when hard-copy news production and related advertising foot the bill for mainstream Canadian press and the publishers/editors guiding their output.

Those days are gone, replaced by federal government funding in the main. A logical outcome is not difficult to recognize. Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre has some choice words on the matter. He says if elected PM, he will cancel federal funding for the CBC.

To what degree would this motivate their brass to endorse Poilievre’s candidacy? Try nothing at all. Thus, a clear demarcation between media approach to the Conservatives and the Liberals, who are current gifting the CBC with $1.2 billion dollars each year.

The concept we speak of is easy to understand. But why would media say so much? Erudite editors are not complete fools. They know enough not to shoot themselves in the foot.

All of which result in a basic dichotomy: Liberals, good; Conservatives, bad. How to best depict the bias moves to the forefront, upon which a distinct pattern emerges.

To maximize chances of a Stephen Harper downfall back in 2015, the Liberals and media strategists chose racism as the ace-up-their-sleeve.

“Behind in the polls this fall, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper pulled a leaf out of a globally popular playbook and tried to divert attention away from Canada’s faltering economy by injecting a hefty dose of Islamophobia into the campaign.”

“Now that the polls are closed, it’s clear that Harper has lost — by a wide margin — to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. And it seems the Niqab issue played a crucial role.”

Nicely encapsulated it is. Leveraging the “Conservative Party as bigoted racists” theory does the trick. Harper is out, replaced by woke globalist fanatic, Liberal PM Justin Trudeau. In the spirit of preferred nation China, our prime minister proceeds to strip away individual freedoms in the name of China’s Covid dissemination.

A new challenger to PM Trudeau takes the form of former CPC Party leader, Andrew Scheer.

According to the CBC, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s “attempt to reconcile his views on abortion and same-sex marriage may have cost him votes among Canadians who see themselves as ‘progressive’ — but some say it also eroded his support among social conservatives.”

This time out, the media bugaboo moves to the issue of abortion. “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” being the motif expressed. It’s a theme that will re-emerge at a later date.

Stephen Harper, racist. Andrew Scheer, anti-abortion. We begin to pick up on how legacy media roll. Select the most contentious issues in society,as in the ones that really get Canadian voters pulse-rates pumping.

Next up, former CPC leader Erin O’Toole:

“Erin O’Toole said he received a briefing from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). The Ontario MP said he was informed that Beijing has been targeting him for years.”

“The CSIS briefing confirmed to me what I suspected for quite some time. That my parliamentary caucus and myself were the target of a sophisticated misinformation and voter suppression campaign orchestrated by the People’s Republic of China, O’Toole told the House.

“So long Erin O’Toole, it’s been good to know ya.”

Do you know what you did, Mr. O’Toole? You exposed and insulted Justin Trudeau’s boss-men in Beijing. Game over, ex-Conservative Party leader.

Which leads us down the road to the current leader of the Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre. An article this week from the CBC further elucidates our theory:

“Pierre Poilievre’s Inner Circle Divided Over How To Tackle Gender issues, Sources Say.”

The accompanying photo shows Mr. PP with major lines in his forehead, suggesting stress and  fatigue on the part of Mr. Poilievre. We’re off to a crackin’ start.

“Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s advisers are divided on the position the party should take on issues of gender identity and diversity, multiple Conservative sources told Radio-Canada.”

“Last month,  party delegates voted to ban surgical or chemical interventions for gender transition in minors. Poilievre still has not said whether he supports this idea.”

Division, indecision, opposition to LGBT politics. See how they run! Moving over to Marxist theory, the situation stands as a classic of the genre. Establish a social scenario certain to anger and divide the people. Feign concern over the social issue. Utilize resulting social consternation to limit freedom of behaviour and freedom of speech.

Fidel Castro did it, as did Mao Tse Tung, as well as Joseph Stalin. When it comes to socialist revolutions, the dynamic exists as standard fare. In 2023, the Liberal government, in tandem with establishment media, play the same political game.

Do tell, fellow patriots. Which emotional hot-buttons would you say stir up social discord most of all? How about racism? This one being top of the charts. Is abortion a leading issue in terms of social controversy? Of course it is.

To be followed by post-modern “gender wars” as manufactured by government, promoted by media and advanced by Canadian academia.

Race. Abortion. Gender. Add to these Transgenderism and Euthanasia, as written into law by Trudeau and the Liberals in 2016.

We come to understand how a government-media-academic triumvirate has seized control of Canadian society. Marxist in ideology, communist in application, this is our Canada under the iron-clad rule of neo-dictator Justin Trudeau.

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  1. brad talks about government racism but every day he cries exclusively about his precious anglophones, even to a point of trashing “german heritage month”

    get out of here you old fart, the world doesn’t revolve around you

  2. Yep Brad is 100% right. Canadians free democratic way of life is screwed unless we elect a majority Conservative government. We have to get rid of Marxist Trudeau big time and Mr NDP (who is no better). They are destroying this country.


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