Rachel Notley NDP government bans right-wing group from covering announcements

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The Alberta Government has asked former Canadian Press journalist Heather Boyd to review its media policy after two Rebel Media reporters were denied access to government news conferences.

“We’ve asked her to consult with mainstream media, as well as talk to press gallery members, and look at the implications for new media around what the policy should be as well as what’s happening in other jurisdictions,” Cheryl Oates, Premier Rachel Notley’s director of communications, said.

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1 thought on “Rachel Notley NDP government bans right-wing group from covering announcements”

  1. Why on earth do these idiots have to talk to anyone to get an approval for any medium to be able to report on anything especially the government. This makes perfect to any socialist government like the NDP since socialism hides behind the myth and lie of loving the “little guy” in order to justify acting like the totalitarians that they are. The liberals would never admit to being socialists because they believe they aren’t when they in fact are. The Liberals are like the NDP in that they are all social engineers trying to create a Canada in their image but will never tell the great unwashed because they in fact they believe they’re above them. They’re attitude is no different than North Korea.


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