Push Begins To Change Multicultural Act To “Anti-Racism” Act In Canada

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Rachna Singh, the province of British Columbia’s parliamentary secretary for Anti-Racism, is intending to propose an unprecedented transformation in government legislation.

In the spring of 2021, MLA Rachna Singh  will begin an “extensive consultation with community groups and advocates about their hopes for the Anti-Racism Act, which will replace the Multiculturalism Act.”

What will come sooner, Rachna stated, will be a policy pitch for race-based data collection to prove that racialized groups are doing poorly in the labour market relative to Anglophone Canadians.

Rachna Singh believes consultation is needed to “determine the best way to collect the data use it to ensure it doesn’t further stigmatize certain groups.”

Cultural Action Party wonder which “certain groups” Ms. Singh has in mind. Considering the current push from the powerful multicultural lobby to brand society “systemically racist,” it’s easy to predict the non-stigmatized will not include our “Old Stock” communities.

In fact, CAP propose that the opposite will ring true– it will be Anglophone Canadians which further become branded as racists as the result of MLA Singh’s efforts.

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Apart from these circumstances, an obvious fact emerges: to transform B.C.’s Multicultural Act to an Anti-Racism Act is no insignificant matter. Thus far, not a word as been exposed regarding the contents of this “post-modern” piece of  legislation.

This, of course,  makes perfect sense. Government and Canadian media both maintain the curious habit of treating ground-breaking changes in legislation as if they are as benign as a weather report.

As far as MLA Rachna Singh’s “Anti-Racism Act,” nothing could be further from the truth. This is bound to be the reason why media will keep this development as low-key as possible– the very reason CAP are exposing it at present.

Who knows, perhaps PM Justin Trudeau will be pleased by what transpires, and thereby plot out a path to replicate this legislation on a federal level. While the bill’s contents have yet to be exposed, CAP predict the end result will be legislated disparagement of Canada’s Anglophone community.

No doubt this proposal will follow in the footsteps of all legislative policy changes related to racism within 2021 society:

In the name of social equality, the result is a branding of Canada’s Anglophone communities as racists, bigots and xenophobes.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est 2016)

4 thoughts on “Push Begins To Change Multicultural Act To “Anti-Racism” Act In Canada”

  1. Has BC lost its mind, what is happening to this Country, we are losing all are identities to special interests and it’s becoming ridiculous, let’s just stop this garbage and go to work, raise your family, interact with any and all and get along, just stop 🛑 this petty crap

  2. Not another party Brad; I ran Independent in the last provincial election I was supported by the Prairie Conservative Alliance here in Regina. We know that the party system corrupts from inside within 10 yrs or less. The PPC is already corrupt.

    The PCA will support any candidate who supports traditional core values; freedom of spirituality, family, speech, assembly, travel, property rights, rights to life, and the pursuit of happiness. That’s what we want. That’s our final answer.

  3. Such rubbish being purported by Asians, blacks, anything but whites. They are the producers of racism, not the white people.

    We have accepted them long ago. This is just push-back to see how far they can go. If stupid governments accept their wishes, there will be no end to strife. No peace.


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