Punk Prime Minister: Justin Trudeau Transforms NATO Into “Schoolgirl Gossip Festival”

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In the fall of 2018, an American White House Official issued a statement expressing his feelings on Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau:

“We made a deal. Alright? ’Spite that little punk kid running Canada,we still made it,’ ” Kudlow said, the Examiner reported. “And I’ve had some wonderful run-ins with him.” Trudeau’s office declined to comment on Kudlow’s remarks.

So what would serve to add credence to this person’s assessment of the character of Mr. Trudeau? How about trans-forming NATO negotiations into  a high school girl’s “gossip festival?”

In typical “post-modern” fashion, CBC and establishment media are downplaying and spinning the NATO incident into media pablum as best they can. CAP will have none of this–rather, in terms of our PM’s behaviour,  we will focus on the issue of “respect”–as in, the entities Justin Trudeau has respect for, and those he does not respect.

One thing we can state with aplomb is that Trudeau has no respect for Donald Trump. This in itself is not a crime–billions around the world  share this opinion.

But does our PM respect the institution of NATO itself? CAP say no, not a chance. No surprise–media eschew this element of the equation. After all, the purpose of the recent NATO summit was to get down to business. At least, that’s what Trump was there for. Once he learned of Trudeau’s gossip incident, he left the summit immediately.

So when a chat between Emmanual Macron, Boris Johnson and Trudeau got “hot-miked,” what did this reveal to those who do not normally have access to intimate global agendas of this nature?

Namely, that instead of focusing on the business at hand, Justin Trudeau degenerated the summit into a “gossip fest” in a school-girl style. Conclusion? He has no respect for NATO--or the Canadian military for that matter., No surprise there–his father was a socialist–infused pacifist as well.

Okay, so Trudeau has no respect for Trump, or NATO. What else falls into this category?

Try public opinion and will of the majority–meaning he also has no respect for democratic ideology. How about Anglophone Canada? Nope– over the course of his first four-year term, this man displayed a grand total of zero respect for this identifiable Canadian community.

How about the religion of Christianity? Please–don’t make CAP laugh into our Tim Horton’s coffee. Four years of anti-Christian, pro-abortion, euthanasia and transgenderism nail this one down.

Freedom of speech? Nope. Western Canada or Alberta? Not a chance in Hades. How about democracy itself–the cornerstone of our nation’s political identity? Again, this comes up negative. There are so many examples of Trudeau defying poll results it could make a common sense Canadians head spin.

Now, let us flip to the “b-side” of this equation. What does this Trudeau character actually respect? Based on careful observation of his behaviour since ascending to the throne of our nation, here are some of the entities Mr. Trudeau truly respects:

First and foremost, the Nation of Islam. Irrefutable, indelible–the whole nine yards. Since day one our charlatan PM has promoted, financed, indemnified and entrenched Islam into Canadian society- as well as government itself.

What else? No one can deny his respect for the communist nation of China. In fact, all three Trudeau boys–Justin, brother Alexandre and Pierre Trudeau before them have on myriad occasions expressed their respect for the “motherland.”

Cuba? Yes–there’s another one. Fidel Castro is a political hero to the Trudeau “clan.”

Trudeau Nation: 37 Civilians MURDERED At Canadian-Owned Mine, Media BURY Islamic Terror Connection

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Good thing– at least a small portion of Canadians get the true picture here. The rest read and believe what is printed in the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest of the liberal-globalist media puppets.

What an incredibly strange state of affairs. Justin Trudeau has literally turned Canada inside-out. Upon his attainment of the crown of Canada, this man trans-formed the democratic nation of the United States into a political adversary, while advancing 7th century Middle Eastern religion to the pinnacle of society. Media say nothing –not a damn word about this paradoxical political development.

Justin Trudeau certainly respects Sikhism. The proportion of Sikhs in Cabinet speaks volumes in this regard. After all, Sikh-Canadians comprise a mere 1% of our national demographic–yet Sikhs feature prominently within his cabinet selection, and are therefore over-represented as such.

CAP Conclusion: The prime minister of Canada is, in truth, a socialist ruler supporting Sikh, Muslim and Third World causes above Canadian interests. The man disrespects every fundamental of Canadian governance in existence. He disrespects English Canada, Anglophone Canadians and Christian-Canadians.

Conversely, he panders, bows to, finances and advances Islam and Sikhism in Canada. Rather than uphold democratic principles, Trudeau runs “workarounds” for the purpose of deceiving Canadians into believing he is dedicated to true liberalism and democratic process.

It’s a lie–a grand deception of the highest order. The reason for his success thus far is found in one basic social dynamic–media cover-up of the entire charade.

While CBC, CTV, Toronto Star pathetically spin these truisms into media fodder, our nation continues its covert trans-sition from democracy to dictatorship.

All the evidence is in– while  mainstream media work diligently to present the very opposite of political reality in Canada.

Bottom Line: The very same thing CAP expressed after witnessing one week of Justin Trudeau as prime minister: this man is nothing but trouble for our nation, our “Old Stock” Canadian population–as well as the institution of democracy itself.






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