Punjabi-Canadian Leader: Sikhs OUTSIDE Canada Had “Prayers Answered With Trudeau Victory”

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A most telling comment came from a Punjabi radio station in Oakville, Ontario, where host Kamandeep Singh Gill saw the Liberal win as an answer to prayer: “People outside Canada, especially Punjab, were praying for a Trudeau win. Their prayers and phone calls have been answered.”

How positively fascinating. Now, why would non-Canadians in the Punjab region in India so thrilled by their gods answering their prayers by the re-election of Justin Trudeau as prime minister?

Obviously, for this to be the case, there must be a benefit for Sikhs in the Punjab. What is the benefit? The source article, taken from Liberal-Globalist media publication, New Canadian Media, refrains from spelling out what the exact benefit is for the Punjab, and it’s 16 million Sikh citizens.

Therefore, CAP is forced to guess. This is our thinking: The reason the Punjab is thrilled is that Canada is being set-up to become a diaspora “mini-state” for the Sikhs of the world.

This is the reason why Justin Trudeau and family sported South Asian Silk outfits while prancing around at the Taj Mahal. It is the reason Trudeau danced a mean “Bollywood Shuffle” while visiting India. Justin’s ubiquitous dedication to all-things-Sikh informs he is aware–as well as fully on board--with the trans-formation of Brampton and additional ridings into a monolithic Sikh geographic entity.

What evidence do we have of such a thing? As CAP previously posted, it is the following:

Taking a look at the five Brampton, Ontario ridings in 2019, here are the results–

Brampton West: Liberal Kamal Khera

Brampton South: Liberal Sonia Sidhu

Brampton North: Liberal Ruby Sahota

Brampton Centre: Liberal  Ramesh Sangha

Brampton East: Liberal Maninder Sidhu

How subtle a hint is it that, in fact, Brampton today exists as a monolithic Sikh-Canadian political stronghold. Why will this phenomenon decrease, rather than increase, over the next few decades? Answer–it won’t. Rather, it does appear Sikh Canada are headed for giant success within Canadian politics, as well as society as a whole.

Fellow patriots may have heard of a political phenomenon called “Balkanization.”

Balkanization is a derogatory geopolitical term for the process of fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or uncooperative with one another.”

In modern times, this term is most often associated with the former European nation of Yugoslavia. What trans-pired as a result? The break up of their country into a following nations:

Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia. If this were to occur within Canada it would look something like this– separate countries of  Quebec, Alberta or  Western Canada, Sikh Canada, Chinese Canada, Muslim Canada. 

Is this why the Punjab are so damn thrilled with King Justin? There is a reasonable chance this is  the case.

How “post-modern” Canada is this? Only 100%. Remember–Justin Trudeau killed Canada’s identity with his “No Core Identity” proclamation. Not a single citizen approved this— an entirely unilateral decision–just as Papa Pierre did with official “multiculturalism.”

So–are PM Trudeau and backroom European-derived advisor Gerald Butts working toward the break up of Canada? Is there something to be learned from the fact that every riding in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan went Conservative(save one NDP riding).

Yes there is–thanks to Justin Trudeau, Canadians are more divided than at any point in modern history. Eastern Canada liberalism versus Western Canada nationalism.

Clearly, a political fissure of the highest order. Clearly defined “battle lines.” Media say not a word. For CAP, this is the goal of the globalist brigade inside and outside Canada.

Is Canada headed for a geographic break-up, Balkanization-style? If it is, the prime movers are Trudeau, Butts, as well as Anglo-bashing Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen of Somalia.

READ MORE– Justin Trudeau Says 3rd World Immigrants “More Canadian” Than Anglophones, Francophones

Whatever the outcome, one thing CAP readers understand is that the recent victory for PM Trudeau was, in fact, a giant victory for 3rd World Canada- the very reason why CBC has buried the entire phenomenon.

According to Canadian ethnic media, “Liberals were trying to “relax” immigration rules so that more permanent residents could become citizens and thus avail voting rights. The Conservatives, they said, are seen as champions of English and French-speaking Canadians, while being less friendly to refugees, immigrants and minorities.”

Total division. Third World on one side, white Canada on the other. How are democratic nations–as well as those of history– generally destroyed?

There are two main methods: War against foreign nations, and war within the country. The war against Canada is a “post-modern” battle to divide and conquer the fading “Great White North.”

After our national demise, a new order will be ushered in. Who appear to be the major forces lining up to create Canada’s “post-Anglophone” Canada? Obviously, it is the two communities Justin spent the last four years bowing to, fawning over, and elevating to the pinnacle of society: Sikh Canada, and Muslim Canada.

Obvious as heck, isn’t it? Yes–the very reason mainstream media are  BURYING the entire phenomenon. It does appear CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest are fully on board with our nation’s demise— they neglect to post a single sentence related to the ideas and concepts advanced within this article.

End Game? Trouble–of the massive variety. CAP predict the break-up of Canada as the logical outcome of eight years of Justin Trudeau as prime minister of Canada.

In fact, we are going  “all-in” on this one.








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  1. I agree with you Brad this is what Trudeau and his Liberal party want. Canada is no longer Canada. It is transforming and I don’t like it at all. I fear for Canadians in all this and the East keeps voting them in. The 2019 election was very obviously rigged and there seems to be no retribution for the architects of this. I want to see a non confidence motion in parliament and rectify this as soon as possible.


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