Public Schools In Canada Push Students Age 5-12 To Dress In Drag

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An elementary school in British Columbia, Canada marked the event as “Gender Bender Day.”

“Kids should dress ‘outside their comfort zone’ so as to support students, parents & staff who identify identify as Trans, etc.”

What sane Canadian would have ever believed it? Incredible as it seems, the public school educational system in Canada is encouraging male students aged 5 through 12 to dress up as girls.

Gibson, B.C. may be a hopelessly naive backwater town, but not for a moment should concerned parents believe this is an isolated case.

Drag Queen Story Time is all the rage in PM Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada. Upon which CAP pose a question eschewed by every mainstream media outlet in our country:

As of May 2021, there were 59,460 people in Canada aged 15 and older living in a private household who were transgender (0.19%) and 41,355 who were non-binary (0.14%).

These numbers are miniscule. On this basis, why does the Trudeau government and our educational institutions behave as if Trans is as common in Canada as Tim Horton’s coffee?

Furthermore, government-educational attitudes toward transgender and transvestism reach well beyond “awareness.” In reality, these events are promotion vehicles for the richly funded LGBT movement.

Why does government care? Is it not fair and reasonable to permit Canadian children to grow into their sexuality in an organic manner? Why on earth would manipulative programs be in existence to push our kids toward all-things-trans?

A damn fine question. And, of course, one which legacy media refuse to address. Why, they must be pro-trans as well.

There you have it: government, media. academia. Three pillars of Canadian society, all encouraging our children to dress in drag?

Sounds pretty sick to CAP. What’s it all about, Alfie?

As reported by True North News, “SOGI 123 was established in 2007 by the Arc Foundation and has since become ubiquitous in the education system throughout British Columbia.” 

“According to a recent report by Gender Dissent, the Arc Foundation is now looking to roll out the program on a national scale and has received a significant grant from the Trudeau government in order to do so.

“SOGI enjoys the support of the Canadian public because on the surface it sounds like a harmless anti-bullying initiative.”

Bingo. As Cultural Action Party has alluded previously, to play the “victim card” in post-modern Canada is the bomb. The cultivation of victim communities is not only a Justin Trudeau specialty. It’s roots are found in Marxist communist theory.

Once upon a time, Marxist ideology utilized racial oppression to promote social revolution. While they made some progress, a more potent elixir was needed to succeed in their mission.

“For more than fifty years, Ruth Bader Ginsburg worked to end sex and gender discrimination in U.S. law. First as the founder of the ACLU Women’s Rights Project in 1972, where she successfully argued five of the six cases before the Supreme Court, and then as only the second woman serving on the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Naturally, establish media steered clear of any form of downside. The Women’s Rights movement thrived as gender suffrage was added to the leftist liberal arsenal.

Next came Transgenderism. All of a sudden, the insignificant numbers of transgendered in North America transitioned to a post-modern suffrage movement.

Race, Gender, Transgender. All persecuted– but by whom?

CAP offer an opinion: the white male, Christians, Conservatives, et al. The “Woke War” on society came alive. Through this development, we see that having a 1% trans population in Canada meant so much more.

It isn’t necessarily transgendered people who are fighting this war. No– the ideology crept into the mainstream of society by– guess who– those CAP accuse of selling out Canadian society:

Government, media academia, big pharma, healthcare and to some extent, our corporations.

We return to a sleepy, stupid little town in British Columbia:

“This is Cedar Grove Elementary in our school district in Gibsons, BC. BC schools of all kinds are constantly brainwashing kids into Queer or Trans lifestyles. As trans-women truly despise females; teachers have contempt for parents and think students are theirs to transform.”

Arrogant, sanctimonious, special and entitled. As all Woke Warriors are. One day, this craze could come to an end.  Meanwhile, PM Justin Trudeau will continue to prance about Canada pushing trans-culture on parents and children.

He’s a puppet, of course. A communist at heart, our PM pushes an agenda of familial degeneration.

Karl Marx, founder of Communism, stated that “communism would ensure that children would be educated by the state and not by their parents. Communists, he wrote in the Manifesto, would rescue education from the influence of the ruling class. The making of the ‘New Man’ was the priority, and the family was an obstacle.”

Welcome to two-bit  Gibsons, B.C., where teachers push young male students to dress in woman’s clothes.

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