Public School Educators Declare “Right Wing” Canadians The Enemy

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Responding to accusations that the suicide of Ontario public school principal Richard Bilkszto was the result of intimidation from Anti-Racism advocates, the following statement has been issued:

“Any attempt to remove or restrict anti-racism education in this province will have severe and detrimental consequences,” said Amanuel Melles, Executive Director at the Network for the Advancement of Black Communities.

As if detrimental consequences have not already occurred. Allegedly motivated by accusations of “white supremacy,” Mr. Blinkszo took his own life.

Amanual Melles couldn’t give a fig. Steeped in sanctimony, Toronto District School Educators believes they have a right to school our entire society on issues of race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender.

Who does this Melles person think he/she/they is? Please outline for us exactly what action you will take in terms of your “severe consequences” edict.

Simply put– they’re all like this. In 2023, woke “educators” in Canada have established who the enemy is:

Community leader  Idris Orughu says that “We have a common enemy, and the common enemy is the right-wing end of our society that have decided to hijack the narrative.”

Refusing to consider the idea reported extensively by Canadian media– that bullying of a decent man and quality educator led to him taking his own life, the minds of militant black leaders remain closed.

Nothing can shake their resolve. Gunning for their “pound of old stock flesh,” nothing shall stand in the way of the running down of white Canadians.

What happened to Canada’s education system? How did a once-benign public education system transition to institutions promoting hatred against an identifiable Canadian community?

The transition has never been addressed by mainstream media. CAP has covered this issue extensively, therefore brevity is called for.

The phenomenon began with one man– ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. Unilaterally, of his own volition, Trudeau Sr. opened the door for the government of China to worm its way into Canadian society.

Project number one was influence within Canadian academia. For the purpose of undermining national solidarity, a silver bullet was selected:

The culprit is Colonialism. The fact that our country was founded upon such became the calling-card of angry academics. The government of China has been guilty of major atrocities, for example the murder of some 10 million citizens at the time of the Communist Revolution.

Despite myriad transgressions, no one could claim that China was founded based on colonial expansion. Leveraging the Indigenous experience as proof-positive, educators in Canada began what Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] facetiously refer to as “the running of the Anglophone.”

By the time Justin Trudeau took control of Canada’s political destiny in 2015, the rhetorical messaging was firmly entrenched throughout Canadian academia.

It doesn’t take a genius historian to comprehend what Trudeau Jr. did with the dynamic. As with everything he touches, he made the situation infinitely worse.

Running with the “whitey as oppressive colonial destroyer” narrative, special interest groups and so-called “minorities” began to indulge in the fine art of Anglophone-bashing.

That this historical development has not once been addressed by establishment media speaks volumes. The transition of Canadian education to an anti-white condition was complete.

Amanuel Melles, Executive Director at the Network for the Advancement of Black Communities:

“DEI trainings have nothing to do with the death of this particular man.”

How the frack do you know this for certain? Did you sub-lease space in the mind of Mr. Bilkszto during the final week of his life?

Hot damn–these people are pretentious as hell. Upon which we expand the playing field to the political realm.

Mayors. City Councillors. MLAs, MPPs, MP’s. Not one has issued a statement regarding the school principal’s suicide. Educational militants don’t care. School Trustees say nothing. Principals, teachers and other educators remain silent as the lambs.

What’s up with this? Sound like a case of “systemic” institutionalized reverse-racism against Anglo-Canadians to you? It certainly does for CAP. But you won’t be hearing this from the CBC, or any other media outlet currently being financed by our federal government.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce tells CityNews that  “anti-racism and anti-discrimination training will continue.”

“The TDSB issued a statement says the Board unanimously resolved at its July 28 meeting to reaffirm the TDSB’s commitment to the Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism Strategy, including anti-Black racism and all forms of racism and hate.”

The covert battle against the descendents of the founders of our nation becomes cast-in-stone. Innocent of the charges, Canadian academia’s “war on whitey” continues.

4 thoughts on “Public School Educators Declare “Right Wing” Canadians The Enemy”

  1. Amanuel Melles the race bater extrodenare loves to invent a crisis to justify his existence. These grievance grifters ultimately become the real racist looking for race demons under every rock of Canadian society. The only ‘severe and detrimental consequence’ is putting up with these race huckters in an already inclusive and open society that Canada has become as a result of white colonialism and the foundation of our western society based on the fact that all men are created equal. This moron should go get a real job.

    • Why are these advocates and immigrants coming to Canada to tell us how wrong we are about everything. Every day some advocacy group or immigrant is getting MSM headlines because of the way Canada does things.
      Don’t like ” colonialism ” ……. then get the hell out.
      Don’t come to Canada unless you’re willing to pay your dues in a lifestyle that for the most part has treated us well. Yes, we have sidewalks, boulevards, schools, and a history. It’s all there for your reading BEFORE you ask for free handouts from a Country and people, you don’t like.
      Enough of the handouts ………… pay your way like all of ” old stock ” Canadians have and continue to do.
      Before the Trudeau government gave away our Country, we all got along, but this self serving Prime Minister has polarized this Country and promoted immigrants to get involved in politics and now we have a house of commons filled with immigrants who are there to serve their own kind and not the average Canadian who has lived here all their lives.
      Stop the Liberals from ruining this Country and put an END to immigration and bring back, the practice of sending an immigrant back if involved in a crime.

  2. (1) Photo: Too bad the kids were too young– To have asked the Great Leader of Trudopia to quit the theatrics, and clean up their water supply. Guess little kids are the only crowds who don’t boo him. (Were his thugs out of camera range?)

    (2) The “anti-racist” racists are having their day. How utterly bizarre. In solidarity; Perhaps the White chapter of BLM should set Toronto on fire.

  3. Somehow, we as a society need to face this growing bullying, this tyranny being imposed on us by the marxist LEFT utilizing phony grievances to seize control and power such as vague references to subdue cowardly white, liberal guilty types with name calling of colonialism, systemic racism, et cetera, ad nauseam to split our society, leaving only bipocs legitimately as heirs to any positions of power or authority or else it’s all… ‘systemic racism’, before it’s too late and they’ve destroyed our once civilized society by instilling this growing animosity between whites and the bipocs.
    I am become a very nasty person to the politics of the LEFT but feel helpless to make change as I’m not involved in any direct confrontational ability.
    Sadly, the laws have now been updated that any opposition or dissent against these people, read this as opposition to the promotion of their politics, is now deemed to be hate and subject to charges, and it will be left to the those offended to define what the hate is, of course.
    I don’t know what to do as they’ve infiltrated all our institutions now. Perhaps we need to leave our society to its own ends, let it burn itself to the ground, taking solstice in the idea that those of us who knew how good Canada once was, these marxists will suffer through decades and decades of misery, perhaps centuries, before they are able to throw off the shackles they imposed or let be imposed on themselves.
    I couldn’t imagine what a hell-hole TDSB is to work in now, and all the cowards there, afraid to stand up even now after this incident, to call these bullies out for their fraudulent power grabs.


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