Public Health Officials Begin Rolling Out Vaccines For Monkeypox In Canada

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As reported by Canadian health officials, Monkeypox vaccinations have begun to be administered to the public in Canada. As reported by CTV News this week, “just over 500 Quebecers have been vaccinated against the virus.

According to Dr. Genevieve Bergeron, Montreal’s medical officer responsible for health emergencies and infectious diseases, most of the Quebec cases have been found among residents of Montreal. According to Bergeron, “the city has reported 82 cases.”

Earlier this week, CBC News reported that there were 77 cases in our entire country. Let us not imagine this to be the singular oddity in the Monkeypox Canada story. It is important for Canadians to understand what a mishandling of public relations regarding the virus from Africa would mean to our Liberal government.

Simply put, this is one touchy subject. Imagine, if you will, Chief Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam informing our citizenship that Monkeypox vaccine-time has arrived in Canada. A Pandora’s box of Monkeypox anxiety would be the result. Think of the repercussions. After two years of draconian Covid restrictions comes another pandemic for which Canadians must be inoculated.

The pure products of Canada go crazy. “We just won’t take it anymore!” they exclaim–when in reality, they probably would. Who wants their bank account frozen by our sunny ways federal government?

To circumvent social panic, Trudeau, Dr. Tam and their sponsors World Health Organization refrain on suggesting a necessity for Monkeypox vaccinations– for the present.

“We’re seeing the chain of transmission mainly in social networks in men who have sex with men,” said Dr. Bergeron. Talk about playing with fire. To allude to homosexuality within the context of viral pathogens could cost you your Costco membership. Witness as government swoop down on your credit card portfolio, including retail memberships and bonus point programs.

Viral Rules of Monkeypox Order For Media:

Do not proclaim the thing to be anything like Covid— even if it is. Do not associate the virus with homosexuality. To do so is to illicit the wrath of those who call themselves “inclusive.” We know the type– they are the ones who exclude every form of human being who does not adhere to their inclusive belief system.

Yet, behind a sardonic presentation on the matter lies something deadly serious. CAP wouldn’t wish this illness upon any mortal soul. What we do have a problem with is the fact that no matter how many killer viruses arrive from 3rd World nations, government never consider lowering immigration quotas. Monkeypox originates in Nigeria, a country which ranks fifth in terms of immigrant intake to our country.

It will be as a last resort that PM Justin Trudeau rings up Dr. Theresa Tam with instructions to inform Canadians she must raise the Monkeypox curtain down at the Media Theatre. Point being that it is optics, than rather healthcare, which drives the dissemination of Monkeypox-related health warnings.

Then again, the very same could have applied for the past two years regarding Covid. So far, we can count ourselves lucky– no Justin Trudeau, no Dr. Theresa Tam. For the moment, that is. If government want to see the Monkeypox fur fly, they will pull a repeat of the Covid fiasco of 2020-2022.

5 thoughts on “Public Health Officials Begin Rolling Out Vaccines For Monkeypox In Canada”

  1. When countries have no physical borders. Illegal immigrants can bring sickness to others and go everywhere they want.

    • Yes just a note to president and p.m. when you throw the borders open and wow everybody in without them being thoroughly checked guess what happens we get new and exciting new vaccine not personally this monkey pox business just started what a month ago and they already have a needle for it seriously I think this is the covid needle just with another name on it

  2. Montreal’s Roxham Road–Nigerians illegally walk across the non-guarded border crossing w/ the assistance of the RCMP. Perhaps they’re bringing in more than their RCMP carried suitcases?

    Additionally: “We’re seeing the chain of transmission mainly in social networks in men who have sex with men….” Solution: Just post (male) public health nurses inside Montreal bath houses, and (voluntarily; of course) inoculate the randy “bathers.” Inoculated participants get to take turns holding hands w/ Trudeau at “pride” parades.

    • All holding hands with Trudeau sing sing and every member of their caucus plus what’s her name or medical person Wham Pam and who else is out there everybody that’s with them they should all be standing in line at the border shaking their hands I think I’m across and say welcome to Canada or should I say China too vic

    • ? It’s been approximately a month since they started this monkey pox issue now it could be legit maybe it is maybe it isn’t don’t know don’t really give a s*** it’s coming from the government so you can’t trust it however in less than a month they put together a vaccine to give people Jesus that was even faster than cold so all right then let’s consider this what if it’s the shots for the so-called covid not you’re getting only they put a different name think about


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