Public Event Cancellation For Security Reasons Speaks The Truth On Trudeau

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Protesters opposing masks, vaccine passports and lockdowns to fight COVID-19 have been dogging Justin Trudeau on the campaign trail. Their voices have been shrill in condemnation of the Canadian prime minister.

While extreme in nature, the push-back has not been serious enough to cause a cancellation of an appearance. This ended on Friday, as a stop in Bolton, Ontario was cancelled over security concerns.

The protesters have been speaking their minds, yet their collective voices say so much more than revealed through base insults and verbal attacks.

The message is that Canadians do not want what Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have been delivering to our country. Such a discrepancy exists for a good reason:

Government is providing something other than what voters want. The circumstance occurs for an obvious reason: Liberal policy is based on what the Liberal government want for our nation– not what the public desire.

Within some societies, this condition is standard. It is what political science refers to as authoritarian nations–  Communist, Socialist or Totalitarian societies in which the people have no influence upon government policy.

More than any previous Canadian government, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals fit this format. At campaign stops in locations from British Columbia to Orilla, Ontario we experience the manifestations of this behaviour.

The anger is palpable, and extreme in content. Verbal abuse has run rampant. So much so that personal safety is jeopardized, and a campaign stop in Ontario is cancelled.

All of which conjures up an idea Cultural Action Party has clung to since day one: public opinion on Justin Trudeau contains a similar dynamic to public opinion on dictators in communist nations.

Thereby affirming a simple concept: behave like a political despot, be treated like a political despot. In truth, a dictatorial style has been evident in Canada’s adventures with Justin Trudeau from day one.

Yes, early in the game his methods contained a measure of subtlety. By masking policy as manifestations of social equality and anti-racism initiatives, Trudeau’s back-room strategists were able to fool the people for a length of time

Yet, as Abraham Lincoln said about politics, “you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Thus we may be coming to the end of the road for the Liberal-Justin Trudeau All-Globalist revue.

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving candidate. That is, if one could ever be found in the history of Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

5 thoughts on “Public Event Cancellation For Security Reasons Speaks The Truth On Trudeau”

  1. Unbievable, there are finally enough Canadians with gonads standing up against Justine and her plot to sell us over to Chinese control!!!! Well done, I congratulate everyone who took part last night and made Justine look truly cowardly! This idiot is our Prime Minister, God help us all!!!!!!!

  2. Liberal MP Monsef called the Taliban her brothers. Has she forgotten the 158 military deaths at their hands and the thousands of horrible injuries suffered by Canadians? Might be her brothers but certainly not a cultural connection as she alleges.

  3. Trudy had six years to change my mind about (s)he/him from loathing and distrust to something more socially acceptable as an expletive. It failed in that too.

  4. Can’t get rid of him soon enough! He has destroyed the whole economy of Canada & Bankrupted the country! Canadians do not want to live in a communist country!


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