Billboard Receives PUBLIC BACKLASH For Promoting Islamic Faith Within Canadian Society

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Despite media deflection, this is not the first time public promotion of religion in Canada has caused a fuss. Seems every time a situation pops up like this, social consternation is the result.

For some reason, post-modern Canada has transitioned into a nation where citizens are having to deal with billboards, advertisements and public advancement of the Islamic prophet Mohammed, and related examples of religious promotion in Canada.

“Momin Saeed, AMPAC’s executive director, praised both Pattison and others for setting the record straight.”

Praise for creating anger and public resentment? Why not– seems the times they are a’changin.  Call CAP old-fashioned, but we can recall a time when public advertising was of the “Old Stock” variety– perhaps a plug for Tim Horton’s Donuts, or Maple Leaf back-bacon.

Justin Trudeau changed all this upon election victory in the year 2015. Within 2020 society, one specific religious faith is utilizing Canadian advertising to promote religion– an unprecedented development without question.

CBC may report on the trouble resulting–but they never point out the messaging CAP purports: Canada is an anti-Christian, pro-Islam society. Which citizens requested such a thing? No one. What group of Canucks approved this transition? None at all.

Such is the state of democracy within PM Justin Trudeau’s “No Core Identity” nation-state. In life, there are winners and losers. In present-day Canada, Islam is a winner, while Christianity is a loser– like this:

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What this means to CAPChristianity is a dying religion in Canada, while Islam is on its way to becoming one of the most influential social entities within society.

What this means to CBC— Nothing at all. They are all-for-it, as this state-financed media company maintain a spurious policy of endorsing exactly what our ruling government want.

Next we have what always occurs within Trudeau-puppet media land:

MacEwan University sociology professor Irfan Chaudhry, who studies racism and discrimination, said the incident speaks to a broader divide connected to Islamophobia and xenophobia.

In other words, some foreign globalist academic comes in to set Anglo-Canada straight. CAP response? Bugger off, trouble-maker. Canadian patriots and nationalists are entirely FED UP with your loud-mouthed prostrations.

Guess what, buddy-boy: Canada does not exist for the purpose of accommodating 7th century religious dogma. At least, it didn’t–until Justin Trudeau got his globalist grip on our nation. After which, the dying Great White North began to incrementally trans-form from a free, democratic society into a draconian subordinate puppet- country for the United Nations, geo-political Islam and Communist China.

This is the “gift” delivered to Canada upon an establishment of multicultural policy in Canada. The man who forced this upon society with ZERO public buy-in is ex-Liberal PM, Pierre Trudeau.

The man who drove this through the stratosphere — as well as the individual who pushed Islam to the pinnacle of power with no public buy-in is current PM Justin Trudeau.

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Media say nothing regarding the most blatant piece of public transformation since Trudeau Sr. shifted immigration from 90% European to 90% 3rd World at the time of Montreal Expo in the year 1967.

1-2-3 Canadians, we love thee?

Not quite, fellow patriots. Don’t you know– Canadian is an awful, racist and bigoted society. And for this, Canadians of Anglo-European origin must pay the price. Which is , of course, having our country stolen by Justin Trudeau and delivered on a silver platter to the United Nations.





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  1. Trudeau and the current Federal Liberal party and anyone who voted for them, are complete IDIOTS, no if buts or ands about it The sooner this Moron leaves Office, the better off Canada will be.


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