Public Assembly Ban, Search And Enter Endorsed By Jagmeet Singh Via Emergencies Act

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In a letter shared via Twitter, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  to consider declaring our nation in a state of federal emergency, according to the  Canadian Emergencies Act.

The motive is, of course, the Covid pandemic debacle. This proposal is being suggested to remedy to the greatest social catastrophe of the past 100 years.

Despite its profound impact, neither government nor media has articulated the key tenets involved in such a procedure:

— a ban on any public assembly that may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of the Act.

— authorization of the entry and search of any dwelling-house, premises, conveyance or place, and the search of any person found therein.

— the regulation or prohibition of travel to, from or within any specified area.

Cultural Action Party are driven to point out the following:

These measures are all standards of society within China and other communist nations. Now, Sikh migrant NDP leader Jagmeet Singh wants them applied to Canadian society.

How neatly this fits with CAP theory. We maintain the days are numbered for democracy in Canada. The Covid pandemic is being used as an instrument to achieve this goal.

No astute political observer should be shocked that an Emergency Act endorsement has been suggested by Jagmeet Singh. From the day PM Trudeau seized control of society, CAP has endorsed the theory that Singh and the NDP exist to prop up Justin Trudeau’s quasi-dictatorship.

Within a nation under globalist seduction, this measure plays directly into the palm of the Great Reset agenda. The name of the game is “conditioning”– the slow and steady massaging of the voting public to come to agree with government plans.

For CAP, the plan is the end of democracy, to be replaced with a pseudo-dictatorship.  A salient question for readers:

Would, or would not, an entrenchment of the Emergencies Act serve a wonderful weapon toward the conditioning of Canadians to passively accept a transformation from democracy to dictatorship?

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Of course it would– it’s a veritable work-of-art in this capacity. Degree to which this theory will be articulated within establishment media? You got it–the degree is zero percent. How much more effective “political conversion” can be when media are working the will of the ruling government.

Jagmeet Singh knows this as he works the will of the Great Reset agenda.  Consider this take on Canada’s pre-conceived political transformation:

By incrementally breaking down the defences of Canadian citizens, the Great Reset mongers will accomplish two critical goals. Not only will they successfully transition our nation into a socialist dictatorship– the people of Canada will agree to the transformation.

What a quintessential example of “post-modern warfare” this is. By the time the Liberals have won six or seven victories in a row, our citizenship will agree with government that federal elections are futile, and should become non-existent.

Such is the fate which awaits what Justin Trudeau branded “no core identity” Canada upon election in 2015. Naturally, what neither our PM nor media point out is that a new core is coming to replace the old one.

With NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s endorsement of the Emergencies Act, astute Canadians can gain further insight into exactly what this new core will entail.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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