Psychologists Hired To Deal With ABUSE, Stress, Harassment From GG Julie Payette

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In the five years that CAP has focused daily upon the government of Justin Trudeau, we have uncovered a plethora of absurdist moments which flavour Canada’s ruling Liberal government.

Now, it turns out that the extent of stress, abuse and mental trauma by way of Governor General Julie Payette is so extreme that a team of professional psychologists have been sent to the GG’s office to create a semblance of order.

Naturally, a logical question such as the following is being eschewed by establishment media in Canada: Why not just FIRE HER?

CAP’s guess is this will not occur. Just like Finance Minister Bill Morneau will not leave his position. Why CBC, CTV, and Globe & Mail refuse to publish the actual reason for the lack of action is not hard to guess.

Canada in 2020 is controlled by a Liberal Dictatorship. Fact is, these people never “go gentle into that good political night.”  Think about all the consternation regarding two Trudeau-clone globalist figures: Angela Merkel of Germany, and Emmanuel Macron of France.

Despite media obfuscation, these two are cut from the very same cloth as PM Trudeau— globalists who NEVER leave, and never get removed from office.

Pourquoi? CAP will offer some insight: Because Merkel, Macon and Trudeau are “strategically” entrenched within these respective western societies. In parasitic fashion, once entrenched, they are hard as hell to remove.

Media say nothing about the nature of this globalist reality. CBC work for the same entities as this globalist “triumvirate”– United Nations, China, Islam, Sikhism, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, Bill Gates, Transgenderism and Homosexuality.

Therefore, the agenda rolls forward. Immutable, written-in-stone under a fake “humanitarian” international agenda. Make no mistake, these forces are the “best in the business” at pretending human rights are at the forefront of their agenda. It is a LIE.

Notice a commonality buried by the CBC. Think about those Amnesty-type ads Canadians have been seeing for the past 40 years. The pictures of the poor, suffering children in Middle Eastern, African and 3rd World Nations.

Give, give give--to help the needy children. Within 2020 society, CAP consider this agenda a GIANT deception. The ethos here can best be described as “cultivating pity and sorrow” for the purpose of controlling western society.

Of course, some are more effective than others. So-called “multicultural” not-for-profit organizations in Canada–for example, National Council of Canadian Muslims, base an agenda upon a cultivation of sorrow for their community.

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CAP Opinion: “Charity” organizations such as the Clinton Foundation, Trudeau Foundation, Aga Khan Foundation, We Charity and others like them have taken a page from the “Pity-Party” dynamic, and are indulging in the very same behaviour.

For CAP, Julie Payette as GG is a planted figure.. So is Trudeau himself, as well as a number of half-citizen Liberal MP’s. Most are found in the 3rd Political stronghold of the GTA. For example, MP Maryam Monsef was appointed to Cabinet by PM Trudeau in 2015. After which it was exposed that P Monsef’s source nation for her immigration to Canada is “unknown.”

It is either Iran or Afghanistan— only her hairdresser knows for sure. CBC and corporate media continue to speak of potential firings and resignations which will never occur.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is going nowhere–Trudeau said so himself. To fire him is an admission of guilt. Since when has Justin Trudeau indulged in contrition of this nature? Simple as pie–the answer is never.

The situation can be only one of two situations: Either media do not understand that 2020 Canada is a post-modern Liberal Dictatorship, or they do comprehend it–yet refuse to write or speak about the “nature of the beast.”

Sounds like a form of “beast’ is today Governor General Julie Payette. Why Trudeau selected a lady once charged with assault–as well as being charged for hitting a pedestrian while driving her car, has never been properly explained.

Is Canada’s ruling government rife with Liberal-Globalist “space cadets?” CAP believes this– these types do make for very effective puppets–the only form of Cabinet Minister that Justin Trudeau permits within his pseudo-totalitarian Liberal government.

– BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)



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  1. Don’t sweat it folks, she has already (at the beginning of this year) accepted a high level position in the UN Parliamentary Assembly, under which she subsumed Canada’s Parliament in 2019.


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