Protest Against LGBT-Pride Reaches Unprecedented Heights In Canada

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The past decade in Canada has witnessed an unprecedented amount of government and media coverage as related to the topic of “community privilege.”

Top-of-mind awareness on the subject generally conjures up the concept of “white privilege,” as advanced by PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, along with  mainstream media organizations they fund by the billions.

Readers of CAP media output can guess that our position on the topic remains antithetical to legacy media narrative. In this regard, we can’t think of a more quintessential example than the entitlement currently being accorded to Canada’s LGBT communities.

Imagine the privilege: in terms of push-back against the transgender-for-children movement endorsed by Trudeau’s Liberals, all criticism is funnelled into a single idea:

“This is hate,” goes the government refrain. “These homo-haters must be put in their place. There is no room for hate in contemporary Canada” runs the media line.

Of course, there’s plenty of room. Every bit of it reserved for those who dare question the validity of the LGBT-Pride propaganda movement as institutionalized within the Canadian public school system.

Erroneous is their conclusion. How many times do common-sense Canadians have to tell you? Go and be gay, we don’t give a damn. But take your hands off our children. Let them grow into adulthood in an organic manner, devoid of a government-funded agenda being forced upon the minds of Canadian school children.

The woke-warriors don’t get it. Either that, or they chose not to. And why shouldn’t they, when the prime minister of our country works out of the exact same bag?

As it happened, the advent of official Pride Month in June has brought a new flavour to the LGBT-Hetero battle. Simply put, Canadian parents are sick and tired of the whole affair.

Just this week, protesters opposed to gender-identity policies (SOGI123) disrupted a school board meeting in Surrey, B.C. with calls against LGBT child indoctrination in our public education system.

“During question period, protesters held signs and used a megaphone to call for an end to SOGI123 and the resignation of trustees.”

Response? “This is hate.” What a luxury it is– a privilege of the highest order. In Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, only select communities qualify as those free to play the “victim card” at will.

Apart from homosexuals and transexuals, Trudeau has designated Islamic, Sikh, Chinese to be members of a privileged social club. Once certified, community members can scream “rascism” and homophobia till the cows come home on an Alberta Beef farm.

As for the non-designated– Anglophones, Christians, “Old Stock” Canadians and those of non-francophone European heritage– you can kiss the privilege goodbye. It’s an exclusive never to apply to Trudeau’s choices for future second-class community status.

“A group of students is under fire after reacting negatively to a Pride Protest in a suburban Toronto school district. The protest was staged by students who were dismayed that the York Catholic School Board declined to fly to fly the Progress Pride flag after some students brought forth the proposal.”

Holy Cow– the heteros are angry. The pro-Pride contingent are angry. We stand witness as Justin Trudeau’s systemic LGBT promotional vehicle rolls over society, angering citizens of both left and right orientation.

Here’s the element Cultural Action Party claim to be missing from the narrative:

The related social chaos is intentional. When one reviews the history of socialist revolutions, one finds a common theme: in all cases, inter-community chaos is cultivated for the purpose of dividing citizen from citizen, community from community.

For CAP, this is Justin Trudeau, the Liberals and their post-modern “Woke Revolution” agenda for the future of our country. CBC will never say it; Globe & Mail will never print it, but at the end of the political day, LGBT culture is a pre-meditated component for socialist revolution in Canada.

Most parents do not hate gays and transsexuals. What we are sick and tired of is LGBT politics, as perpetuated by Trudeau’s Liberals, and their partners in media.

Perhaps if they shut up about it, so would we. But they don’t, they won’t, and thus the result. That the entire phenomenon has transitioned to society’s greatest scourge is no coincidence.

“SOGI123 is a set of policies and programs adopted by the B.C. education system aimed at creating inclusive classrooms for 2SLGBTQ students and staff.”

Good Lord, is this ever a tired and tedious line of clap-trap. How can the agenda be “inclusive” when everyone who disagrees is corralled into a homophobic isolation tank?

“We can have a discussion that can be quite calm and quite learning for both sides. So it’s just the disrespectfulness and the way they proceed to intimidate and bully people that is the problem.”

Sure thing, missy. As if no one has ever seen a pink-haired woke warrior screaming in the face of a conscious objector to the tranny-for-youth movement.

What a gang of hypocrites. But you know what? They are going to keep on rolling– for good reason. PM Trudeau and team maintain a policy of acceptance of transgenderism for children of any age.

Beyond this, who ever heard of a prime minister who is unwilling to support the traditional family unit? Leaders of western democracies do not roll like this. Rather, the phenomenon is to be found among leaders of communist nations such as China.

Justin Trudeau is emulating their positioning. Not parents– but rather the state– is to hold jurisdiction over the family unit. This is how it is in China, in addition to the former Soviet Union. For crying out loud, Karl Marx even said so in his secular bible, the Communist Manifesto.

Just don’t expect Canadian media to allude to such a reality. They have a job to do, and they do it well. CAP call it “fooling 40 million Canadians into believing that Trudeau’s Liberals are a righteous government, when in fact, they are oppressive neo-communists.”

The walkout, Global News reported, was “an opportunity to support 2SLGBTQ+ students. A student speaking to Global spoke about how everyone has the right to love who they want to love.”

Another tedious piece of nothingness– one which Trudeau echoes in near-identical words. To which CAP respond accordingly:

“Go and love whomever you want, but just shut up about it.”

They won’t. Pourquoi? Because the goal has nothing to do with social equity, or human sexuality, for that matter, human sexuality.

“The last few of our board meetings have been disrupted, not nearly as bad as what this was. But … they came with signs and placards. A lot of jeering and bullying-type behaviour.”

How more plainly can we put it? Hear ye, Trans-pushers. We are sick and tired of your tedious prattle.

Institutionalized LGBT exists for a purpose: to cause consternation within society. That it’s greatest advocate is Justin Trudeau should tell us all we need to know regarding the LGBT-Pride assault upon Canadian society.

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  1. The photo: This is the “PM” of Canada? Which part of godly; moral leadership does he not understand? It’s like going to a medical specialists office. The man w/ the stethoscope is dressed like a clown, and wants you to join him at his in-office mini circus. The kicker: He’s serious; but psychotic. His office staff [Trudeau’s “Cabinet”] are circus freaks. Lots of smoke and noise. Nothing to do with medicine.

    “Ronald McDonald” Trudeau. Full blown; malicious clown. PM in name only. Truly; Canada has fallen from the high wire. The Frozen White North; devolved into a three-ring circus act. Featuring the ringmaster “Right Honorable” Ronald; re-elected by gullible people who prove Barnum and Bailey’s truism: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” (Attributed to P. T. Barnum; but apparently without evidence that he actually said it.)

    His alleged father said that “the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.” Liberation! (Morality? Family? God? Church? The unborn? Caring for the sick and needy? A military? No sex w/ children or animals? “Unshackle these chains that bind us; o Lucifer.” Skeletal Canada; present Trudopian state of affairs: Replace the bland Maple Leaf flag with a Bible–With a large “X” through it. No pesky; life-giving God for these people.


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