Project Depopulation: Justin Trudeau, Abortion,Transgenderism In Canada

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Justin Trudeau has an agenda. Unfortunately for the majority of Canadians, his agenda includes running down Anglophone Canada by branding these people racists and bigots.  Add to this genocidal, as our PM alluded to in his analysis of the historical treatment of our Aboriginal communities.

Conversely, since day one in office, Trudeau has promoted and protected the Nation of Islam. The man has not uttered a single word condemning Islamic terrorism or militancy. On the flip-side, Trudeau has trashed religious Christians, and their beliefs.

Regarding the Christian faith, Trudeau goes all-in on what is arguably the most anti-Christian behaviour of all–Abortion. Thanks to his father Pierre Trudeau, Canada has the most unrestrictive abortion policies of all western democracies. In Canada, a fetus can be destroyed at ANY STAGE of the pregnancy–including FULL TERM.

Transgenderism is another social phenomenon that Justin Trudeau backs to the hilt. Regardless of AGE, Trudeau has no problem with doctors injecting  dangerous hormone drugs into the bodies of teenage Canadian children. The fact that studies reveal increased chances of heart attack and stroke by way of sex change therapy matter not at all to King Justin.

What do media have to say about these critical social circumstances? NOTHING. Think about it–when is the last time you read a Canadian media article which delves into the sordid world of abortion and transgenderism? Ever see an establishment media article which  reveals ANY downside for abortion and transgenderism?

Yes–it occurred on the 12th of NEVER. Why? It is not a fact that Canada has a serious problem with an aging population?  MILLIONS of abortions have taken place in Canada over the past three decades. Who gets these abortions? Government will not tell us, and therefore neither will mainstream media.

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By way of these symbiotic institutions, one factor in particular is NEVER discussed— the effect of these “industries” on our homegrown Anglophone and Christian communities. Both abortion and transgenderism STIFLE population growth. How STRANGE within a nation screaming out for young blood to fill the void. We need young workers, says Immigration Minister/Somalian Refugee/Trouble-Maker, MP Ahmed Hussen.

Well, why didn’t government DO SOMETHING about this decades ago? Why did government NOT create financial incentive programs in the 1960’s and 1970’s that offered parents subsidies or tax write offs for each additional child? In 1967 the points system for immigration was introduced. Previous to this over 90% of migration to Canada came from European nations.

Answer: Because our controllers had A DIFFERENT PLAN in mind. The void would be filled by Third World migrants, and their LARGE familiesMILLIONS were brought in, while millions of abortions were performed on local Canadian mothers.

Getting the picture?  In 2005,  97,254 abortions were reported in Canada; it is estimated that this number “represents approximately 90% of all abortions performed in Canada involving Canadian residents.”

Okay, so around 100,000 per year. As the link informs us, abortion in Canada is legal at ALL STAGES of pregnancy–including at FULL TERM. Canada has a population of 37 million people. Canada shares this “policy” with communist China–a nation of 1.3 BILLION people.

Transgenderism is another social phenomenon which impedes child birth. Does media ever ALLUDE to this element of the equation? NEVER. Now, let’s put 2 + 2 together:

Both abortion and transgenderism impede reproduction of the human species. Justin Trudeau supports BOTH. No age restrictions, no length-of-pregnancy restrictions– a straight-up OPEN DOOR policy with no questions asked.

Unfortunately for the abortion-pushers, CAP has a question: Which element of society is MOST on the receiving end of abortions and sex change surgery? Quick answer: we have NO IDEA-– and this is the way the globalists want it to remain forever.

Therefore, one has no choice but to speculate. One hundred thousand abortions per year trans-lates into one million every TEN YEARS. Canada imports 300,000 people from the Third World EACH YEAR– 3 million within a ten year period.

Getting the picture NOW? Here, we discover the true agenda at play within Canadian society. The erosion of one segment of society, and their replacement by way of mass immigration.

Who is responsible for this scenario? It is, of course, an over-simplification to put the blame on one or two individuals. Despite this, it is IRREFUTABLE that the number one contender is Pierre Trudeau.

Did he not open the door for mass Third World migration to Canada? Did he not create the Charter for the purpose of EMPOWERING these “new” Canadians? Who created and forced multiculturalism upon Canadian society? Again, this was Pierre. Who FORCED the no-restriction abortion policy? PIERRE TRUDEAU. Then, they name an airport after him.

More CAP questions– since Pierre’s time, which prime minister  has most advanced the policies and ideology first espoused by the founder of multiculturalism? This would be son Justin.

Transgenderism renders our children STERILE. Which segment of society most indulges in sex change surgery? Sikh-Canadians? Muslim-Canadians? Not a chance.

Conclusion? The Trudeau DYNASTY HAS inflicted serious DAMAGE upon our communities. It is OLD STOCK Canada which has SUFFERED MOST by way of the Trudeau clan.

But wait– what about white privilege? Snowflake Liberals and hijab-clad women inform us we are the PRIVILEGED. Does the depopulation agenda sound like a privilege? Within Canadian society, divorce, addiction and alcoholism are serious community problems. Apart from First Nations, it is Old Stock Canada which is most affected. Liquor is taboo for Muslims. Divorce rates among Sikhs are low.

More white PRIVILEGE! Justin Trudeau is a PUNITIVE prime minister. So was Papa Pierre. The targets are identifiable Canadian communities– Anglophones and Christian Canadians. It is more than obvious–the exact reason why establishment media NEVER write about it.

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Abortion and transgenderism–depopulation methodology. Would Pierre Trudeau have a problem with the present-day state of the nation? Why would he? After all, he held Chairman Mao Tse Tung in high esteem. As it happens, Mao had a depopulation program of his own.

The Trudeaus are the nemesis family of English Canada. Powerful global forces are leveraging the socialist infrastructure set up by the Trudeau’s to re-invent our nation as one whereby Anglophones trans-isition to a maligned MINORITY community. This comes as PAYBACK for transforming Aboriginal Canadians into a maligned minority.

Pierre Trudeau is the ideological founder of the movement, and Justin Trudeau the post-modern weapon to get the job done.







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