Project Blackface: Justin Trudeau’s Globalist Fall From Grace

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Blackface Boy for Prime Minister. Oh, the power of dedication. Even post-blackface scandal, there are actual live Liberal MP’s who back Justin Trudeau. MP Bardish Chagger, MP Harjit Singh, and MP Amarjeet Sohi are three of them.

He “deeply regrets” dressing up like Alladin and his Lamp. “His contrition is authentic. His dedication to diversity impeccable,” say these folks.

Throughout his four year term as prime minister, Mr. Trudeau’s penchant for playing Mr. Dress-Up has been on display for all voters to witness. While establishment media have indulged in these “unfortunate” incidents, there is a critical aspect they continue to obscure: Justin Trudeau’s physical relationships with his MP’s, as well as the general public.

Please do tell– in one of these embarrassing photos, Trudeau has his hands around the throat of one of the female attendees. A recent photo of our PM shows him in an intimate embrace with 19-year old tennis star, Bianca Andreescu. Justin is also well-known for his “vulcan-like” grip on various MP’s in Parliament-including the men.

The man is a tactile mess of inappropriate physical intimacy. Playboy, or Prime Minister? Trudeau appears a tad “schitzo” about this one.

Of course, we would not be living in Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada if mainstream media did not spin this story–or at least omit vital elements from citizens who want to understand the truth regarding our current prime minister.

Justin Trudeau is the son of a three-year term former prime minister of Canada. Therefore, the man-child has a responsibility to the people of Canada. His public behaviour must be appropriate for the son of Pierre Trudeau–even when he is not our actual prime minister.

Are the geniuses at the Globe & Mail unable to convey this concept? How about Toronto Star, or National Post. Are their editors not astute enough to understand this responsibility, and deliver a message to readers as such?

Likewise for Justin’s “hands on” approach. The method is always the same. Grab the male or female by the shoulders, gaze deep into their eyes to the point of attempting to penetrate their souls, and issue some kind of magic words only known to the happy couple. And not just women–men receive the  control-grip-stare thing with equal aplomb.

Speaking globally–Trudeau’s number one concern– CAP look to his intimate relationship with French President, Emmanual Macron. For one thing, they look like they share the same tailor–suspicious in itself. When they meet, it does appear they have a further interest– sharing saliva. The two look like love-birds in heat. Another giant physical embarrassment.

So what is Trudeau’s problem in this regard? Where does this behaviour come from?

CAP Theory: It is a psychological condition rooted in family dynamics, and mental health issues. The school of psychiatry informs that neurologically speaking, the human drive for power, money, sex and success are intimately connected.

Consider how many political power player and uber-rich business people fall into this category. Hollywood’s Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein. Bill Clinton. The Scumbag Epstein. Prince Andrew? There are many others who qualify

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Justin Trudeau comes across as a person with a degree– perhaps a great degree– of mental mania. When he backs an issue, he goes hog-wild on it. Think Pride Parades where he passionately embraces a series of transvestites. How about a visit to a local mosque. Don’t just stand there in a $5000.00 suit– put on Islamic garb and get down on it with a few rounds of the “Shahada” prayer.

Conclusion? Mania, with a hidden down side of depression hidden from the public eye. Bi-polar people like mother Margaret behave this way. A huge high, followed by a giant crash. Most of these types are on medication of some sort. Like mother, like son.

Back to Liberal Minister of Defence, Harjit Sajjan. He says that hate crimes are on the rise in Canada. He said the current climate means leaders must pay more than lip service to past mistakes and that Trudeau has shown him, both in the private and public sphere, that he “constantly stands up.”

Oh, CAP believe he constantly stands up. No doubt there. But the interesting thing about Harjit’s comments is that what he recommends to remedy racism is simply more of the same.

Canadians are “uneducated.” More must be done. Typical globalist insatiability, Liberal-style. CAP do not buy this for a second. Pourquoi? Because we believe Justin Trudeau is not a solution to racism–he is the number one reason for an increase in racism in Canada.

These Liberals should take a long hike through the Banff Mountains, and never return. This Trudeau character has damaged our nation, fragmented our society, and divided our  communities like never before in Canadian history.

This is the true legacy of Justin Trudeau, who now appears (it has to be!) to be on a serious downward trajectory from which he is unlikely to escape. For sensible Canadians, we are now breathing a little easier, knowing that another for years of ethnic and religious community fragmentation may come to an end.

At this moment, CAP take pride in the fact that we called out the idiocy of Trudeau from day one. For not a single day did we believe this political imposter was the real thing. How long before Globe & Mail through in the towel? Easy–they still haven’t done so. Leading journalist John Ivison, a sober sort of fellow, is still taking Mr. Blackface seriously. Boy, does $600 million big ones buy a lot of media complicity.

Justin Trudeau must go. And please take with you Gerald Butts, MP Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid and the rest of those who prioritize religion over nation--regardless of their personal background.

Truly, madly, deeply-the time has come.




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