Pro-China Advocate Wants “Racist” Bryan Adams To Lose ORDER OF CANADA Status

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As news of Canadian singer Bryan Adams’ condemnation of Covid-19 producing China disseminates throughout media,  CAP observe a social phenomenon of which many Canadians may not be aware.

Welcome to the self-righteous, sanctimonious world  of 3rd World-Canadian journalists and pundits. Interesting to note how many are of the female “multicult” variety.

One is a gal named Shree Paradkar, who writes for the uber-globalist Toronto Star. It has been such a “treat” over the years to read Ms. Paradkar’s media-sanctioned trashing of Anglophone Canadians.

With a nation consumed by Trudeau government crackdowns on freedom of speech, this journalist is an anomaly. Basically, she is free to throw white Canada in a trash bin, disparage our community and brand our people racist.

Such is the nature of “Multicultural Privilege” in Canada. There are others—some in government like Senator Ratna Omidvar, and some within the tax-payer funded not-for-profit sector.

It is from this source that Amy Go, XXX, delivered her latest diatribe on awful, racist Canada. Seems Ms. Go maintains the annoying habit of working for the benefit of the government of China.

In CAP’s opinion—she keeps very good company— not the least of which is the current prime minister of Canada.

Canadian singer Bryan Adams’ rant against the government of China has made the rounds, and the feedback is fascinating. Pretty much the only people who have a problem with this are culled from Canada’s powerful “multicultural” industry.

Thousands of CAP readers know the type— sanctimonious whiners propped up by Canadian establishment media. Shanifa Nasser  from the CBC. Sheema Khan from Globe & Mail, and the like.

Seems this Amy Go character now has it in for Mr. Adams. Her organization spoke of serious punitive damages for a Canadian pop “icon”—they want his Order of Canada taken away from him.

Frankly, this is the kind of thing that CAP despise(obviously, there are many).

As in , when self-righteous, victim-personality diversity whiners make demands upon society. “We want this,” and “we want that”—in terms of punishing those who not only speak their personal truth—but those who in no manner break the law.

Naturally, law doesn’t matter much to the communist-influenced type. Here we refer not only to Ms. Go, but to entire Liberal cabinet. 

Here is what CAP have to say to these bitter Canada-haters: bugger off, because the Canadian majority do not agree with you. Yet, this is where things get “sticky.”

It was the father of our current PM— a Mr. Pierre Trudeau—who by way of his Multiculturalism and Charter Of Rights and Freedoms, gave “birth” to the Shree Paradkar’s and Amy Go’s of Canada.

It is current PM Justin Trudeau who sent this trend into the political stratosphere. In 2020 Canada, the “minority rules.”

This inversion of governance has been stimulated by socialist and communist dogma—a personal favourite of the Trudeau family.

Good Example: The recent blasting of Islamic Ramadan prayers in the “town squares” of various Canadian cities. One of them is in Mississauga, Ontario.

According to the last census we could find, Mississauga is 8% Muslim-Canadian. Outcome by way of so-called “diversity?”  A full 92% of the community have to endure annoying foreign language prayers blasting from loudspeakers as they head out for Sunday shopping.

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This, fellow patriots, is Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada. The tag-team of globalist-liberals Pierre & Justin Trudeau have resulted in people like Amy Go.

These people want to push Canada around in the name of so-called “multiculturalism.” Tell us this, Ms. Thang— if this policy is so damn diverse, why are all European-Canadian communities excluded from your exclusive 3rd world diversity fiesta?

Answer: Nothing— when challenged, these types have nothing to say. Why? Because since Pierre Trudeau forced multiculturalism upon society beginning in 1971, these types have had everything “their way.”

Now, this is changing. Why—according to the Paradkar’s of Canada?  Because Canadians are a racist people. Nothing to do with the lunacy of Justin Trudeau. Nothing related to the supercharged globalist push being forced upon the people of Canada.

What these people want is an unlimited license to moan and brand whitey racist. It’s what they are used to. But as many know, a “good thing” doesn’t necessarily last forever.

Here is CAP’s advice to the Ratna Omidvar’s of our nation—get used to it—because much more is coming your way.

Yes, CBC and the rest will deflect the push-back. But one day the levee is going to break on this social inversion, and the Liberal-Globalists are going to come crashing down.

Then let’s see these brazen  femme fatale’s trash our people, celebrities, icons(Don Cherry) and all those who stand against Trudeau-brand globalist rot. 

The day is coming, and we suggest these types prepare for much more of it in the future.


8 thoughts on “Pro-China Advocate Wants “Racist” Bryan Adams To Lose ORDER OF CANADA Status”

  1. way to go Mr Adams…now is a good time to write another catchy song to make real Canadians pump their chest.

  2. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE SPEAKING FOR ME, when you talk about what ‘most’ Canadians want or think. I do NOT agree with your line of thinking. I believe yours to be the kind of ideas that are divisive and harmful to the ideal of living together in peace with all sorts of people, including those who differ with us. Rosemary Gray

    • you’re part of the minority. most people, (when given the chance to speak off the record) will disagree with you.

    • He said “MOST”, not “ALL”.
      And he’s right.
      You’re part of the minority, and most people when given a chance to speak off the record, disagree with you.


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