Pride And Palestine: The Wacky World Of Justin Trudeau’s Woke Political Agenda

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“A newly formed group of protesters called the Coalition Against Pinkwashing says the decision to interrupt Canada’s largest Pride Parade was made after Pride Toronto refused a special meeting over demands put together by Queers for Palestine.”

How should clear-thinking Canadians react to absurdities of this nature? Long-term readers of Cultural Action Party [est.2016] media output can surely anticipate our response:

Blame it on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Yet, in many ways, the conclusion is accurate. For years we have contemplated the purpose of social policy incongruity as advanced by Canada’s Liberal government. Why do they back LGBT/transgenderism with equal vigor to their support for religious radicals?

Would this not open the door to an eventual back-sliding of society into social discord? Perhaps, in truth, this is government’s actual goal. Despite its paradoxical nature, the concept may not be a crazy as it sounds. From day one, CAP has considered PM Trudeau to be advancing a brand of social revolution. History informs us that the most efficient method to achieve this goal is found in the “divide and conquer” principal.

However one views these things, it’s difficult to deny incongruity between Palestinian protestors and Canada’s LGBT political movement.

July 5th, 2024: “Emma MacLean was celebrating her birthday with her girlfriend, Tori, June 22 when they were catcalled by a group of Middle Eastern men, the couple alleges. The calling turned into slurs and an alleged assault after the men found out the couple were gay.”

“A video of the incident recorded by a bystander shows over ten men surrounding a woman while kicking and dragging her around. Another woman, identified as MacLean, can be seen trying to fight the men off of her girlfriend.”

The Liberal government of Canada, importers of 35,000 Syrian refugees, financial backers of LGBT  and transgender activism. Call CAP entirely perplexed. We don’t understand this odd-ball Liberal government, and we’re not certain we ever will.

Upon which we discover a flip-side to the “no core identity” coin:

“With Pride celebrations in St. John’s about to get underway, the announcement of the grand marshal for this year’s parade has been met with mixed reactions. On July 21, Palestine Action YYT will lead the annual parade.”

A genuine “wtf” moment it is. Still, common sense Canadians shouldn’t be at all shocked. This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada in all its post-modern “glory.”

Pride, Palestine, LGBT, Islam, Punjab, Khalistan. We stand witness to the by-products of Trudeau’s “no core identity” nation. Think these forces are finished amalgamating into a cohesive political package? One in which over time will come to fill in the hole Trudeau created through his post-modern society proclamation?

The most dangerous political figure in Canadian history. Hated by most, Trudeau remains, due to one individual in particular: Jagmeet Singh, Sikh-Canadian, Khalistan political activist, LGBT-advocate. The man who erroneously branded Canada genocidal. The individual who locked-in Trudeau as PM until the last possible moment.

Drilling down on responsibility, we come to one of our PM’s most cherished “right-hand men,” Liberal Cabinet Member Ahmed Hussen. As most realize, it takes time for migrants and refugees to arrive in Canada, and transition to actual citizens.

Half-Somalian citizen Ahmed Hussen served as the Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion from 2021 to 2023, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development from 2019 to 2021 and the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship from 2017 to 2019.

Ever so quietly, behind-the-scenes, MP Hussen has been establishing ties with African and Middle Eastern nations. His diplomatic travels include overseas trips to Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, in addition to Islamic nations.

As immigration minister, Mr. Hussen dedicated himself with vigor toward the importation of Middle Eastern refugees to Canada.

June 20th 2019: “Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says he would like to see Canada welcome more refugees than it currently accepts and believes more of them should be able to enter through economic immigration programs.”

“Hussen said he would like to massively ramp up this pilot as a way to bring more refugees to Canada.”

Result? Chaos in the streets, anger spilling over into society as Canada is forced to deal with repercussions from political conflicts taking place halfway around the world.

“Instead of thinking of refugees as people who just want resettlement and people who are passive recipients of aid, how about re-imagining refugees as people who have assets to contribute, who have talents and skills that we need in Canada?”

Does this include the pack of Syrian youths who gave a lesbian woman a black eye and broken tooth?

“Over 400 Refugees Settle In Windsor-Essex, Immigration Minister Wants To Accept More”

 June 20th, 2019: “Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says he would like to increase the number of refugees Canada accepts and is pushing for higher refugee numbers every year.”

More, More, More– how do you like it? A perfect microcosm it is. Welcome to the insatiable world of liberal globalism. Never satisfied, forever demanding more.– as it applies to the entire woke liberal political cabal.

After which we pose a most critical question: will it ever stop? The answer, of course, is never. Not until Canadian society is successfully revolutionized. Not until those in power today are rendered powerless tomorrow.

This is Justin Trudeau’s “gift” to Canada. As founded by Pierre Trudeau and his so-called “multiculturalism,” the root cause of our democratic discontent.

4 thoughts on “Pride And Palestine: The Wacky World Of Justin Trudeau’s Woke Political Agenda”

  1. Even if Castro’s suspected son Trudeau had several more decades of multicult; the massive; unending influx of Third World/African/Middle East immigrants will eventually stop–Rabid creatures like Hussen et al notwithstanding. The seeds of its failure are intrinsic. The Canadian fruit (not that kind) it needs to survive will dry up. No place to live. No decent jobs. Grossly dwindling tax “revenue” to pay for social programs. “Post national; no core values” wealth-creation-and-prosperity-be-damned Canada is all but terminal.

  2. It takes a VERY special kind of retard to wear rainbow muslim-themed socks to a homosexual pervert parade.

    He should have been presented with a course of free flying lessons from his most favoured new canadian voter base in return for his woke gesture.

    Hand-selected by Klaus Slob our unelected global de-populationer, it was.

    I’d like to see the course syllabus for the WEF’s 5-yr-long “young glottal leaders” program,

    and skim through Trudas’s semesterly report cards!

    (# instances weekly of dunce cap / put in corner HOW MANY times?!?

    Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph!)

  3. If Mr. Potato Head was PURELY evil, and treasonous,

    It might be very hard to tell which was which in a police-station lineup next to “Minister” Hussen.


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