Portrayal Of “Immigrants As Suffers” A Liberal Government Deception

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April 24th, 2024: Immigrants who come to Canada as children do better in the workforce and make more money than not only those newcomers who arrive here later in life but also the average Canadian, a Statistics Canada report reveals.”

Anathema to Liberal government positioning, studies of this nature belie an accepted media narrative portraying new arrivals to our country as perpetual sufferers. Further exploration reveals a plethora of data that circumvents mainstream media’s depiction of our 3rd World communities as the “have-nots” of Canadian society:

“Recent Immigrants More Likely To Be Employed Than Those Born In Canada”

February 27th, 2023: “New immigrants are now more likely to be employed than their peers born in Canada.” 

Upon which we drill down on the evidence. Statistics Canada offer up findings of this nature which rarely, if ever, are disseminated by legacy media. Why would this be? If our Liberal government’s coveted migrant communities are thriving, why not inject the information into the lifeline of society?

There has to be a reason, right? Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] believe there is, and that the impetus comes from “the top”– PM Justin Trudeau residing. If our government was desirous of a harmonized society, reports of this nature would be sprinkled on to a “multicultural cake” of celebration, would they not?

“Congrats to Canadian society for a job well done. We may not be a perfectly equitable, but statistical evidence proves that we are meeting our goals as a society of equal opportunity for all.”

This moment will arrive on the 12th of Never. Day after day, week-after-week, all Canadian hear from media is endless whining about social imbalance and oppression toward migrant communities. In the meantime, antithetical information is to be found, in examples like this:

“The study found that some minority groups in Canada are as likely or in some cases less likely to be poor compared to white Canadians. These included Canadians of Japanese, Korean, South Asian and Chinese ancestry, all of whom have higher average weekly earnings that their white counterparts.”

Well, whaddya know? We have here examples that cut through the myth that immigrant communities are little more than victims of white community vitriol.

Why perpetuate a social deception of this nature? The answer may lie in CAP’s theory of an existing “Woke Revolution” as perpetrated by Trudeau, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, and their MP representatives in government.

Unspoken of by the press, Trudeau is gunning for social inversion. He wants Canada’s “new arrival” class to dominate society, as well as a corresponding transition of “Old Stock” Canadian to a form of second-class status.

To assist, the Feds have cultivated a veritable army of CRT pushers, DEI practitioners, LGBT-mongers and academic woke warriors. Funded by the Liberals, this cabal are “going for the jugular” of society.

One word encapsulates the attitude: “insatiability.” No matter the degree of social equality attained, the pushers want more, more, more. And their not going to stop– save a cutting off of funding from a future non-Liberal federal government.

This is the society Justin Trudeau has spent nine years cultivating, and for as long as he remains prime minister, he won’t stop.

“Racialized Women And Recent Immigrants Among Canada’s Most Educated”

“In 2021, racialized women and recent racialized immigrants were among the most educated in Canada.”

Goodness gracious. Can it be that a systemic “hose job” is being perpetrated upon society? A person doesn’t have to have a case of paranoid schizophrenia to draw such a conclusion.

Trudeau and his team of half-citizen woke globalist Liberal practitioners are out to revolutionize Canadian society. Steeped in Marxist propaganda, as advanced by media, they are doing a bang-up job.

The general perception in society is one of an existence of “white privilege,” “white supremacy” and other hateful pejoratives directed toward Anglophone communities.

Is it all a lie?

“Canada’s white males are the least likely to hold university degrees in the knowledge economy,” says a report by Jack Jedwab, president of the Canadian Institute for Identities and Migration.

“Only 24 per cent of white Canadian men between ages 35 and 44 have university degrees, according to Jedwab’s research. That is less than half the university-education rate of Canadians of South Asian, Chinese and Korean background.”

CAP know of this character, Jack Jedwab, multicult/diversity pusher of the highest order. What the data shows stands in stark contrast to the accepted media myth. After which we add additional salt-to-the-wound.

Try being a white male and applying for a job at the CBC:

“New requirements mandate the CBC to dedicate at least 30 per cent of its spending on independent English programming to producers who self-identify as Indigenous, official language minorities, visible minorities, disabled or LGBT. This will rise to 35 per cent in 2026.”

“The changes are happening because the CRTC modified the conditions of CBC’s broadcast licence when it was renewed in June to have programming reflect contemporary Canada.”

Right. And as whites continue their path toward minority status, the structure will continue to be maintained. Outcome? White Canadians are boxed out of employment. A similar model exists in terms of hiring in our universities. We take a step deeper into the pit of political correctness in Canada:

“Can Job Postings In Canada Exclude White People? Short Answer: Yes”

“In a recent job posting for a Canada Research Chair, applications are restricted to those who identify as members ‘of a ‘racialized minority'”

What’s next, fellow patriots– separate water fountains? In this we begin to see the true state of “post-modern” society. We discover that our society is steeped in media propaganda, manifested in a blatant inversion of truth.

While PM Trudeau employs the term “systemic racism” in regards to racialized citizens, the reality is that “all systems are go” for racism against white Canadians.

O Canada–you have been entirely hoodwinked.

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  1. “Only 24 per cent of white Canadian men between ages 35 and 44 have university degrees, according to Jedwab’s research.” Not that it does them much good. One wonders why the “Liberals” aren’t using the Stats Can “racialized” groups’ education/income data as another indictment against “Whitey.” We’re a bunch of mostly uneducated; underachieving; good for nothing bigots. A worthless lot. BTW–“More educated”–Educated at the University of Punjab? Move over Western. More likely to be employed? A leg up because of DEI? Better massively expand the CBC; they can all work in upper “management.” Finally; what the heck does it mean to be “racialized?” Is that like sanitized; alkalized; or anodized?


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