Portrait Of Trudeau Foundation CEO, Board Retirement Paints Dangerous Picture

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According to a December, 2016 article from the National Post, foreign donations to the Pierre Trudeau Foundation “began to skyrocket” after Justin Trudeau was first elected prime minister in 2015.

Among the information exposed is the fact that between 2014 and 2016, donations from non-Canadian sources went from $53 million to $535 million– an increase of one thousand percent.

“Critics say the Trudeau family’s ongoing attachment to the Trudeau Foundation could violate [conflict of interest] rules, since making a donation might help curry favour with the prime minister’s family.”

The prime minister’s family include brother Alexandre, board member of the Trudeau Foundation. Alexandre Trudeau, son of the late Right Honourable Pierre Elliott Trudeau, is a documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist based in Montreal. His 2016 book “Barbarian Lost, Travels In The New China,” speaks of his personal admiration for the communist nation, which began when he and older brother Justin travelled with father Pierre Trudeau to China as teenagers.

Middle brother has been quoted as stating that “I could be very harsh, and you could find stories that are disgusting[about China], but in a way I’m harsher on Canada.”

CAP believe him. The entire Trudeau family at one time or another has venerated communist China while extolling the political virtues of Chairman Mao Tse Tung, founder of China’s “Silent Revolution” which began in the 1960’s.

Speaking of the first family of Canadian communism, Sarah Coyne sat on the Trudeau Foundation board– up until this week, when she and the entire TF Board of Directors retired in unison, along with its CEO.

“Born May 5, 1991, Sarah Coyne’s birth evaded the public spotlight that was shone on her three half-brothers who were born during Pierre Trudeau’s years as prime minister.”

“It’s known that Trudeau did, on at least one occasion, travel with his young daughter. It was on an outing in Niagara Falls in 1996 that a 5-year-old Sarah had a chance encounter with Jimmy Carter, the former president of the United States.”

In early 2021, the Conservative Party opposition requested that the Federal Lobbying Commissioner investigate whether Liberal fundraisers had used donations to the Trudeau Foundation to gain government influence. The Canadian Lobbying Act says financial donors are prohibited from lobbying a federal government.

“Given that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a former member of the Trudeau Foundation, that his brother Alexandre Trudeau is a member of the board of directors…any efforts by Mr. Trudeau to use his position as Prime Minister to encourage donations may be a violation of the definition of a conflict of interest.”

An analysis presented by the National Post confirms that one in six donors have affiliations with organizations currently lobbying the Feds. Donations from international sources increased ten-fold once Justin Trudeau became prime minister. Conservatives called for an investigation into conflict of interest regarding foreign donations totalling over half a billion dollars.

Upon deeper analysis, we discover details on the “international” donations. The bulk of them appear to come from China.

In 2016, the Globe and Mail reported on a fundraiser at the Toronto home of a Chinese-Canadian business executive. One of the guests was a wealthy donor seeking Ottawa’s approval to begin operating a new bank aimed at Canada’s Chinese community.

“Trudeau was the top draw at the $1,500-a-ticket Liberal Party event, attended by insurance tycoon Shenglin Xian, the founder of Wealth One Bank of Canada and president of Toronto-based Shenglin Financial Group Inc.”

Among the donors was Zhang Bin, a wealthy Chinese businessman and political advisor to the Chinese government in Beijing. The newspaper said Zhang, along with a partner, donated $1 million to the Pierre Trudeau Foundation.

Thus, the bombshell that was unloaded on Canadian society this week. As reported by major media in Canada, “the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation’s president and board of directors have resigned en masse, citing the charity’s entanglement in the ongoing foreign interference controversy.”


What mainstream media neglect to point out speaks to potential collusion between the Trudeau family and the Foundation. The organization’s bylaws grant Justin Trudeau and Alexandre Trudeau have “the right to have a say in the appointment of two directors, even though the prime minister no longer exercises that right.”

All of which brings about a most critical question: how will Justin Trudeau, Chief-Of-Staff Katie Telford and the Liberal Cabinet weasel themselves out of this one?

With legacy media’s assistance, of course. It worked for them in regards to SNC Lavalin, Jody Wilson-Raybould, WE Charity, Aga Khan and the Emergencies Act, so why not in this case?

The outcome remains to be seen. But no thinking Canadian should count it out. Beginning with Pierre Trudeau’s open-door policy toward the government of China, the behemoth nation’s influence on Canadian society has become ubiquitous.

All Canadians would know it, if not for media’s pre-meditated obfuscation. Will the mighty fortress of Liberal-CCP collusion be able to withstand the Trudeau Foundation scandal, spinning the story– god help us– into some form of win for the Liberal-Quebec-China cabal?

If not– and Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government falls– it will be a fitting end to the era of the Liberal-China political partnership in Canada.

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  1. Semi-rhetorical question: The “Trudeau Foundation” bank vault is a big mountain of cash. How is it being spent? Does it also serve as a personal ATM for Trudope? I’m sure the cash is spent on purely benevolent causes. Choke. Further afield; the Trudopian pseudo-military** can’t afford to buy meals for troops in Poland. “The Canadian Military has been beset with endless scandals, a lack of funding, and even an inability to cover the cost of our troop’s meals in Poland.”


    ** No disrespect intended for the members of the Canadian military. I hold the patriot members in high regard; but they are fast becoming a “pseudo” military under the destructive hand of the wretched; utterly vile; Trudeau junior.

  2. In 2002 Canadian Lie-bral prime minister Jean Chretien GAVE $125 MILLION dollars to the Trudeau family to start the Trudeau Foundation.


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