Populist Parties Surging In European Union Elections

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Marine Le Pen’s euroskeptic National Rally have topped the European election vote in France, early results published Monday showed, narrowly beating the centrist alliance of President Emmanuel Macron. National Rally, a re-branding of Le Pen’s National Front has taken 22 seats, beating Macron’s party by just one seat.

Britain’s governing Conservative Party was all but wiped out in the European Parliament election as voters sick of the country’s stalled European Union exit flocked to uncompromisingly pro-Brexit or pro-EU parties.

Italy’s nationalist Lega party is set to win the majority of the country’s seats at the European Parliament, while its coalition partner in Rome has seen a slump in support. The European elections are widely seen as a test on national leaders across the 28 countries.

A common thread among these developments is that voters in Europe are turning away from the globalist ethos intrinsic to the EU. Who can blame them? Try dealing with Angela Merkel’s absurdist behaviour regarding Germany’s immigration policies. Try being a French citizen having to endure Justin Trudeau-clone Emmanuel Macron’s tedious “let’s integrate Islam into France” musings.

Europeans want change. So do Canadians. Within our society, government and media REFUSE to recognize the growing anti-elitist sentiment among our population. They also refuse to report on it. By the looks of it, they also refuse to report on the European shift away from globalism.

Why? Because if they reported political reality, it would serve as a catalyst to drive more Canadians toward an anti-globalist, anti-Liberal stance. Therefore it is NO GO.

Try a google search with keywords “European Union, Canada” and see what is to be found. Witness how few articles come up from CANADIAN media regarding the EU elections. Minimal, and ones that do refrain from using a headline that reflect the cold, hard facts.

Government/Media versus the People—  Justin Trudeau’s pseudo- democratic government in action. With populist governments already ruling on a national level in Italy, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark and others it is likely Trudeau’s of an open border, anti-Christian and pro-Islam Canada may not come to fruition.

As can be expected, establishment media are working like the devil to  denigrate Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer. When he suggested a trans-Canada energy corridor, media reported the story as if it was a decades old, re-cycled concept.

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According to media, Scheer is a racist. Apparently, he once found himself at a public rally also attended by Faith Goldy, who came in third place in Toronto mayoral elections. The circumstances regarding the event were of no interest to CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star. RACIST, they said. Somalian Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, immediately jumped on the bandwagon.

World wide trending shows populism surging. Polls in western nation tell us the people do not want what government is selling them. Curious that in Canada, the ruling Liberals appear not to give a flying fig about the needs and desires of the general population. What counts is  the well-being of their chosen communities– Third World Canada. Every one else is secondary.

If national elections play out in France, Germany and Britain in a similar manner to the EU elections, the globalist agenda of cultural decimation may lose its grip upon western nations. A loss for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal-Globalist Party in October would be a significant victory in this regard.


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