Populism Rising: Has Hamilton, Ontario Become The “Far-Right” CAPITAL Of Canada?

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Despite media obfuscation, populism in Canada has become a tangible, vibrant political movement– the exact reason why CBC include the term “Nazi” twice within the first two paragraphs of the source article.

You see, for CBC and Canada’s politically correct, there can be no “right-leaning” political parties or movements within society which are not Nazi-related in some capacity.

Why is this the case? Simple– by way of establishment media, Justin Trudeau’s government wants all dissenters regarding our cultural trans-formation to shut the heck up. Thus far, this goal has  been accomplished in a very effective manner–brand all who disagree with Trudeau as virulent racists, bigots, Nazi’s and xenophobes.

CAP Opinion: This and a loonie will get you a cup of coffee. These accusations are 98% hollow— only a slim fragment of society can legitimately fall into the “white supremacist” category. Incidentally, CAP do not believe in racial supremacy. Anyone can be a religious supremacist– Christians, Jew, Muslims, etc.

No one ethnicity has the exclusive on such a thing. Unless, of course, you believe Justin Trudeau, as well as MP’s Iqra Khalid and Ahmed Hussen. For these “globalist” types, only one form of supremacy exists–that of “white supremacy.” CAP say tell that to the ghost of Osama bin Laden–sweetheart that he was.

“It’s a bright Saturday morning on the Hamilton city hall forecourt, and the crowd is split down the middle. Members of the Yellow Vest movement and far-right groups stand on one side. Rainbow flag wavers with signs displaying slogans like “Diversity is strength” are on the other.”

“You all hang with Nazis,” a man with the rainbow flag bearers shouts at a woman standing with the yellow vests. “When you hang out with Nazis, you become one.”

Really? Do tell how Nazism trans-fers from one individual to another. Is it like the common cold–the closer you stand to them, the greater the chances you will be goose-stepping out of bed come morning time.

Yet, this is no joke. The choice of words is highly telling– as in, what the person is saying makes no sense at all. It is 100% devoid of logic., Yet, at the same time, what they speak of has been an effective weapon in muzzling non- globalist-liberal Canadians. As it happens, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the king of globalist non-logic. Obviously, he has a supporter in this individual.

“This could be any Saturday morning in any city in Canada before too long,” says Tina Fetner, a McMaster University researcher who studies social movements.

Ms. Fetner is correct–populism is a growth-industry in Canada. Yet, as Canadian media consistently overlook, the entity responsible is not a racist gang of uneducated meatheads–the person most responsible is Justin Trudeau.

“It’s very important for Hamilton to be a cautionary tale for other cities,” Fetner said. “I’m very certain that this is going to be knocking at the door of other cities across Canada. This is something that is a larger phenomenon than Hamilton. It’s happening all over Western Europe and North America.”

Yes, it is. But what is most curious is how the liberal-left  position this growing political movement. Meaning, they attempt to shut us down by presenting populism on a similar level as fascism. This is a pure media spin which must be challenged.

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CAP Theory: Populism is an expression of the will of the people. When this becomes majority opinion, it is an expression of democracy in action. Well, sort of “in action.”

In truth, there is “no action” when a member of the Trudeau family is prime minister. Pierre Trudeau forced multiculturalism upon society unilaterally– he did it himself, without public opinion, or approval. No democracy involved whatsoever.

So, in its basic form, populism is democracy. No wonder Justin Trudeau hates it. No wonder establishment media brand all followers of the movement racists and bigots.

One of the leading complaints so-called “minority” communities maintain is that populism is racism. CAP disagree–we believe multiculturalism is racism–against Anglophone/Christian Canadians.

Hamilton had Canada’s highest per-capita rate of hate crimes for the last three out of five years, according to Statistics Canada. There were 17.1 hate incidents per 100,000 people, with those incidents ranging from graffiti to assault.

“Diversity is our strength!,” bellows Justin Trudeau. Here is something CAP struggle to comprehend– why does media expose all these cases of racism, yet never write about the reasons for this rapid rise of the “right?”

Think about it– have you ever read a CBC article which takes an in-depth look at the actual cause of an increase in racism in Canada? Well, in a way they do–they blame all of it on big, bad whitey. This is, of course, entirely misleading and inaccurate.

In CAP’s opinion, the true cause is the ruling government of Canada–the Trudeau Liberals. Obvious example: The “Tweet That Changed The World”-– inviting illegal refugees to cross the border by the tens of thousands. Please Mr. CBC, Ms. Globe & Mail, did this decision not cause Canadians to come to mistrust our immigration/refugee policies?

Why on earth would this move result in an increase in social harmony in Canada? Of course it wouldn’t! Therefore, logically speaking, Justin Trudeau is a major part of the reason for a so-called increase in “racism”– not the people of Canada.

Notice how Toronto Star and National Post eschew this concept?  Has Illegal(irregular in Orwellian-speak) created a loss in confidence among our people in terms of Canadian immigration? In other words, didn’t King Justin completely screw-up in this capacity?

Of course he did. Yet, suddenly the problem is one of “white supremacy,” according to media. According to CAP, the problem is the immaturity, recklessness, and manic methodology of Trudeau’s political decision-making.

Speak of the devil: “It’s hard to know why Hamilton’s statistics are so high, but the answer might partially lie in the definition of “hate crime” itself. There’s a perceived tone deafness among authority figures that’s enraged people, Fetner said.

“I think that if you don’t nip it in the bud with a very serious and clear statement of values, and then back that up by bringing people out into a large counter-protest to make it very clear that hate is not welcome in your town, then you may risk being a place where people gather like Hamilton has become.”

So what does “nip it in the bud” actually mean? How does one go about achieving this “nip?” For CAP, all this means is more of the same–we must “educate” the meat-heads. Hold more forums on racism--without inviting anyone from the so-called “right” to participate. Canadians have seen how this tired, worn-out mantra has been ineffective for decades–racism is worse now than ever.

Hamilton is not the first, and it won’t be the last. The public is fed up.For sensible Canadians(no snowflakes permitted), four years of Justin Trudeau as flaked-out feminist hypocrite is enough to last four lifetimes.

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If you want to stop Hamilton, get rid of Justin Trudeau as prime minister. If not, every major Canadian city will trans-sition into Hamilton in due time.

Canadians have had enough of globalism. We are not racists and bigots–we are Canadian patriots. Call us what you will, Mr. Media— populism is democracy– and therefore, as Canadian as maple syrup.







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