Pope Francis says an ‘Arab invasion’ of Europe is a social reality and it can ‘go forward

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Pope Francis referred to an “Arab invasion” during a speech to a French Christian group this week, adding that Europe has been enhanced by previous influxes of people.

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2 thoughts on “Pope Francis says an ‘Arab invasion’ of Europe is a social reality and it can ‘go forward”

  1. There is no reason not to welcome any and all immigrants. Anybody in Canada who thinks it is a bad idea should look at his/her own family tree and then maybe, if they still feel that we shouldn’t accept immigrants, should return to their famiy’s country of origin. We are also a multi-cultural nation, which means that all cultures and religions are welcome. If you don’t believe that, YOU are the one that needs to become “Canadian.”

    • Remarkable. What is multiculturalism? Do you think it is a “culture?” It is a government policy, nothing more. It is not a culture. This is indicative of the level of mythologizing that has taken hold of the Canadian mind. We have had multiculturalism for a grand total of 28 of our 149 years of existence as a nation. It was introduced by Pierre Elliot Trudeau in 1970, and formalized into law in 1988. So it’s not something Canada has always had, and it’s not the naturally existing state of our nation, it’s just a policy that has won the legal and political game in Ottawa for almost three decades. Obviously you think that all cultures and religions are welcome, so you have relieved yourself of the task of looking intelligently at them. YOU are obviously the one who needs to study Canadian history, our bi cultural past, our early years as a member nation of the British commonwealth, our history as part of the British empire, and the history of New France and the British colonies. That history, bicultural, proud and established obviously hadn’t occurred to you. You undoubtedly consider yourself to be an “immigrant” because we are “all immigrants” right? Well I don’t. My mother’s family came from Brittany to New France in 1667. An immigrant is someone who immigrates to a country, they are not a citizen and then they apply for citizenship and become one. I think 349 years in Canada qualifies as enough time for us to no longer refer to ourselves as immigrants. Frankly, like Trudeau, I think you believe that Canada has no culture and identity and qualifies as a “post national state.” Nothing could be more absurd. Do you think my grandfather fought in W.W. 1 and my father in W.W. 2 as members of an a cultural “non nation?” Don’t think so. Drink deeply of the Kool Aid my friend. That is what constitutes the mentality of most so called Canadians these days. This is Canada. This is not “Post national/ non culture land.”


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