“Poorer Than The Poorest U.S. State” Says Economist Of Trudeau’s Legacy

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“If he does stay on, Justin Trudeau’s eventual legacy may be to have made us poorer than the poorest U.S. state — Mississippi at US$47,000.” 

So states Canadian economic expert, Jack Mintz. According to his recent article in the Financial Post, Canadian incomes are at West Virginian levels and declining.” The economy of WV is currently listed at #42 out of a total of 51 states.

Bringing about a question media wouldn’t touch for all the farms in Cuba: is this situation intentional? Could an agenda exist whereby the Liberal government and current political partners New Democratic Party are desirous of this scenario?

CBC won’t tell you, and Toronto Star won’t tweet about it, but could there be a “method in the madness?” At the same time as government instills the highest level of immigration in history, Canadians are becoming progressively poorer. One can presume that, in the main, these metrics apply to multi-generational “Old Stock” Canadians.

Foreign Aid, 2021: Ethiopia, $206 million; Afghanistan, $201 million

How can it be otherwise, when new arrivals haven’t lived on Canadian soil for a length of time necessary for an accurate assessment of their financial picture. A four-person family from Pakistan doesn’t arrive one day, only to have their finances drop like a bomb the next month.

The brunt likely falls on Trudeau and Singh’s nemesis communities, aka Canada’s Anglo-European citizenship. We know the type– they’re the people the Liberals and NDP have been branding racist and homophobic for the past eight years.

Under what circumstances would such a situation occur? One plausible reason is one CAP has spoken of since day one of the Trudeau regime. That our ruling government are not so much “managing” our country as they are “revolutionizing” our society. In colloquial terms, it could be described as your basic “out with the old, in with the new” political model.

Foreign Aid, 2021: Iraq, $108 million; Syria, $98 million

Behind the wheel of Trudeau’s “woke revolutionary” bus is what government advance in terms of ideological weaponry: climate change, carbon taxation, impediments on farming profits, et al.

To which we add a relevant fact: these industries are the stuff of “old school” Canadians. The decline in standard of living affects oil industry workers, multi-generational farming families, and the like— communities that constitute the “heart and soul” of Canadiana.

“Despite these achievements, the prime minister doesn’t seem ready to leave. Saying ‘I couldn’t be the man that I am and abandon the fight at this moment,’ he has made clear he still has work to do pushing for women’s and LGBTQ rights and fighting climate change.”

What gall. We stand witness as “Mr. Progressive” digs in his heels regarding his pet-projects and personal obsessions. While our economy crumbles around him, the PM intimates that he is “man” enough to support Canadian youth transitioning from male to female.

Foreign Aid, 2021: Jordan, $97 million; Somalia, $52 million

While his hero-nation China emits 26% of worldwide carbon emissions, Trudeau walks Canadians down a path to the poorhouse based on Canada’s 1.6% of global emissions.

“As Trevor Tombe of the University of Calgary has shown , almost all of Canada is now poor by U.S. standards.” 

Holy cow– Canada is down to economic levels found in the Appalachian Mountain district of the United States. At least he could compensate by gifting banjos to members of his Cabinet.

And what about all the coin being shipping each year to so-called “developing nations?” For cryin’ out loud, even India and China are current recipients. All-told, there are more than three dozen African and Middle Eastern nations being gifted huge money by the Liberals.

If media refrain from analysis of Liberal-NDP ideological foundation for Canada’s economic travesty, they will never have to divulge what may be the motive for the situation.

There exists an academic theory called “Cultural Marxism.” Communist-oriented in conception, its premise is based on the idea that “have and have not” nations of the world must become a thing of the past.

The idea is “cultural relativity,” whereby Canada is no better than let’s say, Somalia, and therefore should be compensated by wealthy nations to lift their standard of living based on equitable distribution of global wealth.

Foreign Aid, 2021: Yemen, $53 million; Pakistan, $50 million.

It’s stone-cold World Economic Forum fundamental. Is this what Justin Trudeau is administering as national leader? Has a former drama teacher taken it upon himself to steal away the wealth from Canada, and ship it round the world in the name of worldwide equitability?

CAP believe it to be possible. A megalomaniac could be capable of this form of thinking. After all, it runs in the family. Pierre Trudeau took it upon himself to abandon our national identity in totality with his cancellation of bi-cultural English & French Canadian identity.

“Whoever is prime minister in the next few years does have their work cut out for them, but not on more climate and woke rights policies. The challenge will be to reverse an economic slide that is seeing us lose investment and our best and brightest to the rest of the world.”

Seems our prime minister wouldn’t have it any other way.

4 thoughts on ““Poorer Than The Poorest U.S. State” Says Economist Of Trudeau’s Legacy”

  1. This government is a complete farce, sending hundreds of millions to other countries, and we have veterans living in tents?

    As the Prime Minister of Canada, should it not be the number one most important thing be supportive of Canadians. Number one

    Our so called Prime Minister has failed Canadians. End of this story

  2. you know what happens when a country becomes poor? china buys them, turns them into a vassal/colony.

    the avg canadian cannot afford an alienware or LG or samsung PC for instance, but if you go to lenovo website its almost half the price. same with phones… take a look at iphone, google pixel, samsung compared to oneplus, tcl and motorola (lenovo) and they are 1/3rd the price

    take a look at clothing stores in canada compared to chinese shein

    yes you could argue that these chinese companies offer lesser products, cheaper versions… but when it comes to money, you have no choice but to purchase from china.

    eventually you see yourself with a lenovo phone, laptop and shein clothes and realize “wow, im turning into a chinese slave”

    that’s the goal here.

  3. Turdo is da man. He gets richer; we get poorer. With which country will we be compared when we rank below Mississippi? I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. After all; da man hasn’t finished his “work.” Actually; it’s even worse. The USA is in deep doo doo on all economic fronts, and rank and file Americans are also rapidly sliding toward the poorhouse. (Trevor Tombe of the University of Calgary: “Almost all of Canada is now poor by U.S. standards.”) Therefore; Being compared to one of the most poverty stricken US states is even worse. But; hey! Look on the bright side; Trudeau “has our backs.” He’s “doing all of this for us.” What a swell guy. One asks: Will he bring back debt prisons?

    CAP: “Holy cow– Canada is down to economic levels found in the Appalachian Mountain district of the United States. At least he could compensate by gifting banjos to members of his Cabinet.” Lol. Each of us can start raising our standard of living by making moonshine. Obscenely overpriced houses and 150 proof moonshine. Welcome to Trudopia. Where not even widgets are produced; we will own nothing, and be happy. Happy; as long as you’re drinking your Tennessee hooch. https://youtu.be/4hJ_ne3YJts?si=amwk32eqDXnOGmLe


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