Polling Numbers Indicate Canadians Want Trudeau Gone

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A recent Angus Reid poll informs us that “one-in-three Canadians strongly disapprove of Trudeau, while only 6 per cent strongly approve of him. The Liberal Party runs ahead of him.”

And they are going to keep on running– more than likely forever. Thus revealed is an ill-considered element of federal politics. Justin Trudeau could stay or go. Political pundits speak of the fact that no prime minister has ever served four consecutive terms.

They don’t speak of the fact that no PM in history has ever done what Trudeau has done. As a politician, he is unprecedented — starting with his elevation of non-Canadians above and beyond the Canadian-born.

The Liberals will not lose the next election. If Trudeau does run, he will win. If a new party leader is appointed, they will win.

Consider a hypothetical: Conservative Erin O’Toole runs against Trudeau. Victory, Liberal Party. The Liberals vote in a new leader, and they select a female. The lady runs against O’Toole. She wins.

The Liberals transition their leader to a female. The Conservatives do the same. In an “apples to apples” scenario, the Liberal Party win. In fact, the male to female transition is all but guaranteed– at least on the part of the Liberals.

Let us consider the media factor. The two main contenders for Liberal Party leadership are Chrystia Freeland and Cabinet Member Anita Anand. If Freeland runs, she will be the first female Liberal leader in history. Talk about food for the hungry globalist sharks at the CBC. They will be all over this like white-on-rice.

In case a stronger woke Liberal potion is required, there is MP Anita Anand. Both female and a “racialized” Canadian, Globe & Mail and the rest go bat-shyte crazy over the Liberal candidate. The momentum is so strong she is certain to win.

This is how Liberal Party strategists think. The result being an element eschewed by media. The Liberals will never again lose a federal election. They are in no uncertain terms, government-for-life.

What does this say about democracy in Canada? It says what legacy media will never speak of– that democracy is dead in the dying Great White North.

A major reason for this is found in immigration policy. Presented as necessary to deal with an aging population, media fail to point out that in the long run it guarantees election victory for Team Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau is an aberration in Canadian politics. He is the “most popular unpopular” prime minister in history. A three term winner that no one likes. On this basis alone, the Liberal Party agenda should be dragged out into the clear Canadian sun and exposed for what it is:

The Liberal-Communist Party of Canada.

20 thoughts on “Polling Numbers Indicate Canadians Want Trudeau Gone”

  1. I disapproved of him both times he got elected, so how did he get
    voted in again? Ah -ha, Immigration to Canada, of course@
    Liberalism forever, so no democracy, or fake gov’t favouring the
    immigrants huh!!!

  2. “All you need is love”, coined best by John Lennon, is really what it’s all about. Loving-humanity, truth, and justice.
    The only issue really, is, are we so dumbed-down, that we let “our-leaders”, force us all into maneageable-sized-peasants, all servile to the biggest losers, murderers and scum-the world-over… for that utopian-nightmare-scenario, where Hunger Games, and the Squid Games, becomes the reality of the distopian-few, and rot-of-putrid-corpses, in the hands of the guards and janitors of the new world-decay…
    Shame on police and military, for being so taken-over, by the vilest, most least-deserving-deviants, parasites and thieves who have sown dissension and malfeasance at its core, corrupting the great laws founded with precepts of honour and virtue; to seek-not-riches, or glamour, but for honour and virtue to rule-hearts and minds of one, as valued-part-of-the-whole. But to let the least-lead the many to certain-death, will be the legacy of those who did nothing, even when the truth, is already so damning.
    To stop fighting the rich man’s war, and to bring them to their final-rewards beyond justice’s bare hands, is the duty of our courts and governments, to purge-itself, of the rot, within-itself; before it ruins humanity, forever.
    If it comes to that, so mote it be; I’ve made my choice; you all don’t have much time left.
    Let those with ear, hear; and he who sees, see; that life without honour and man’s free-reign, cannot be met, with corrupt-politicians, hell-bent, towards his own people’s genocide.
    For justice to fail man now, as the camps and places of death are built and about to find full-occupancy, within weeks within the great countries built on freedoms and justice-for-all, must be met, by courageous brave men and women of the shield, with his neighbours, family and friends, behind and beside their best-representation of virtue and honour.
    What will you, man of the shield do today, that is more-important, than stopping the madness-within the people’s-government?
    Where will you stand in history —man-of-the-shield— with the oppressors, or with those who said, “Enough!”?
    Not making a choice, is a choice, and may you rot in hell as a weasel and hog in his own filth and rot, if you had a chance to stop it, but, didn’t.; but I pray: may you find-strength and resolve, be chosen, by your own conscience, to put a stop to this corrupt-rule. And be the victor and hero humanity needs, in her darkest-hour.
    Make your choice, and may it bring honour and virtue to you and your family, forever.
    Dr. David Martin, has all the indictable-offences against these corrupt-dictators… What are you all waiting for, a freaking-invitation? No traffic-citation, or other-non-criminal-act, should be cited or acted-upon, until this evil-parasite and the elites conspiring in running this, are behind-bars, headed to their own-ends of true-justice. This needs to be the RCMP’s and Canadian Forces’ top-priority. Every Private, Corporal, Sergeant; all the way up the chain-of-command, need to make this their top-proority. The truckers have the b@$$; do you?

    • Beautiful words, thank you! Gave me some more strength! We need to stand together and fight against this travesty taking place!

      I’m with you brother!

  3. Crime Minister Trudope really needs a come to Jesus moment. If not, I pray the Creator will send His mighty angels to expedite Justine’s stand before God moment. Anyone care to assist with that?

  4. I fear for this countries democracy freedoms, which we seem to be losing, bit by bit. The majority of our rights , have been trampled on, with covid excuse. Now it’s Monkey Pox. It seems that Trudeau is not done with mandates and making life miserable for the population.

    I see him largely as a hypocrite, what comes out of his mouth is always vague. I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t see him as trustworthy!

  5. Us in Immigration did not vote him in, we want him gone, it is all an act, it is all about his friends and getting rich of the back of Canadians . Maybe some new Canadians believe he has their back. Trudeau cares about Trudeau and nothing more! Look at our Airports, our Banks, Internet issues, and trying to get your Canadian Passport . Then allowing International students to go to school on line and then once they paid refusing their visas. If it is Federal it is a mess and lastly, now asking Canadians to pay back the CERB but people here on visitor visa who earn $5000 the year before illegally can keep the CERB as long as they claimed the income . Trudeau needs to go now, and should have never won the election but of course in the middle of Covid he ran a 31 day election again another lie from this unworthy sad PM. I am vaccinated exhausted with rumor’s that we want him here , we do not! Vaccination status another way he is trying to convince the world only those (terrorists) – Canadian Citizens No free speech instead having a different opinion under Trudeau makes you a criminal . Stand up and fight for our rights to be free and heard no matter what the issues are!


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