Poll: Only Quebec, Atlantic Canada Want Trudeau To Remain Prime Minister

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Ontario and everything West of it supporting the Conservative’s. For example, the Conservative’s continue to lead in seat-rich Ontario over the Liberals (40% vs. 34%) among decided voters.    The Conservatives also now hold a lead in BC (30% vs. 27%).


5 thoughts on “Poll: Only Quebec, Atlantic Canada Want Trudeau To Remain Prime Minister”

  1. Yes an acting two faced jackass !!!
    apparently has not studied the true meaning of being a leader of a country of how to tell the real truth from fiction lie lie lie!!! Ok I will study that.

    • Wow won’t let me post rebuttal lol this is not true about Atlantic canada most of us don’t want or like Trudeau either

  2. Excuse me i’m in Atlantic canada and I nor most people I talk to or over hear want Trudeau elected back in as prime minister so sho not include us in this. As far as i’m concerned he should not be pm ever again. I don’t vote for liberals before and definitely will not this time

    • Atlantic Canada is simply more naive than the rest of Canada. They have not yet felt the full force of 3rd world immigration, die-versity and multiculturalism. If and when they do, they will hate Trudeau/Globalism/Liberalism as much as Canadians in other provinces.


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