Poll: Majority of Canadians DISAPPROVE Of Justin Trudeau

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“This poll was taken as the scandal was emerging, so it doesn’t even account for the sustained attention on the seemingly corrupt Trudeau PMO, and people repeatedly seeing Trudeau disgracefully throwing Jody Wilson-Raybould under the bus.”


4 thoughts on “Poll: Majority of Canadians DISAPPROVE Of Justin Trudeau”

  1. He should have been in jail a long time ago, SNC is just his latest crimel look at how much Canadian tax payer money has he taken and given to some foreign country some of it likely in aid of ISIS fighters.

  2. Traitor Justin is not Canadian. He may have been born here but his priorities to Canada and Canadians does not exist.

    Here a photo of traitor Justin who said ” We are working to a plan more open immigration to Arab and Islamic communities“.


    President Donald Trump has more love for his country and the Americans in his entire body than traitor Justin Trudeau ever will.


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