Poll: Majority Disapprove Of Justin Trudeau In Every Province In Canada

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According to Angus Reid Institute’s latest survey detailing Trudeau’s overall approval rate, it’s clear that things have NEVER BEEN WORSE for the Prime Minister .https://www.narcity.com/news/justin-trudeaus-current-approval-ratings-are-in-and-heres-which-province-hates-him-the-most

3 thoughts on “Poll: Majority Disapprove Of Justin Trudeau In Every Province In Canada”

    • That depends on illegals he is bringing into Canada for the sole purpose to use them as his voting block. This was all planned. Illegals assume they are free but not so for this vile Trudeau regime.
      If you were a legal immigrant, Justin knows they have a voice and freedom to choose but with illegals, he can force, decide, order around to suit his radical behavior, and if they don’t follow those rules he can deport them.

      Mind you, in the midst of those illegals are people to overtake Canada and Justin is their puppet to enforce their laws.

  1. I am so worried for Canada, and the future for my children, my grandchildren, my greats and great greats. Will they even have a future? We must vote out Justin Trudeau and the Libsrals.


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